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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road To First Meet

Hi all,
Have not been on T Nation long and living in Australia the time zones mean that during the day things are pretty slow but have seen the other great training logs around and the great atmosphere here (most of the time at least). I’ve decided to start one of my own mostly to keep myself accountable and get some tips especially on technique or bench (poverty :frowning: )

Right now my goals are more powerlifting focused but I started lifting as a bodybuilder and still throw in a few curls and raises.

1RMs as tested recently are 175/105/220/kg SBD. So you can see the poverty bench sticking out like a sore thumb


Here’s most of today’s stuff. Will start recording landscape from now on

4x4 130kg

Quads were really sore almost like an injury so squats were very awkward. On the video it wasn’t looking too bad but felt like a couldn’t control the descent speed or positioning. hopefully I’m fresh for my next workout.

4x4-5 90kg

Was no fun as usual. I never feel tight enough and am inconsistent with my form e.g. some days tighter than others. Put in the work nevertheless.

Sumo 1x5 170kg Rep PR, 180kg single for formcheck
Conventional 3x5 150kg

Only lift that went well for the day. 170kg felt light so went for a new rep PR. Usually I prefer cheating to conventional but they build each other so put in the work.

Tried a pause deadlift during warm up and it felt good. May start incoporate them.

While I’m here may as well get a form check and or ideas on strengths or weakpoints

Pizza for for post workout meal

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In for a log that’s better than dlegend’s (any lel)

Cheating is welcome here.

During the pause deadlift chick in the other rack is mirin. I am also mirin them tights/leggings no homo


@anon96032531 and @duketheslaya AKA The Jacked Teletubby you have some competition


Cool another aussie! Welcome @guineapig

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Thnx are there many others on here then? Teletubby?

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Yeah theres a few! Teletubby is an inside joke,

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G’day mate good to see another Aussie around here
In for your log.
Where are you training out of? Looks like a gym I’ve trained in western Sydney

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Derrimut Gym.

Couple of them in Victoria. It’s a chain/commercial gym but about caters to real lifting as much as a commercial gym can. More bodybuilding than powerlifting tho but it has enough

$5 casual is nice too. Cheaper then contracts with most gyms in Victoria.

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Isn’t that why we lift?

Men’s compression tights are sexy af. Full homo


Got to love that price, I normally go to doherty’s when I’m in vic but I might check that out.

Gotta catch them all yeah?

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Not from Australia and don’t own any mens leggings, hoping this log will help with that

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We will outnumber the americans and take over the site mwahaha. #Teamaussie #Straya #Aussielifting #gottacatchemall

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Plane tickets to Australia and some online shopping will have you sorted mane… dunno about sexiness tho.

So how do you find women’s tights? Do they make you look thicc


Where the gains at?

Just kidding its in Russia


11 out of my 10 workouts a week consist of strictly booty training so im already pretty #thicc and last time i wore womens leggings i was kicked out of Victorias Secrets but they were pretty tight


Am actually a big fan of Russian lifters. All the world record holders and coaches. Awesome Yury Belkin post btw

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Pics pls. No homo

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Comrade pls.

Shameless self promotion


Mirin and primpin’

Damn, @guineapig - you better get her #


Don’t listen to this dude lel. Gains > Girls

Correct response: begone thot