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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis



Early morning bench sesh with nothing in the stomach. Wasn’t expecting a good sesh but then again bench always goes well

Bench Press 34 Total Reps at 100kg. Rep PR x 9

Bench felt alright technique/tightness wise but my training partner was acting all cocky so beat him in reps with 9 TnG with 1-2 in the tank which is also a rep PR.

Finished off with a volume PR also.

Road to 3 Plate Bench continues.

Incline DB Press 3 Sets
Chin Ups 4 Sets
Curls 3 Sets

Bit of soccer to finish the day off hopefully won’t mess with legs tomoz


nice work hamster
9 reps with 100 kg boom.
Time to up the weight a bit or are you staying with the 100’s for a while.



Plan was/is to up volume with 100kg until I get too beat up. I dunno when that’ll be exactly. Time might also be a consideration like if I’m doing 40 reps or something it’ll take a while. Would be cool to hit 12 at two plates too.

If I bump up the weight it’ll be only like maybe to 105kg.

I saw your two plate attempt on your log too. Very close. I think you could’ve got it if you rested a minute and then tried again


Well if you hit the volume with at couple of reps extra every time, I think you might get bored before beaten up.

Btw how do you plan the weeks bench session? volume/reps wise?

I tried it a second time, but no. I’m kind of annoyed with it. Because somehow I’m sure I should be able to hit that 2 plates. I’ve hit 100 for a couple of reps 2 years ago and 105 as well.
It’ll come I know that.


I don’t mind boring in that way. As long as I’m progressing.

There’s not much of a plan for my bench training right now. Maybe I just happened into a nice sweet spot. Benching almost every day I’m in the gym:

< 20 reps = back off day

20 reps to < PR Volume= work day
As able go for volume PRs

Works out to 4 days benching a week give or take a day.

Edit: dam formatting keeps turning my > sign into a text box


For squats I might just rip out the squat part of Sheiko 3 Day Under 80kg and run it because it worked in the recent past.

Technique wise might try out a high bar or hybrid bar position and a more upright squat. Towards the style I had before but with better everything lol.

Looking up vids of John haack and Bryce Lewis for inspiration



Bench 24 Reps Total @ 100kg
More work. Nothing worth mentioning

Squat 8x3 @ 140kg

Staying more upright with a more high bar position feels good. Will stick with this and see where it leads me.

Overhead Press 4 Sets
Cable Rows 6 Sets

Soccer afterwards. Think I’ve adapted a bit to soccer now and don’t get the doms going


That squat looked soo easy. Jealous!


Feels better at least.

I’m pretty sure there’s many good reasons many people do well with a low bar bent over ish squats but maybe I need to do what feels right for me.


I squat high bar just due to my shoulders being so tight I can do anything else…:joy:


Haack and Lewis are incredible lifters in that style. Add Andy Huang and Kevin Oak to that list. Probably is quite a few others if we count “hybrid bar positions”


Can’t relate lol. I just like the more vertical torso and I get more rebound out of the hole with high bar I think



Quick one today because gym closes in an hour. Deadlifts only for some triples but feels pretty rubbish. Dunno how to get back into the groove of things

Sumo Deadlift 7x3 @ 170kg


Nice Squats mate :slight_smile:
Looking easy and strong.


Starting to click now. I think I’ll be enjoying squatting again now but it seems Deadlift is a bit funky but hopefully I can get all three lifts feeling good


Meet Update?

My gym nemesis has challenged me to do a legit Powerlifting meet and lift against him. Will be sometime next year so still a while away but when I picture his smug face it gives me extra motivation to hit daily protein targets, not skip accessory work and stuff

Here’s the side by side comparison:

He has been off with his training for a bit and picked up a minor back injury so he is working his way back in strength and weight to the 83kg class.

I’m a couple of kg over the weight class and will probably get a little heavier. So over the next few months Overall I’ll be a bit lighter.

At his peak he was/is stronger than me. He competed in the 74s a while back and also did a cycle so just putting together his meet and gym numbers I’m aiming to beat SBD 210/130/240 come meet time.

Where I’m at now is conservative SBD 180/120/230. There’s a long way to go at least 6 months, time to bulk up, cut down and get stronger. If worse comes to worse I’ll just break his leg or something

Thanks for the continued support everybody (I don’t think I can fit in tags for everyone who has dropped by this log):

@mortdk @losthog @bigjez @khangles @joerywesselingg @Pinkylifting @duketheslaya @theonecamko @MarkKO @painter27

Need to think up a hashtag for this fight like I have RoadToThreePlates on the bench


Best of luck. Personally I’d suggest shooting for a 600 total instead of looking at individual lifts.



Are you opposed to a cycle?


Thanks. 600 it is


Nice one lol.

I’m not opposed to a cycle but right now I got natty gains to make still and I’m not ready in a lot of other ways like researching