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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis


From $3 to $12 at Clarke rubber it’s not expensive


I think the pipe foam would actually be easier. Its what most gyms here that have a homemade pussypad use. Already the right shape and size for the bar, easier to attach it and keep it there I suspect too.


@simo74 @Pinkylifting

Can I get it this thicc?


Have you ever tried rolling a mat around the bar? Its not going to sit how you think under pressure, and its not going to look like that lel.

But seriously, your SSB is so think, not sure why you want padding so bad. You get used to it just like with normal squats.


The handles be digging into my shoulders


Thats what your hands are for breh. Hold the handles, and push up a little.


Probably but not covered in leather / vinyl
Do you really need it that thick, do you have soft shoulders :wink:


Pool noodles…cut and placed for the win



This week’s training split is all mixed up but will get in all the work in the end. Upper body today with some bench and OHP.

Fatigue Level SBD: 4,3,6

Wide Grip Bench 2x12+ @ 75kg
Overhead Press 4 Sets @ 47.5kg
Pull Ups 4 Sets
Lateral Raises 3 Sets
Curls 4 Sets
External Rotations 2 Sets

Bench moving pretty ez. Random single at 100kg just to see how it feels with wide grip and the answer is pretty good.

Am interested in exploring heavy wide grip on future but for now volume work continues. It’s going pretty well with rep capacity up from last week. Not sure exactly what’s fatiguing fastest on high rep wide grip (front delt or pec maybe) but went from a comfy 10 reps last week to 15 reps whatever it is is getting used to volume. Probably time to bump up the weight a smidge

Playing with belt on bench press too. It sure if it does too much at all. Doesn’t hurt any at least.


I would be very careful doing wide grip bench Hamster.
It’s guilty of a lot of shoulder injuries.
Doing it as a high rep exercise as you do is probably ok. But listen to the joints and ligament all the time.


Yeah will do. My joints are pretty quiet right now lol. Also doing 50/50 with close grip bench and not too crazy volume.


Yeah, I have heard Louie Simmons, Josh Bryant, and Mike Tuchscherer all caution against going heavier than a 6 rep max on wide grip bench. Mike T had people doing heavy singles with it before that, maybe there were a few pec tears or shoulder injuries. But the idea here is also that you are going wider than your competition grip where you are the strongest, if it turn out that you are stronger with a wider grip that is still within the rules (inside the rings) then it might be worth working with that, just be cautious.

I found in the past that I was able to do more reps with the same weight with a wide grip but once the weight got heavy I wasn’t as strong, it seems like the shorter ROM makes it easier to do more reps but strength off the chest becomes more of a limiting factor. Also, for me it bothers my wrists if I do too much with an extra wide grip rather than shoulders.


It’s not going to increase your bench, the only thing it can do is help you stay tight and maybe hold your arch better. I used to bench with a belt but I started having issues with my ass coming off the bench and it seemed like the belt was restricting extension in my back so I stopped using it, my bench didn’t go down. Use it if you like it.


Yeah no telling if it’ll actually be stronger until there’s higher percentages on the bar. For its job at this point in time it’s good so far. Feeling goodin the pecs and shoulder joint.

I’ve noticed improved bar path off the chest and am curious if that’ll continue when the weights get heavier. The bar has a tendency to go towards straight up off my chest whe I initiate the press instead of slightly back diagonally. Depending on to how heavy a degree this occurs it can make a minor kink in the movement or fail a rep by I guess misgrooving.

So far it seems wide Grip has less of this problem. Maybe it skips that ROM or my shoulders elbows and forearms are in a better position I dunno. But like I was saying we’ll see what happens when the weight gets heavier



This week of training will also be complicated by driving down to Shepparton. Will have a gym there but it’s not the best equipped gonna sort it out to be able to do the week’s work.

Works out well in the end anyway because the split this week is all over the place so will finalise it and start next week.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 8, 5, 6

Not feeling too fresh today for squats. Unsure of why I feel shit on. Got in the reps and moved onto lunges and leg Press which actually went pre good.

Squat 3 Sets @ 110kg
Lunges 3 Sets @ 12.5kg
Leg Press 3 Sets @ 25kg each side

First bad sesh of this cycle. Not sure exactly why but I’ll just be happy it wasn’t actually that bad with the main work getting done and move on.


Not enough room in today’s foods for the whole thing but I’ll slice off a bit


A barbell, some iron and a rack are sufficient for 99% of anything useful that needs to be done :wink:


Nah need my resistance curve adjustable machine preacher curl

Edit: Srs


Bit on the charred side but I’ll take it



In Shepparton 40+ degrees every day. Fortunately the winds changed as we were leaving the gym. Brand with it a couple of drops of rain (miracle like lol because apparently it doesn’t train much here).

Advanced Fitness Northside today. I remember there being much better aircon last time but apparently not lol. Just slightly cooler than outside so was sweating up the place.

Fatigue Rating SBD: 5,4,5
Didn’t feel good or bad today but wasn’t in the mood to go crazy so just did some easy work.

Close Grip Bench 2 Sets @ 80kg
Wide Grip Bench 2 Sets @ 70kg
DB Press 4 Sets @ 30kg
Chest Supported Rows 4 Sets
Rear Delts 3 Sets @ 4kg
Lateral Raises 3 Sets @ 6kg
Curls 4 Sets

To all the Aussies coming through happy Australia Day whenever the fuck the date for that is now. Will probably go down to the river on the border to cool down a bit. Whatever you guys are doing I hope you have fun and stay safe.