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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis


Mmm steak


I don’t even care for any of that carnivore diet of whatever. It’s just fucking tasty lol


Mark bell keeps posting about it like some cultist. Its annoying as hell


Does he have some stake or investment in that shit? I’m not exactly gonna be confident taking health tips from him anyways lol


I really wish you wrote stake as steak. :rofl: nah he’s doing it as an experiment apparently.

Dude’s jacked tho


Literally the best steak I’ve ever had and I’ve been around. King of steaks indeed. DM for tutorials 5 bucks a pop


On the bone and marbled fat. The hallmarks of top steak.


Probably. Stan Efferding is always promoting Costco and Cheesecake Factory, seems obvious that he has some sort of promotion deal and I wouldn’t be surprised if Mark is doing the same sort of thing. Apparently some people with big social media followings get paid to post photos with a certain drink, food, clothes, etc. Be wary of whose advice you follow, a lot of public figures have an agenda.


Like his powerlifting comp vid where all the competitors were using Mark Bells slingshots, sleeves and some other thing he always pisses on about :thinking:


Mark bell dildos


Can’t really blame the guy for self promotion lol but in the other hand he is plenty fucking rich already



Barely any fookin time today. Did about 10% of what was planned but was the most important 10%.

Also had a play with some weight on the back extension only 10kg though. Am doing a bit of overextending with lighter weights and only had a horizontal / GHD machine this time so will jump on a 45 degree next time and see how it goes

Deficit Conventional Deadlift 3 Sets @ 130kg
Back Extension 3 Sets @ 10kg


Promoting your own products is one thing but when your special diet requires you shop at Costco then something is not right. Who knows what is going on with Mark Bell and this carnivore diet, maybe he bought shares in meat companies or something.


Stan promotes the vertical diet for a few year before deciding to just “help out the common lifter” by starting to cook, pack, and ship meals out to people to ensure a high quality of steak and rice was available.

Bell’s work is just in the research and test marketing phases. He is feeling out and developing the market.


Which of Mark Bell’s work do you refer to?

I don’t have a problem with Mark, its just that the fact that he was known to be on the vertical diet and pumping out videos with Stan to promote it and then he suddenly switched to the carnivore diet and can’t stop talking about it. Are diets really so exciting that you need to tell everyone what you are eating over and over? My guess is that he has something to gain from it.

There is nothing wrong with the vertical diet per se, I’m not totally sure about how much saturated fat is actually good for you but aside from that aspect it is decent advice and a straightforward way to approach nutrition. The only thing is that certain points are irrelevant for those of us who neither have digestion issues nor need to eat massive quantities of food. For example, the diet doesn’t include onions because they can cause digestive problems. If you need to eat like Brian Shaw then maybe you should avoid onions but for the rest of us it probably doesn’t matter. And they make things taste good too.

If people want to buy his meals then whatever, that doesn’t bother me in the least bit. What I’m not a huge fan of is the way he is subtly promoting Costco, Cheesecake Factory, and other businesses in his work. It is a rather brilliant strategy, but it makes you wonder how much of his advice is good and how much of it is aimed at selling certain products. For example, he recommends regular blood tests and the vertical diet “book” has directions for what to test for as well as a company to send the results to. I forget the name if this medical company, but he is a large shareholder and has mentioned this in his videos. So do you really need regular blood tests or is there more to this?

A lot of his advice actually is good, but I started questioning what was really going on after he attacked Marie Spano, a sports dietician, for posting something about how caffeine does not cause dehydration. He was wrong and she proved him wrong, he publicly apologized too, but after that I lost faith in Stan. Marie Spano is actually someone worth following if you are interested in nutrition.


I’m not saying anything negative about Mark Bell. Quite the contrary. I’m simply saying that the man is a brilliant marketing guy. And he seems to be building the “carnivore” diet up like Stan did with the “vertical” diet. Stan slow built the interest in the diet for years. I think he did it strategically and used social media and his story to generate interest while laying foundation work for a supply chain to support the diet. It’s genius really. Bell, who is friends with Stan, seems to be laying the early ground work for his own version of a diet for the masses.

Both are excellent at the business side of the fitness industry and have made very comfortable livings from it. :clap: :clap:. Nice job for both of them


A lot of people a looking for some sort of miracle diet, you can’t blame these guys for trying to profit off of it. Nutrition is pretty simple, it just becomes a pain in the ass if you start tracking all your macros and tightly controlling portions but if you want to lose weight without losing muscle that’s the most effective way to go. I might have to do that myself after this next meet. But basically you just need sufficient protein and enough total calories from fat and carbs, plus some fruit and vegetables so that you don’t get constipated or become deficient in anything. Beyond that, it mostly comes down to personal preference.


I dont think mark bells diet will sell, eating meat only is fucking boring


@guineapig sorry for the hijack man.

Keep grinding brotha

@chris_ottawa I’m excited to see what you put together on nutrition. It’s a beast…


It’s keto for people who don’t like vegetables

What is that supposed to mean?