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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis



No plan yet but went to the gym anyways to do some random stuff. Didn’t eat much so feeling like shit but made the best of it. Took the opportunity to try out some alternative exercises, loads and rep work for the coming Hypertrophy block.

Back to Derrimut Gym for this session. Was the gym I trained at when I started logging on here and it was nice to be back. Hasn’t changed much. Still solid gym overall if not exceptional in anyway other than the amount of juicy bois and gals around.

Squat 3x10 @ 120kg
Leg Press 4 Sets x 12

120kg for reps. How hard could it be lol I thought. It’s been long enough since my last repwork block woth squats that I forgot how shit these go for me.

What conditioning I had is gone now after doing low rep work for a while. While the weight was in a good spot I think the sets left me gassed and with a nasty lower back pump which took about halfway through benching to fade.

I vaguely remember from a while ago it never ended up feeling any better but the reps and weight went up and the gains were pretty good. Does it really have to be that uncomfortable though? Maybe I’m just a little bitch.

Leg Press is good for reps and quad work as always just keep pressing away and a lot of volume gets done. I’m thinking some squats but not too hardcore and then the rest ez leg press will get me gains without smashing me every set.

Didn’t get around to trying Front Squat but was thinking maybe some rep work. Max depth to hit the quads and glutes and high-ish reps to get the upper back worked?

Bench 4x6 @ 80kg
Incline DB Bench 3x10 @ 30kg

Bench feels awkward for rep work like unnatural lol. Apparently with a couple of months exclusively pausing you get uncomfortable with and forget how to touch and go bench. I remember when touch and go was all I knew and the bottom half of the ROM was not strong feeling. Has changed for the better I think. Wasn’t really keen to do comp bench for high reps for the Hypertrophy block anyways. Maybe just hit a few reps as warm up and keep technique fresh then on to other stuff. That’s where incline DB bench comes in.

Incline DB press on a shallow incline has been in my training on and off since I started lifting. Each time I got a bit stronger stalled and then dropped the movement to come back some time down the track and repeat the process again. Unlike barbell bench DBs feel very natural to keep on bouncing away rep after rep.

For the first time back on DBs it’s looking pretty good. Not as strong as before but close and the starting point is ahead of last time DBs were brought back in. But surprised actually but I guess flat benching transferred over well

The movement still feels a bit awkward and alien but with a bit of time should get better and better and that alone should get the weight/reps up to near matching previous peak DB strength and then beyond.

OHP and dips are gonna be in there also. If I end up going easy on comp bench then it’ll leave plenty of time and energy for these too.

Sumo Deadlift 1 @ 160,180,200kg
Conventional Deadlift 6 @ 100,100, 120kg, 140kg

Called it a last week but being back on a stiff bar feels is dog shit lol. Cheat bar best bar.

Back on conventionals for the first time in a while and it didn’t feel too bad. Will probably start light-ish maybe like 120-130kg and focus on keeping tight a flat back and controlled eccentric or even light touch and go for more time under tension. Will add weight as I go.

Maybe will do a snatch grip or stiff leg or Romanian or all of them variation afterwards and so rows.

Feel like there’s stuff I forgot to mention lol but will leave it at that.




Morning workout. Not much in my belly besides a Gatorade. Didn’t really sound like a good idea going in lol. Not plan today but we’ll get more into that later

2 @ 100kg, 120kg,140kg
12,12,8,8 @ 120kg

High rep squats feeling shitty still but noticeably better since last session so instead of 10 reps bumped it up to 12 at the same level of gassed feeling as 10 reps earlier this week. Still very little fun though. Back kind of tightened up afterwards again so might not go as ham in future. But drained for bench

Bench 2 @ 80,90,100kg
DB Bench 12,12,12,12 @ 30kg

DB still feeling a bit awkward. Probably doesn’t help that I’m training at all different gyms with different equipment. The DBs here have a handle that bulges in the middle so not like the uniform thickness of a bar.

Sumo DL Worked up to singles @ 180, 190, 200kg
Conventional DL 3x8 @ 120kg

Pretty straightforward stuff here. Will probably up the weight on conventionals gradually as I go.

Future training gonna be is going to be a bit awkward because my training is gonna be on an unpredictable schedule so like I dunno what days I’ll be lifting during the week



So begins the unpredictable training schedule. Not anywhere near the best case scenario but I gotta work with what I got. Little sleep last night mostly because of the World Cup Final and all liquid nutrition pre workout. Not gonna set up a self fulfilling bad workout prophecy. Might end up being a good sesh tonight. We’ll see

Planning to hit up some upper body at Doherty’s Bendigo. Might throw in some ez squats too. I think there was a DIY SSB hiding in the back somewhere. In the interest of saving time might try bringing back in super sets. Wasn’t too long ago when I was more towards just bodybuilding that I’d superset everything.

Comp Bench 2 @ 80,90,100

Incline DB Bench 5 Sets
Chest Supported Rows 5 Sets
Massive pump from pumping out the reps on DBs but went quick through and burned out rapidly. Tried a couple of chest Supported row machines and also one of those fancy handle attachments on the cable row

Safety Squat Bar

Lot of random reps with the SSB throwing in some pauses and upping the weight. Weird feeling because my balance is all forward with it. Mostly just hurts my shoulders because it sits strangely and presses down on the bony bits of my shoulder.

Not sure if it actually works my back more or I just misgroove it more often or it’s just awkward more than useful. Pauses actually felt better because I could concentrate on balancing the weight and nailing my positioning.

If it didn’t smash my shoulders it might actually be barely alright.

Right now seems like just another movement pattern to learn that could interfere with my regular squat instead of what I was hoping for which was something I could rep out for days and work everything nicely but save my shoulders.

Might go with regular squats or fronts instead

Make Front Squats More Comfy


Deadlift/Pull + a little bit of squatting day at Doherty’s. Feeling good going in maybe a little tired from walking a lot during the day lol. I’ve got no cardio capacity I think.

Sumo Deadlift 3x3 @ 200kg
Conventional 4x10 @ 120kg

Doherty’s Bendigo is a good gym for the most part but don’t like deadlifting here. No dedicated platform. Bars are inconsistent as. The bar I was using today had smooth knurling but when I filled it up to the ends with bumpers it had a bit of whip to it like a deadlift bar. 200 moved alright probably because of the whippage going on

Other bars have skin shredding knurling but I feel like it doesn’t help grip as much like the aggressive knurling of a power bar or deadlift I dunno how that works exactly.

Volume with light conventionals and even a cheeky touch and go set went well. I dunno which thread it was exactly but I tried apply something @strongmangoals said and really exaggerated my lower back arch by tilting the pelvis. Worked nice. I don’t remember the last time I had a decent pump in the hammies and glutes

Squats random reps between 100-150kg

Haven’t squatted after deadlifting in forever and it was interesting how it affected squats. Like making them feel even shittier than usual lol. Makes sense because lower back and glutes would be a bit tired. Seems squat technique has gotten sloppy

Horizontal Chest Supported Row 3 Sets
Low Chest Supported Row 4 Sets
Cable Row with MAG 5 Sets
The MAG grip is pretty fun. Dunno if it really makes a difference though


Since I just did a deadlift day I got thinking. My best Conventional about 4-5 months ago was 170kg x 5 or 6 with back rounding happening. Best single was 190kg but was much longer ago.

Will try to put on some body weight and build up to and exceed those levels in the next few months



Bench day today. Bit tired might not go too crazy.

Comp Bench 2 @ 80,90,100,100
DB Bench 5 sets
Lateral Raises 5 Sets
Flyes 5 Sets



Squat day today will probably throw in some bench. Squats have been feeling pretty sloppy lately so would like to get in some good work. Couple of leg press and quad machines in the gym so gonna try them out and see if there’s any that I like.

Squat 3x8 @ 130kg
Front Squat 3x10 @ 60kg

Rep squats again feeling rubbishy as usual but about the same as repping 10kg less last week with 120kg so I guess that’s the silver lining. Trying to do the reps a bit faster instead of taking 5 seconds between reps. Last time I did rep squats I was using a higher bar position. Might just be my imagination but my switch to a lower bar squat makes me feel it more in my lower back.

