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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis


Based on what you are saying, there is a good chance you could get something out of front squats. The only major problem is that it could mess up your shoulders, but if you can get around that it might be alright.

My personal preference would be SSB or high bar squats, and maybe some leg press and stuff like that.

With all this talk of what you should or shouldn’t do, I think it might be a good idea to have one day where you work up to one hard set on your comp. squat (can be 6-10 reps if that’s what you want to do) and then move on to some other variations. You can try adjusting your technique a bit and see how that goes, but totally abandoning the comp. lifts might not work out in your favour.


Hmm. It’s not like I can’t has both front squats and SSB. Just a bit less volume on comp squats then


There are endless options to choose from. My advice is to do a little bit of comp. squatting and take maybe 2 other squat variations, plus maybe another non-squatting quad exercise and go from there.

Are you going to switch to an upper/lower split for the hypertrophy phase or continue with full body? Either can work but it seems like upper/lower might actually be better for hypertrophy and is less time consuming. Changing frequency/volume per muscle group per session is another thing that can help you progress.


Long reply warning

Was thinking full body.

I like to split up squat and deadlift cos they are pretty tough.

Brainstorming I’m coming up with this:

I wanna give my quads a good blast: a squat variation that I’ll hammer properly for once in my lifting career, give lunges a good run because they hit my glutes well and me quads, hit a quad accessory movement consistently to supplement the above (pendulum squat is interesting if it indeed reloads the back significantly but hack squats, legs presses and leg extensions hit my quads well already.

Bench is no secret but I don’t think I can go wrong if I hit wide and close grip hard. To be fair I’ve mostly been hitting “comp” bench but that has been changing gradually slightly wider over time (from two fingers in the rings gradually to ring finger on the rings).

True wide grip bench felt real good when I played with it last sesh in time it might become the main lift instead of assistance.

DBs do the job too. Only question is Incline or flat.

With deadlift something’s been bugging me. Rep work on sumo. Programs prescribe reps on sumo as though it’s conventional but I can rep like crazy on sumo. It’s like doing half the work of conventional. Also my rep maxes on sumo don’t translate to 1 rep maxes at all kinda supporting this. My best gains have been doing moderate-high reps on sumo.

So anyways gonna smash the reps on deficit deads and a smidge of ham curls and back raises

It’s not like I’m super attached to what I got.

Am curious though. Why would upper/lower (4 days a week) be better for Hypertrophy/time saving?

Changing stuff up might be a good idea since I’ve been doing full body for a while but why? What changes? What advantages does upper lower have?

And about changing up frequency/volume do you mean more or less? Or distributing things differently? I dunno if I can do more volume or frequency it’s kind of already up there.

For volume I’m using past training history, JTS’ MRV vid and Israetel’s Hypertrophy Training Guide for individual muscle groups to see what I should do. Also tweaking workload on the fly depending on how fatigued I rate myself like AI Coaching did is useful.


This is a beautiful leg workout…

I’m doing it currently and it has what you are looking for. I’m on week 6 (or 5). You could run it doing SSB on the volume day and comp on the heavy or vice versa. I enjoy the walking lunges. The lunges are something missing or I had never done before.


Nice. Size and strength. Are you eating big too to go with it?

Seems a bit much though? Does it affect the rest of your training to be going hard on squats/quads?

Might run this another time when I will put some time in Squat focus and a nice caloric surplus. I’m looking to stay away from higher percentages Rn though


I always eat big :joy:

I make sure I carb load before the workout and eat big post workout. Currently I’m rehabbing a shoulder so I’m not doing any heavy pressing and keeping the weights light and volume moderate.

I deadlifted on Wednesday. I’ll press on Sunday, deadlift on Monday (light 60-80%), press on Wed, and run this on Friday.

Just food for thought… it seems to have the things you want. It crushes my lower body for a day or two then I’m good.


I always eat big :joy:

I make sure I carb load before the workout and eat big post workout. Currently I’m rehabbing a shoulder so I’m not doing any heavy pressing and keeping the weights light and volume moderate.

I deadlifted on Wednesday. I’ll press on Sunday, deadlift on Monday (light 60-80%), press on Wed, and run this on Friday.

Just food for thought… it seems to have the things you want. It crushes my lower body for a day or two then I’m good.


You know I’m not a strong MF like you Hamster or for that matter many around here.
I do however do my best to watch videos and reading stuff.

3 days a week FB versus 4 days a week U/L split.
Don’t think it matters that much, Stick with what you like and how many days you’ll go to the gym.

FB going every other day so one week 3 days next week 4 could be good.

You have superior front squat form, look at the picture of the fronts squat and the SSB, look how much more your upper back is activated.

So for the upcoming volume phase I would do front squats for quad size and strength.

