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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis


I’m guessing he meant ‘you’re a beast’!


Been trying this general purpose massager. Is used on horses but does the job on me too. Only 100 bucks instead of a couple of hundred for those massage or theraguns that are marketed to lifters


Koala Spotting Walk Today

Koalas Spotted x 10


Mind they don’t drop on you !!


Fucking terrifying. Be wary m8, he’s looking at you with a very distinct hate.


Incoming dumb question: Are they mean?


Someone hasn’t heard about drop bears…


No steak today?


Koala Steak x 10


This is literally the worst advice.

That’s how you get fucked up.

It’s not a bicep curl, it’s a compound movement. It’s okay to cut depth a bit here and there, or grind the last 3-5 but you shouldn’t go into a set with the intention of grinding it out., save that shit for Crossfit.



Fatigue Levels SBD: 5,6,6

Last sesh before deload sessions may as well smash myself.

Gonna do some cluster of squats today. Drop the reps and blast through the sets.

Feeling good that way. Makes getting through the volume much nicer with less technique breakdown and more in the tank after for accessories.

Am curious if 7x5 would have the same or similar training effect as 3x12 at the same weight? @chris_ottawa . Or not really comparable.

Squat 7x5@ 120kg
Front Squat 5 Sets @ 70kg
Quads 5 Sets

Tried out some Bulgarian Split Squats. Getting a bit of stretch at the front of my left hip as I go deep. Tight Hip flexor/hamstring short action?

Held a 10kg plate maybe not heavy enough but my quads don’t feel too worked. Bit of leg press to finish

Close Grip Bench 2 Sets @ 85kg
OHP 3 Sets @ 45kg
Pull Up 3 Sets @ BW
Chest Supported Row 4 Sets
Shoulders 6 Sets
Biceps 6 Sets


Interesting, I find split squats fry my quads. I usually try to have my front foot a little further out than your vid though, so my shin is vertical.


Will try thnx


Are they in shape of Mark Bell though?


Too much shaft, not enough head though


Totally, you try getting one to give you a pineapple!!


Look up an article on EliteFTS called “Get Big Without Getting Slow: Cluster Training”. Supposedly the same volume can equal the same amount of hypertrophy as with regular high rep work, but I’m not sure how true that is. It seems to me like the hypertrophic stimulus would be close, but the added benefits are less technique breakdown, doesn’t teach you to conserve energy for later reps (which high rep training can, and that means not putting full force into the bar from the start), and it also might be easier to do more total volume (resulting in equal hypertrophic stimulus) due to the fact that you aren’t straining in every set.

It’s not that different from regular submaximal work like you would see in a Sheiko program, the difference is that you keep rest periods short which will help to build work capacity more as well as cause the muscle fibres to fatigue more which is necessary for hypertrophy. It seems to me that cluster sets for the comp lifts followed by high rep work on variations and assistance movements is a good way to train for hypertrophy without compromising strength and technique.


It seems to have great benefits so I’m surprised not more people or high level peeps are using


Pig’s steak tutorial up on @Rizla81log lol

Rizla Training And Transformation Log
Rizla Training And Transformation Log
Rizla Training And Transformation Log


Speaking off Ribeye Cap Steak this morning with chips. Perfection