Couple of leg press and other leg machines in the gym but a lot of them feel funky because the sled kind of goes on like a slightly curved path. I’m used to straight line pushing in the leg press so its off putting. Did some deep front squats instead and bruised up my collar bone a bit lol

Bench Press 9 reps @ 80-85%
DB Bench Press 4 sets
Overhead Press 3x10 @ 40kg

Bench feeling a bit sloppy still. 2 plates feels heavier than it looked and I think it’s mostly mental like I get apprehensive at that weight. Might rep it out every week so I don’t get intimidated by it anymore.

Anyways I’ll just volume the shit out of DB press after and hopefully I get super swole in the pecs and bench goes up again when I do another strength block.

Bumblebee DLs for technique lol

Pulled some sumo AKA Bumblebee deadlifts for technique. Ran out of blacks and yellows so threw a green ten on either side but didn’t film because it’s not aesthetic anymore with exclusively blacks and yellows

Delts 5 Sets


You’re getting back into it hamster.
Looking good. Especially the bumblebee stuff.


Yeah now that you mention it things seem to be on the up. Not sure why exactly but I’m confident there’s gains being made.


Quick one today with some more bench.

Bench 5x3 @ 100kg
DB Bench 4 Sets
Lateral Raises 4 Sets



Deadlift and back day today. Maybe some Bumblebee cheat whippy deadlifts today followed by conventional.

Sumo Deadlift 21 reps @ 80-90%
Snatch Grip Deadlift 4 Sets @ 80kg
BB Row 5 Sets
Assorted Pulling Accessories All the sets

Started with some sumo. Felt it in my back a bit so dropped the weight down to 180kg for a bit more volume. Back was a bit fried so did some snatch grip instead of conventional.

Tried some barbell row. Am I doing it right lol? 60kg moves alright but 70kg puts me off balance. Should small jumps in weight feel much heavier and awkward?

Jumped into a mate’s back workout so just did lots of volume with back machines to finish off.


Nice. How you liking the volume?
I’ve got a pretty big weight/volume pr session on friday myself


It’s terrible lol.

I feel there’s a bit of form break down and I feel it a bit in my back. Bar is heavy on my back and form doesn’t seem locked in. It’s like my technique fluctuates with periods of time where it’s on point alternating with sloppiness.

I guess I’m better at low reps. With sets of 5+ maybe I get fatigued in certain places quick. It works though so I guess I’ll just push through.

How you doing with sumo/your hip?



Squat and bench today and not really in a rush which is nice.

Squat 9,9,9,7 @ 130kg
Front Squat 3x10 @ 65kg

Tough as always but not feeling half bad. Low bar still putting the load more into my back then I’d like but no lower back pump today which is nice. Fronts with clavicle bruising action to finish up still at RPE < 6 weights but work is work.

Bench 3x3 @ 100kg
DB Bench 4 Sets
BB Row 4Sets @ 60kg


Quit sumo because i cant be bothered with the hip pain tbh

Same here man. One week form will be picture perfect, next week it will be “meh”



Quick upper body pump in and out in 45.

Bench 20 reps @ 80-90 % 1RM
DB Bench 4 Sets
Shoulder Raises 5 Sets
Flyes 4 Sets



Quick deadlifts and bench today. Not particularly fresh but good work done.

Bench 15 reps @ 92.5kg

Sumo Deadlift 6x3 @ 200kg
Conventional Deadlift 3x8 @ 130kg



Bench 7x3 @ 92.5kg
DB Bench 4 Sets
Chest Supported Row 4 Sets
Shoulder Raises 4 Sets


Been eating like a pig get it like a guinea pig. But yeah I think it’s done my recovery well. Bit haphazard program wise but if I look back over the past fortnight I’ve been benching and deadlifting quite frequently.

Nil issues so far maybe except for front squats messing up my clavicles. It’s a great movement but I think it’d be even better if I don’t have to worry about my clavicle and just rep out the weight. Tried SSB but it felt more awkward and inconsistent then anything and would probably mess with my regular squat technique.