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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis


Looking like Murrindindi Scenic Reserve


Not sure if firewood or light weight baby


Camping trip was nice.

Murrindindi Scenic Reserve is an hour and a half from Melbourne. Has plenty of laid out camping areas and concrete fireplaces. Not really my style but can’t really complain either.

Picked lot number 37 in the Water Gauge part of the Reserve. The site backs out onto a nice part of the river. Gentle flow and clear water makes for great paddling or washing.

Charcoal cooking was fun. Slapped the grill and cast iron on and blasted a steak. I’m pretty bad at it and can’t quite get that super high heat blast on the pain to get the crust going

Yogurt, Trail Mix, Whey Protein and Steak meant I was hitting around about my daily protein macros.

Could’ve squeezed in a gym sesh before leaving for the Reserve but gf was late and didn’t let me know new ETA. No worries.

Obviously was pretty active getting the camp sorted especially collecting firewood. Had fun finding long fallen logs and push press throwing them as high as possible and letting they hit the ground until they broke up into useful size chunks. Maybe next time bring a hatchet



Not too fresh post camping. Bit annoying but put in work nevertheless. Gonna try catch up as much as I can for this week

Stopped by Atomic Gym because have heard good things. Good: 5 bucks casual and plenty of sexy bodybuilding machines. Bad: nothing

Fatigue Level SBD: 6, 7, 6

Squat 3 Sets @ 105kg
Front Squat 2 Sets @ 70kg
Quads 4 Sets
CGB 3 Sets
DB Press 3 Sets @ 30kg
Back 4 Sets
Biceps 4 Sets


Bush gym?


Yeah pre much wasn’t too far from it.

I seen on insta like beach gyms with DBs out of wood and concrete and such. Why not a bush gym though would have to do some more brainstorming to make it extra strayan



Long one today tryna make up for lost work. Feeling pretty fresh for bench and deads.

Fatigue Level SBD: 4,4,4

Wide Grip Bench 4 Sets @ 80kg
DB Bench 2 Sets @ 32.5kg

Bench moved alright today. Wide grip safe on shoulders for now. Still not sure of effectiveness at heavier weights but definitely feeling the focus shifted off my triceps making it a good builder for Delts and pecs

Deficit Sumo Deadlift 5 Sets @ 140kg
Chest Supported Row 4 Sets
Hamstring Curls 4 Sets
Back Raises 4 Sets

Deadlifts moving well today. Technique feeling A1 on a stiff bar deficit focus on knees out. Getting some scratching high on the inside of my shin like @Vincepac1500 was describing the other time. Knees out

Keen to see how it translates to positioning on a DL bar. Still RPE morning paper. High Reps still tough. Just gotta do one at a time and make sure not to miscount.

Feeling the extra work throughout my lower body not so much my back. Bit worried my back will end up lagging (considering a fail a lot by allowing my back to round this might be pretty bad)

OHP 3 Sets @ 40kg
Shoulders 6 Sets
Biceps 6 Sets

Bit fried by the time shoulder stuff came along. Ok though because overall the workout was ambitious to blast through but did about 90% more than happy with it



Was also deadlifting in my flat/deadlift shoes yesterday for the first time in forever and it actually felt mighty good. Felt like wider more stable base of support. Maybe it’s time to move on from the barefoot life


Another one


The finest is always security protected …. you can’t even steal a bit of meat these days.


Nah you throw em over those security gate things and bolt.


The fact that it says “remove before microwave” #triggers me


For real lol. No accounting for human stupidity and crimes against food



Low back pretty beat from high volume sumo and nothing else feeling too fresh either but that’s ok because a deload is coming in next week.

Fatigue Level SBD: 8,5,8

Squat 3 Sets @ 120kg
Lunges 5 Sets @ 17.5kg
Leg Press 6 Sets
Leg Extension 4 Sets

Rep squats are fun… not lol. Bumped up the intensity this week to 60% of 1RM @ 120kg feeling heavy on the back and slow in the squat for a top set of 14 reps. I think it’s a rep Pr maybe but also a feeling like shit PR lol.

On rep squat I just seem to gas so fast. Cants quite seem to drive through it like I want with my legs after a few reps. And the reps turn into slow boiz. Maybe I’ll drop the reps and hit more sets to keep rep quality up. Or just do a bunch of leg Press more to hit the quads if my squat form keeps shifting load off em

Bar pad has gone missing again so no SSBs but extra quad work.

Been an interesting block so far. Getting me used to reps again was the big thing. Going off fatigue numbers probably started to ez and ended too hard so lots to learn from that. The deload is well timed though so I’ll stick with 4 weeks overloading training 1 week deload.


When doing high rep squats I think you should focus on grinding through the reps, not focus to much on technique, it really sucks doing high rep squats.
Technique focus on the first 5 - 8 reps then grind it out. It’s a mental thing


I feel you there man. Is the reason I don’t go aboe 5 reps on any warmup sets lol.

Most of the time a good idea. More volume at a higher quality. Though this holds true more at higher percentages, and sometimes high rep sets do have their place.That said, and especially with your lower back feeling beat, high rep leg press will give you most of the same benefits as high rep squats.


@mortdk @Pinkylifting thanks for the advice guys

I think a combination of both your suggestions would be good. To tolerate and push through reps but know when it’s gone to shit enough to call it and use other movements and methods


BLOCK 1 Review

Block one nearly complete. Couple more workouts of this training block and then deload next week.

It’s been good and tough at times but I feel like it’s building momentum into the next block. Main lifts in the 10-12 range though I sometimes went a bit higher.

Like was saying in previous workout post this block was more to try out stuff like new movements and get used to higher reps than to push into rep PR territory.

Next block working in the 8-10 rep range and 60-70% 1RM.

Might be some rep PRs there but bit hard to tell apart from squats seeing as there’s lots of variations instead of the main lifts that I got rep PRs recorded for. Gonna go for beating comp lift PRs on the variations (Deficit Deadlifts, Wide and Close Grip Bench) if it’s there to be got.

I think everything is falling into place. Experimentation has been done. Now time to push it in rep range that’ll transfer over into 1RMs better. Feels like I have plenty of momentum behind me as the gain train chugs on.




Quick upper body day today. Nuthin special aside from a really quick workout.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 6,4,6

Wide Grip Bench 3 Sets @ 80kg
DB Bench Press 3 Sets @ 32.5kg
Shoulders 6 Sets
Pull Ups 3 Sets
Biceps 4 Sets

Rep PR for the wide grip bench variation 80kg x 14 with more in the tank.


Seen a vid on Guga Foods YouTube channel about Rib-eye Cap being the king of steaks. Am inspired

It’s pretty much just the outside portion that runs around the eye of the steak and is actually a different muscle group.

I’ve noticed it before and it’s actually the best part of the steak and I dare say the best bite you can take of any part of the animal.

Will butcher it myself because it’s straightforward from a portion of ribeye I already have around and try it out.

*slurpy noises