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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis


@guineapig This regulation in your gym gives you reason to train only the bench press and bodybuilding exercises like me. If you don’t have a competitive ambition, I think it would be a good choice.



I have a few weeks left on this gym membership so doesn’t matter if I get cancelled. I’ll just go lift and they can do whatever the fuck they want

There’s a few alternative gyms but this was is the most convenient in terms of like location. It’s like a few more minutes travel time.


but the sumo puller gets the same weight at lower body weight so has more wilks so is stronger


You hope the owners don’t know each other. LOL


Different chain so hopefully they’re business rivals or something


Sheiko 3 Day Under-80kg W2D1

Didn’t log up a few sessions cos was busy but am back now with more Sheiko #30. Haven’t been gym banned yet so that’s nice.


Squat single at 155kg / 90% of one rep max. Moved but awkwardly but I think there’s some gains here considering my previous max of 175kg was done with tight knee sleeves and 5kg heavier bodyweight.


Felt alright pretty easy workout definitely stronger than ever before so that’s nice. Set up is still funky but am making the best of it.

Leg Press
Cable Row
Lateral Raises
BB Curl

As far as the past week has gone there’s not much to update on. Did the work.

On Wednesday I was pulling without pants/tights/socks and ended up ripping up my right shin. First time I’ve ever bled from deadlifts and I gotta admit it felt kinda badass bleeding everywhere. Cleaned it up, bandaid and tape so hopefully I didn’t catch anything.


Question for you concerning this program. When you have a double squat working set like this last day did… are you doing a regular squat, bench, fly, push-up, (here is the question) do you do another few sets of squats or a squat variant (paused, front, etc.)?

I am interested ho is the program going? have you increased any of the volume or just stuck to the plan?


Not the hamster, but Sheiko uses the competition squat, bench and deadlift.

Squat looked a bit funky but fast and quick. Bench looked better than ever.
Great work mate.


So it is just the same lift broken up by another main lift and some accessory work?


The second squat is meant to be a variation so I do pause squats. Your meant to have a break with bench and then do it but I’ve tried that and it goes worse than right after regular squats.

I’d say I’ve stuck to what’s written about 90%. Sometimes I squeeze in an extra rep or two or round up a weight when doing warm up sets.

I’ve been leg pressing frequently so that counts as more leg work. Sumo volume is maybe 20% more from extra technique work sometime during the week

Mostly I just miss OHP because I was making mad gains on that before starting Sheiko.

There’s probably more to say but that’s what I can think of off the top of my head


Well I was certain you did the comp lift twice. I learn all the time.


I guess you could but if you’re technique is lacking in a certain area then that’s the opportunity to work on your weakness and stuff


Tights are da whey ma bruddah.

Also it only counts if both shins are bleeding


Scrapes his shin.

Tells everyone he is “bleeding everywhere.”



That’s what I was asking. Thanks. So the second exercise is a variant. Thx!


If the owners know each other, you must shout a sentence like Braun Strowman: “I’m not finish with you!” LOL


Very easy and technically nice rep… I have a dream/goal 150 kg on the bench press.


Sheiko #30 3 Day Under-80kg W2D3


Top singles at 95kg / 85% moved alright. Pretty chill bench day but gains are there overall. PR is there already just waiting for a test.

Pause Deadlift
Sumo Deadlift

Trying to pull more slack out of the bar inspired by the Calgary Barbell guy. Pulls felt stronger/faster but forgot a bit of the head and back positioning cues this way. Thumbs were fucked after a few sets so went with easy mode / straps. Threw on a bit more weight for a single at 200kg with straps for extra cheaty cheat deadlifts.

Pull Ups
Leg Press
Delt Raises


Dat cockiness tho

Bench looks clean.