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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road To First Meet

I will be personally offended if you don’t hit at least 260kg in the squat after the way you ragdolled my lifetime best 2 weeks ago.

Mog me properly, dick.


Ye I dunno boss. I’ve been doing some research and this same comp last year depth judging was pretty brutal. We’ll see how we go

Ye boiz my low back is still a lil off at the end of deload week. Ima cross my fingers and keep my expectations conservative

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New block started. Pretty chill first week to ease into it and hopefully build some momentum.

Gonna try document the prep a lil here to help us reflect on it for the next one too.

Squat w Wraps: 225kg @ RPE 7
Squat (Sleeves): 170kg 2x3 @ RPE Sub 6

Bench Press: 130kg x 1 @ RPE 7.5
Bench Press: 110kg 2x4 @ RPE Sub 6

was able to play around on the equipment we’ll likely be using in comp today. The Monolift takes some getting used to so I’ll be training once a week at a gym that has one to practice.

Hitting depth (like actual good depth like near IPF standards) is proving a challenge so far in knee wraps. Without wraps I can sink it well enough. I’m competing in an untested fed (usually have a reputation for less strict standards than tested feds) but I know that are inconsistent: sometimes very lenient sometimes very strict

Will need to work on depth and play around with some things. Unless the judging is blatantly lenient on the day probably won’t be pushing the 260-270 mark.

Lower back is still a little off even though I can train hard/productively so that’ll affect squats a lil too. Deadlifts may also be impacted. I’ve resolved to just do the best I can and aim conservative for the comp. Any more is a welcome bonus tho


Bench single at 130kg was a promising start to the peak. 5kg off my 1RM moved not uncomfortably.

Bench is my worst lift but in these past few weeks for the first time ever I’m enjoying bench training and appreciate the lift itself a little more for how technical and challenging it is.

I’m looking forward to finally hitting bench PRs soon. It’s been too long

Shoulder niggles that have been affecting me all year are still a consideration but should be good to go.


As a fellow bench weakling I share the frustration of being out benched by everyone and their mums, but also the satisfaction of when stuff starts to click. What’s worked for you in the past?

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In the past… not much lol

This current spurt of progress is from a few things I think: improving technique, arching better and progressing assistance work (did some incline and overhead pressing to work around shoulder niggles).

I think I didn’t treat Bench with the respect it deserved technique wise in the past but being injured has given me time to bring this up. The gift of injury I guess.


PIG COMP PREP - 5 Weeks Out

Here we go. Got the comp block in today and I’m keen. Is on the 20th so 5 weeks out.

Unfortunately the overarching approach is not to YOLO / send it / go crazy because we’d probably peak too early for comp then. Last block we went hard af early on and ended up blowing me load early lol so will take the lesson this block.

Being used to pushing pretty hard on average it doesn’t fill me with joy to think I’ll have to leave a bit more in the tank. It will be tough mentally. I’ve been vibing to Ed Sheeran and pop music during workouts recently so will just continue that chill trend

I look forward to the last 2-3 weeks, at which point I’ll be hungry af raring to go, where I can just unleash and go crazy.

My back is still a lil funky but 5 weeks is a long time for it to chill out

Below is the general structure of the program. 1st week is a hit chiller on RPEs but the rest is consistent week to week.


…he says, while shortly thereafter making 130 kilo look like 50% of his 1RM

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Big dog, thanks for being my lil guardian self esteem perspective positivity angel

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2 count slack pull deadlift, I’m stealing that!

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Thanks man! I’ll check it out!