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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road To First Meet

When you get that new low weigh in but then you reward yourself with pizza for breakfast

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Didn’t see the edit before. Song downloaded and playlisted so I can turn on Yury Belkin mode as required

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Why not Belkin mode 24/7/365

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Side Effects like this



Technically a fuck around session because I was inspired to do the 20k lb Deadlift challenge after watching @idontbrag123 and @T3hPwnisher do it so didn’t really go ham on anything else.

I’ll hit bench properly maybe OHP and maybe some light squat technique rebuilding but mostly here for bench and deadlift today.

Nothing much just going through the motions a bit with a red.

Pause Bench
90kg x 4,4,4,4,4,4,4,4

Benchy Technique gains and volume PR again. Really like the chest to bar cue through out the lift and doing it while I’m setting up gets me a better base to press from so is pretty good. Bench didn’t feel as clean as last time (tightness, arch height and leg drive) but still good.

Am still pretty much as strong as I was 8kg heavier ago so can’t really complain. Next bulk gonna be fun though.

Conventional Deadlift Challenge
120kg x lots of sets of 3-5

Will leave sumo for another time so I can do the 20k lb deadlift challenge today. It’s from this thread where some strong guys have already done the challenge.

I’m going for time here so we’ll see what I get. My favourite Eleiko Power Bar and Ivanko Plates are on the platform and hopefully the power of IPF approval can carry me through. Gonna try to beat T3hPwnisher’s time lol. Go big or go home and all that stuff

Good fun and definitely a different kind of fun then what I usually do in the gym. Was harder than I thought it’d be lol and it definitely beat me up loads.

I used double over hand, hook and ended up doing most of the sets with mixed cos it was faster to set up and more secure than DOH
About 30 reps in I knew everything wasn’t gonna go to plan.

Loss count after the first set lol and got 69 (lol) in bit under 11 min 30 seconds and my heart wasn’t in it anymore cos the timer said I had already gone longer than @T3hPwnisher.

Challenge failed RIP needed 76 reps RIP. If I had kept going it’d probably take another minute and a half or if I count the warm ups about the same.

Here’s some excuses:
Stiff bar, comp plates, beltless, done towards end of workout, Conventional (lol), no Sumo (lololol), CrossFit, cardio, guinea pigs etc

Needed to have a lie down on the platform after cos every other position felt uncomfortable.

I imagine this is what CrossFit is like lol. Took a long time to recover and then hit some OHP

Probably gonna have sore erectors and a deload next Deadlift workout lol

45kg x 9,9,9,9 Rep PR

Tried some band pull aparts and they felt good. I can add it to the things I can do at home list cos in the gym I can barely be arsed doing more than the big 3.

On a bodybuilding/sexiness note I’m gonna try to throw in more chin/pull ups at home cos I need to keep my men’s physique lat gains while I’m cutting (about 2 months late now lol cos I’m deep in the cut) and it’ll also be some bicep work which I’ve completely stopped for a few weeks now.

The owner was putting together a DIY massage gun from a handheld saw with a lacrosse ball drilled into the saw bit. Better than $500-600 for a purpose built one. Like dis

Gonna go home and lie down now.

Terrible erector DOMS incoming and I got a nice swollen bump on my shins which wasn’t even from the deadlifts but because I fought the Comp bench rack.


That was your 1st mistake, trying to beat a bloke whose sole, driven goal every day is to put his body through all sorts of hell and misery.

Your 2nd mistake was conventional. You should know piggies are all about that sumo!

And your 3rd mistake… well I’m sure you will feel that tomorrow!


*No ragrets GIF

Not that far off IMO lel

Is it any good?

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Noble effort dude! Certainly a not fun experience, haha.

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When the saw is on full power it pummels you almost at a faster rate than you can register like a massage from the Flash.

You guys enjoy the week of sore backs. Punishing DL session. Not bad for a fat mouse


I will defeat you next time

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You try next. Maybe keep a bucket handy and have someone on standby to call an ambulance. Can’t be too safe with the elderly


I would hope so. I am old and broken, haha.

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For anyone who is doing the challenge if I was to do the challenge again (I won’t lol) id probably up the reps/set and increase the rest times cos I was going into the next set a bit winded

Uses hookgrip for the challenge too what an absolute beast :p. Well done. Well done. The doms has already hit me pretty hard lel.

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Hooked for 4 or 5 sets. The thing was that it took 3-4 seconds to set the hook before pulling and I didn’t want to waste time. When I hook grip my thumbs don’t really get shredded or crushed much it was more the speed of mixed.

I’ll have DOMS too in the back half of my body by tomorrow lol.

I think the challenge was used as a training tool by the OP in the other thread and after trying it out myself I think it’s kinda overkill and a little bit dumb.


Haha yea definitely a fun challenge to have, but not something I’d do week in week out. I can’t imagine doing this every week trying to beat my previous time it just seems so mentally and physically taxing.

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You could probovaly shave a few minutes off your time lol just sayin

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