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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis


Don’t rush it back Hamster, you’re doing great with the rehab and DB bench.
EDIT: nice PR’s man


Spontaneous camping trip so missed out on training days but got some kebabs going to hit daily protein targets



Back home from the camping trip for some deadlift action and some bench rehab and accessories. Hot day which I hate because it gets sweaty and makes me feel drained.

Bench Rehab Stuff up to a 3x3 @ 100kg
Incline DB Bench 5x8 @ 37.5kg

Bench feeling good but think I’ve detrained a smidge. Recovery going along well if a slowly. I don’t know what the saying is but feeling like a caged animal just waiting to be let free and pounce on them bench gains. Caged rabid guinea pig who is hungry for gains.

Conventional Deadlift 6x6-8 @ 145kg
Shrugs 6 Sets
Cable Row 4Sets
Ham Curls 6 Sets

Deadlift felt a bit slow today but moved weight well enough. Accessories went well didn’t do Back Raises or Good Mornings but will get them next Deadlift day. Hamstring pumps feel very strange as I walk out the gym but hopefully it translates to some heavier weight down the track

Bit of soccer to cool down and then back home to smash 120g protein in the next few hours because I didn’t eat much pre work out




Only recently started kicking a ball again. Use to do a bit in high school. Still feels as good as ever to curl one in top bins



Squats 20 Total Reps 120-150kg
Leg Press 6 Sets

Legs and quads. Squats not feeling too clean technique wise today. Top single at 1fiddy moved worse than last time

Leg press doesn’t feel like it’s working quads but I dunno. Might try a different leg press machine next time because there’s like 3 in the gym.


idk if you do this, but use the same stance as with squats, and really focus on getting the knee’s over the toes helped me with this


Will do


Your squats looks really good Hamster, like really good.
My warmup sets might not even look that good.


Maybe your squat is just so bad everyone else’s seems good lol



Upper body and a bit of squat technique work today.

Bench Rehab 3x3 @ 100kg
Incline DB Bench 5 Sets @ 37.5kg
Cable Rows 8 Sets

Bench rehab continues and DBs going well.

Squats 5x1 @ 140kg
Technique practice. Went alright



Bench Rehab 4x3 @ 100kg
Incline DB Bench 3 Sets

Bench rehab. Pec feeling better and better but I think what’s suffered most is my bench press technique with less practice.

Squat 8x3 @ 140kg
Leg Press 6 Sets
Quad Extension 2 Sets

Top single at 150 moved well if a little too deep. Can’t say I’m anywhere near happy yet about consistency of sexy technique but “good” looking reps are becoming more and more frequent so I guess that’s gains.

Did some leg press and extensions and got the quads burning but I payed attention and I’m not getting the knee going over the toes much on leg press. Might try some deep hack squatting or something next time.



Missed a workout yesterday and a bit of chaos today so will try to make it work out. Will get in the main work and see what happens

Squat 8x4 @ 130kg

Skwats feeling good today. Top single at 160 moved well. Technique seems to be coming together. Just need to put in work now and reap the gains. YearOfThePig

Bench Rehab 5x3 @ 100kg

Injury update: Feeling better today. On track so just need to be patient a bit longer

Conventional Deadlift 3x6-8 @ 145kg

Felt a bit slow today but got in the work.

Had to run out so might go back in tonight to smash out all the accessory work for lower body


Nevermind accessories skipped


I want your squat magic. Very nice rep at 160kg looked smooth as grandfather port.


Today hit some Skwat technique work up to a single at 160 and some DB bench with the 40kgs for the fun of it because a friend invited to gym.

Probably sunk the squat deeper than i wanted but is was fun to mess around with heavier DBs. Will stick with the 37.5s until I can get them for a couple of sets of 12+ Then move on. One day I’ll be using the DBs off the big boy rack with starts at 45 I think


Secret is to eat no veggies and lots of KFC


Now there’s a solution I could live with



Fast workout today considering all the work. Blasted thru in bit under 2hrs. Tired and sweaty as fuck but satisfied. YearOfThePig

Conventional Deadlift 8x6 @ 150kg
Ham Curls 5 Sets
Back Raises 3 Sets

Bench Press 8x3 @ 100kg
Incline DB Bench 5 Sets
Cable Rows 5 Sets

Benching @ about 90% recovered now. After warming up pretty much pain free. Technique has really gone to shit though and was pretty sloppy until the last set when the previous 7 sets of practice finally got my bench looking sexy again

Took the 40kg/90lbs DBs for a ride on last set of incline bench for fun and got 12 which is pretty cool.


I was expecting something more like this:

I haven’t looked at your log for a while, what happened to your pec?