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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis


Have a great Australia Day mate


What’s that like extremely well done?
You’re not having a BBQ this Australia day are you? Lol


Happy straya day


Medium rare mostly. Rare in the centre because it’s a big piece and too lazy to use reverse sear method


Does straya day celebrate the day Britain abandoned all you prisoners on a desert island to be eaten by drop bears and Aboriginals?


Pre much lol

There’s been some complaining about the day that it celebrates the day the Aboriginal people had a real bad time getting invaded and still do to this day. Invasion day

So they wanna change it to the 28th instead of the 26th. Arbitrary date I think. About as meaningful as that apology that our prime minister gave a while back. wasting a whole bunch of peoples time, money and effort for this movement that could be going into actual helping aboriginal communities in present day and future



Fatigue Levels SBD: 6,7,5

Deficit Conventional Deadlift 3 Sets @ 110kg
Front Squat 3 Sets @ 70kg
Wide Grip Bench Press 3 Sets @ 80kg

Finishing off an all over the place week of training hopefully will be on a more consistent schedule next week.

So far squats not going too hot it feels like. Bench and deadlift will keep pushing variations and accessories. Something I’d like to try next week is sissy squats on the machine so like a Roman chair


Just a short one today sir ?


Unfortunately needed to rush out to dinner. I don’t like being pushed for time but sometimes that’s how it be.

I’m gonna edit in some extra write up now


First sesh this week not expecting it to be too good due to lack of sleep today. End of the week gonna be a bit muddled up again because going on a camping trip out east of Melbourne hopefully gonna build a big as fire

Fatigue Levels SBD: 4,3,4

Squat 2 Sets @ 105kg
SSB Squat 4 Sets @ 85kg
Lunges 4 Sets @ 15kg
Ab/Adduction Machine 2 Sets

Squats not feeling too bad. Also a pussy pad randomly turned up and I managed to squeeze it on the SSB and finally got some shoulder pain free SSB in. Still feels mighty uncomfortable on my legs and back but at least it doesn’t feel like my shoulder joint is being pried apart. Tough but good.

Chest Supported Row 6 Sets
Biceps 3 Sets

Mental focus and intensity wasn’t there today but slogged through it and happy with the work. Back home to some steak



Are you still running the AI program?




Where abouts you headed?
Just pack an esky full of ice and steak, you’ll be right.


Dunno yet. Any suggestions.

Edit: Maybe King Lake but has booking fees


Theres a few in big river state forest.
I’ve stayed at stockmans reward last time. It’s got drop toilets and is quite big.
The main road is easy gravel and if you want to do some 4wheeling there’s plenty of side tracks/roads to explore

I normally get there by going through marysville.


Bit on the far side but will look into it


Fair enough.
http://www.findacamp .com.au
Is a pretty useful search tool.


I’m looking around Healesville and kinda around the Yarra Ranges national park. Like all that massive chunk of bush/green


You guys have tons of awesome places to camp and wheel over there. Everything here is pay to camp, usually a square slab of dust, and any decent tracks were locked up years ago, the areas are now only visited by the keenest of hikers.



Quick upper body sesh today. The camping trip is coming up and probably won’t find a gym in the bush so will see what I can fit in.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 6,3,4

Quads fried from last sesh even with only lunges for quad accessory work. No reason not to hit upper body hard.

Close Grip Bench 3 Sets @ 85kg
Wide Grip Bench 3 Sets @ 80kg
DB Bench 3 Sets @ 30kg
Pull Ups 4 Sets @ BW

Quick workout good workout. My power tits are actually burning lol. In a good way. Now off to buy some camping stuff.

Location still undecided. Maybe King Lake Camping Grounds but I’d prefer to be a bit more in the bush instead of having a part cleared and near with a fire pit for you. I wanna dig my fire hole myself. And get some steak over that heat of course.