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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis



Tuna and Rice: 35P
Protein Shake: 50P
Steak and Rice: 85P
Carbonara: 10P


You don’t need the bitch pad…


Because SSB squats move the weight out infront of you, you get a very similar squat position to a front squat and a lot of the same benefits.

Surprised it hasnt been mentioned already but if front squats are hurting your shoulders and or wrists the strap grip is a very nice alternative to the clean grip. Takes all the stress off your wrists and makes it a lot easier to keep your elbows high.


Clavicles mostly


Clavicles mostly


Just sounds like positioning. Or man the fuck up.

Never had clavicle pain front squatting, bar normally sits just infront of the clavicle so its not resting directly on it, more resting on top of the pec shelf.


Maybe they need widening


Soreness this morning on waking for the first time in a while.

New stimulus with high reps and after the stuff I was doing yesterday (SSB and pull ups probs) ended up with sore abs and sore upper back.

Never quite felt anything like this


Might go for a couple day trip down to Mornington soon-ish. About an hour and a half away by car.

Doherty’s Dandenong is on the way apparently there’s some strongman implements there might have a go at Log Press or something else fun


That’s what the SSB does. If you don’t feel much in your quads when you squat it’s probably because you already have a quad-dominant squat so this is not a major change in that aspect, the higher reps should do something though.


Heavy paused SSB squats will brutalise your quads!!


Paused you say…kk



Another hot day but started cooling down by the time I got around to the gym. In a strange frame of mind today. Feeling frustrated at nothing in particular (?)

Started the workout well with the chrome flaking off the 25kg calibrated plates and embedding itself half a cm into my skin. Luckily a little bit stuck out so I pinched it all tweezer like and pulled the piece out.

Weight moving alright though even if a bit sore in places. Reps feeling more comfy already but I guess compared to reps on the SSB everything feels easier.


Squat 2x12+ @ 100kg
Front Squat 1x10+ @ 70kg
Lunges 2x12+ @ 10kg
Leg Extensions 1x12+

Reps on back squat feeling better than expected (not dog shit lol). Probably a good idea to start out conservative in intensity.

Tried out front squats and these felt pretty dodgy. Lot of overlap with SSB and feeling it. So gotta spread it out so there’s time between em.

Lunges are a good tough. Doesn’t take much weight to get in some good work after heavy squats. Quads are burning for sure lol.

Wide Grip Bench 4x10+ @ 75kg
Overhead Press 4x10+ @ 45kg
Chest Supported Row 4x12+ @40/side

Wide grip bench feeling alright. Good on my shoulders so that’s a ticked box. Wide grip never felt particularly good in the past but it’s not bad right now. Will see how it moves in future when I get back to heavy weights

OHP pretty easy but definitely lost some strength with not training the lift a while. Starting at a heavier weight moving ez than any previous Press cycle so expecting good things

Facepull 2 Sets @ 15
Lateral Raises 4 Sets @ 6
Rear Delt Flye 2 Sets @ 4

Day 2 of VolumePig complete. Quads and triceps worked hard today and they are feeling it. More to come



So what sort of template did you decide on? I see you squatted the last two days and benched on one, I’m wondering what the plan is here.


I didn’t get around to sussing out a new split by the time Monday rolled around so went with what I already had and trying it out.

Already got total workload planned out for each week so however it’s distributed throughout the week as a training split as long as it’s not super dumb should be alright.

Am still intending to re evaluate at the end of the week. Will make changes then. Might be big changes might be small ones


Today’s Foodz:

Ice Coffee: 15P
Protein Shake x2: 50P
Yogurt x2: 25P

Will finish with a big steak. Gonna head over to the butchers and buy some sexy Scotch Fillet (Ribeye for y’all in the US). Definitely my favourite cut of steak bit more expensive than porterhouse but worth


Let’s goooo


Roo tail?


Ribeye but it’s all wrapped up in cling and the silver is still on


You need more calluses on your hands and then the metal would have bounced off :wink: