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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis


Comp lifts yeah? So like a “transition phase”.


Something like that. I would elaborate but I have to go and squat now.


My blocks working actually gonna end up being bit longer than a month lol so I got 5 “slots” (maybe barely six) to work with soz. Good pay out though.

After what Chris just wrote I’m thinking VV S/T SS Peak. First strength might be a “transition” phase as Chris desribes


No worries. You’ve been a big help. I’m off to bed for them recovery gains anyways


Just make sure your blocks fit into the schedule, starting from the meet and working backwards. If you have to stretch out a block or cut a week it won’t matter right now but your don’t want to do that right before the meet. Also try to avoid overreaching in the last couple blocks, and the peaking block in particular. Some people talk about “functional overreaching”, but that only really seems to help to increase work capacity. You don’t beat yourself into a pulp, take a deload, and come back way stronger than ever, it just doesn’t work like that. Maybe with certain drugs, but not under normal circumstances.

So with all this talk about volume/hypertrophy/transition phases, what exactly you do depends on what you are trying to accomplish. If you want to add a significant amount of mass then obviously a hypertrophy phase is the way to go. If not, there is still a benefit in increasing work capacity by doing more volume, which in this case you could do mostly submaximal work and you wouldn’t really need a transition block of any sort. The time that you would need a transition block would be if you spent the last month doing sets of 6-8 on variations of the comp. lifts (and maybe higher reps the month before) and now you’re going to start doing the actual comp lifts again for 5’s and triples and such. You could say that my squat is in a transition phase right now, if you follow what I have been doing.


I have a question about rep ranges but right now having just watched JTS’s vid on Directed Adaption vs Adaptive Resistance.

I’m thinking about this especially in relation to the squat in the coming and subsequent training blocks.

See I’ve been doing the comp squat movement (being a hybrid bar position) for a while now. Last program and the previous and the previous lol so > 6 months so was wondering if some adaptive resistance could be an issue

In the coming Volume block/s High Bar is kinda fucked so choosing SSB is all good but where’s the rest of my Volume meant to come from? Hack squat, leg Press, etc. kind of accessories?

Or all SSB?

I can comp squat I guess…Worth having high rep comp squat in (maybe change slower eccentric and/or depth to accentuate Hypertrophy)? Would those changes be enough to keep adaption going?

Where could knee wraps fit in at this point? Would heavy enough weights to work on knee wrap squatting affect the lower intensity volume nature of the coming block?

Tbh I’m not sure I’m super I need of knee wrap practice. It’s close to my current squat technique except slightly more upright.


Gotta train like a snake, all about that SSSSSSSSSS


I don’t see why you say high bar is fucked, it might take a couple sessions to get the technique right but it would be a pretty small difference from the way you squat right now. At the same time you don’t need to do it if you can just use the SSB instead.

Are you planning to do a hypertrophy phase or just do submaximal volume work? What is your height and weight?

As far as adaptive resistance goes, if you keep the comp. lifts but just do a set or two of 8-10 reps that’s enough change in stimulus to avoid any problems. For your squat, just to give you an idea you could do SSB squat, paused SSB squat, and high rep comp squat and then either leg press or hack squat for some extra quad work. You could get by without leg press/hack squat too, it’s just that if you have a high volume squat session and your back is fried and you are having a hard time maintaining any sort of reasonable technique it would be better to use one of those exercises so that it isn’t an issue.

If you are doing a straight up hypertrophy phase then there is no sense in using knee wraps right now. Otherwise you could do a couple sets a week in them, but if you are 6 months away from the meet then there is no rush. 4 months is plenty of time.

Well, you should be using approximately the same movement pattern, it’s just that if you want to get some good carryover out of the wraps you are going to have to wrap tight and that can make things feel awkward and also stop you before you hit depth. If you have no issues with the wraps then you could just do one hard set a week (plus 1-2 warmups) starting about 4 months out.

How many times did you use those Lillibridge wraps? What is the most you squatted in them?


Just to clarify I mean like “right now” or in the next month or two.

3 times total. 170kg heaviest weight

Definitely need more practice. Was just asking if right now is a time for it but you answered that.

Like a small step away from the comp lifts. Specific variations/main lifts like SSB Squat, Close/Wide Grip Bench, Deficit Deads (so far)

5’7” / 170ish cm / Manlet - 86.5kg 15+ % BF / fluffy

Looking to slowly drop BW to fit into the 82.5kg class

My thinking is that I got a decent amount of muscle (> gym nemesis IMO lol). Best time to lose weight is during Volume no? By the time strength phase rolls around will maintain or slight surplus so I can lift with consistent leverages with consistent fatness


Also this is still a work in progress (I’m still to watch JTS’s how to find MRV vid and others) but if the blocks look like:


Could rep ranges be set for each block (on main lifts) and lowered each block. So it goes like 10-12, 8-10, 6-8 (transition block) and by then strength comes around and we are good for 4-6 or triples or low reps?


Today’s Food

Chicken+Rice: 30p
Scrambled Eggs: 30p
Rainbow PaddlePop x2: 5p
Light + Tangy Chips
Protein Shake x2: 60p
Will finish with something lol


Last meal of the day. Tuna rice sushi seasoning and extra seaweed.

Gonna have another light session tomorrow on the way to visiting my gf in Shepparton.

Hopefully sort out the program and then begin Monday next week.


Is Poké a thing in the upside down?


Not really but there’s every kind of food in the city’s


Spies on of these Pendulum Squat Machines at the gym. Apparently takes load off ur back (belt squat esque) might be worth a go


I don’t think that’s necessarily a good idea right now, it definitely won’t help with getting stronger. That doesn’t necessarily mean you should try to gain weight either, but if you cut weight and don’t do the comp lifts for a couple months then you will just end up smaller, weaker, and out of practice with the comp lifts. I would just maintain weight for now and cut after the meet.

Also, re-comping (basically losing fat and gaining muscle at the same time) can work if you have been doing low volume for the last while (like a peaking block, which you just did) and now switch to high reps and high volume. Just aim to maintain bodyweight and do plenty of volume, you wont gain as much muscle as if you were in a surplus and you won’t get as lean as if you were actually cutting but you won’t get fat or weak either.

You don’t want to be in a caloric surplus if you aren’t doing a whole lot of volume, you will just get fat. You can still have some high rep assistance work in a strength phase but actually gaining weight during that time is a risky business.


Watch this:


Kk I see.

Was going off this:


Also for high bar you reckon a real tiny shift up in bar position from my comp/hybrid style would be sufficient to make it like a variation or new stimulus?

I’ll try in the gym today but I think I can move the bar up a smidge and be more comfy than last time I tried.


I had to watch that video again to figure out what you meant. It’s not like there is a requirement to either bulk or cut in a high volume phase, if you haven’t been doing much volume recently and keep calories at maintenance then you are likely to just improve body composition to some degree and increase work capacity. Either way, taking a break from the same exact training will prevent you from plateauing and this is one option.

Even if you just do your regular squat for high reps that should be enough change in stimulus. There are plenty of people who mostly just do the comp lifts all the time and still make progress, it’s just that if you are always going heavy on the same lifts then it puts strain on the same joint angles and such and that can cause overuse injuries after a time.

As for high bar, Ed Coan said he squatted low bar when training for a meet and did high bar pause squats then in the offseason switched it to high bar as the main squat and low bar pause squats, and sometime single-leg leg press. That seemed to work OK for him. Basically, to get the most out of high bar squats you will have to stay extra upright, maybe push your knees forward, and maybe also use a narrower stance (a wider stance might feel awkward anyway).