Look at something like mad cow maybe.
day one squat variation, comp bench, OHP
day two DL, front squat, incline bench
day three comp squat, CG BP, db bench

Variation lifts 65 - 75% 1rm high volume failure sets.
Comp lifts: work up to a couple of doubles at 80 - 85% 1RM + one back off set on DL and two on the others.
Do NOT forget the curls, were big boys make big gains.
EDIT: Front squats should btw be one of the best assistance exercises for DL because it hits the uppe back hard as well as quads


Some kind of incline pressing might be a good idea, but flat DB bench is good for your pecs and should directly carry over to bench and incline not so much.

If you have to warm up for squats, do a bunch of sets and reps that cause a lot of fatigue, then warm up for bench and do the same thing it means you have to warm up twice (which is the extra time I’m talking about) rather than just doing a set or two on the next exercise to get a feel for it. And the fact that you will be doing a whole bunch of high rep sets will definitely affect performance on the other lift, you might not be handling enough weight to provide a significant training stimulus.

Also, all the recent studies on frequency have found zero benefit for hypertrophy to training a muscle group more than twice a week, and as I mention there are some possible drawbacks. The other thing is that you are already used to doing a moderate amount of volume for each body part several times a week, switching to upper/lower would be a significant change in training stimulus and that is what you are after right now. Full body/higher frequency is good for strength-focused training because you get to practice the same lifts more often but technique is not the main focus for hypertrophy training. Also, lots of people who normally train full body switch to upper/lower for hypertrophy phases/offseasons, even the Norwegians who train full body5-6 days a week switch to an upper/lower split according to their coach, because it just works better than way.

If you want another template to consider, and one where you won’t be squatting and deadlifting on the same day, how about this:

Day1 - squat/leg assistance
Day 2 - bench/upper body assistance
Day 3 - deadlift/dl assistance
Day 4 - off
Day 5 - squat/rdl or sldl
Day 6 - Bench again
Day 7 - off

So you can what you want but I think that upper/lower would work better for the hypertrophy phase.


I have to agree with chris (Gasp!) Keep “regular” squats in there too. The special work you do can change your leverages and sticking points. You don’t want to be surprised by this because you avoided the comp stance for 6 weeks.

As chris mentioned yesterday you want to get stronger the whole time you’re getting bigger and also making technical adjustments.


Alright I’ll sort it out into 5 days and see how it looks

Mostly a time thing that I wanna go 4 days a week but if warming up really does eat time and slow down the workout could work out to less time overall over the week. Maybe


Might just be a bigger shirt size lol tbh both feel similar on the upper back.

but I’ll be giving front squats a good go as well as SSB


I’m gonna have comp squat in anyways but I’m doubting this claim a bit. What’s the reasoning behind this? I thought leverage and sticking point stays the same unless your technique changes


Yesterday’s Foodstuff

Ice Coffee 10p
Hawaiian Pizza 70p
Steak and Rice 45p
Strawberry Milk 25p


This is not always a bad thing…


Maybe I was saying it backwards. Maybe the special work you do subtley changes your technique, and that changes the way the bar moves for you.

Like if you do pause off the floor deadlifts you get better off the floor. But if you keep doing them too long you get slow at the knee.

As hog mentioned, it’s not always a bad thing. If some lifter good-morning-ed up his squats he could do lots of quad/leg work to try to use less back. Then his theoretical squat would get better. This would be good training.


Check out this pod cast. He makes some interesting kind of points.

Boston strongcast Episode 58: The Effects of Implementing Variations in Programming on TuneIn



Back in Melbourne for a hot day at Doherty’s Brunswick. Already sweating like a pig lol

Back to reps again. Never been a fan so don’t expect it’ll be very nice to be gassed especially in this weather.


Not sore maybe a bit out of practice after a light week. Temperature and food/timing end up netting average fatigue levels.

SSB Squat 3x10 @85kg

Good kind of tough. Form not as clean as last time. If I don’t sit the bar just right it digs into my shoulder a bit. Abs and core getting worked, quads not as much as I’d hoped maybe because form needs to be stricter?

Deficit Sumo Deadlift 3x10 @ 130kg

Deficit stiff bar sumo deadlifts. Didn’t measure the exact deficit but maybe 2 inches. Can get in a decent start position so that’s all good

Plate math is doing my head in now that there’s 15s on the inside and using 10s.

Movement feels pretty strange but not too far from a regular sumo. Not sure what deficits are meant to work harder but I feel the load is distributed evenly all over.

Ripping up my shins lol. Straps also ripping up my hands a bit. I used to have a great pair of figure 8s that were a bit small so they fit well on my wrist and the bar and didn’t reduce range of motion like the ones I got now

Pull Ups 3x10 @ BW
Hamstring Curls 3x12+ @ 25

Quick one today. Reps aren’t much fun but hopefully with time I’ll get into the high rep groove. Plenty in the tank so looking to work towards PR workloads in future

I will become HighRepPig.



Gonna sneak into the gym late at night DIY a pad for the SSB. Yoga mat and duct tape let’s go