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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis


I would do the complete opposite, pull heavy sets with hook grip and use straps for the volume work. You need to be able to hold onto heavy weights and there is no better way to work on that than by holding onto heavy weights. Too much hook grip volume will just beat up your thumbs and won’t help anything.

Blevins doesn’t have any suggestions for you?


I think the way you unrack on bench is probably messing you up, it looks a bit shaky and seems as though you are trying to get tight again after you are holding the bar. It’s hard to tell what exactly is going on there but Bryce Lewis has a video on self-unracking on YouTube that would probably help you out. It’s a thing that not everyone can do properly, if you can rely on a training partner to give you a liftoff on a regular basis then that might be your best bet but otherwise you need to figure out how to do it without compromising tightness and wasting energy. I have been unracking myself for a long time because commercial gym spotters suck and I also got fucked up in a meet before by a bad liftoff.

You deadlift looks good but I think it might help if you open your hips just a little bit wider, your knees should be tracking right over your toes and it looks like they are slightly to the inside plus opening your hips more would get you hips closer to the bar, which is always a good thing. In the case of my deadlift advice it’s “do as I say, not as I do” because I have shitty leverages and I’m just trying to make the best of them but it looks to me like with some minor adjustments and more training you could be pulling some big weights soon.


Hi guineapig. Just read some of your training log. We have quite similar lift PRs. Do you have any specific training goals for 2019? I see that your bench has come on some. Thanks


Oops, autocorrect on my tablet once again got me, was meant to be wraps and not straps, haha.
Knee wraps for squats, on top sets.


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Hmm bench by itself in September. Three lifts same day in… I’m gonna say June.

I’ll be talking more about it in a later post but I think a big difference since has been how well I’ve been recovering. Sleep hasn’t been on point, been in a deficit so I don’t think I’ve done the program justice

Progress is progress I guess. Reminds me
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Well anyway if you hadn’t got sick I would have expected some bigger lifts, that was my main point. If you aren’t sleeping enough then try to fix that because that will definitely slow down your progress.


There was a time when my unrack was feeling real good. It was a combination of me bull dog gripping properly and bench racks where the bar doesn’t move about funnily enough I lift better out of certain commercial gym racks

I can see the hips/knees could be more out. Will work on it


Minimum and I’ll try my bestest to push beyond these:

Squat +20kg getting the most out of transition to knee wraps

Bench +10kg sustain current slow progress

Deadlift +15kg to match my cheaty straps+bumper PRs

Total +45kg or more maybe hit 600kgs Total but beating my gym nemesis at my first meet halfway through this year is the more important than PR total so putting it together well on the platform also a goal


What is that exactly?


When you cock your wrist back and turn/twist your hands in a bit so the bar rests low in the hand and directly over the elbow joint. When I had this down pat weights felt very light in the hands felt like I was good for any weight. Preferred it to wrist wraps. Not quite able to replicate that feel right now.


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Training Goals for First Half 2019
Maybe a bit past the halfway of the year. After the meet not sure what new goals I’ll set for myself. Might catch the competing bug and continue with that or do more physique/aesthetics focused stuff or something.

For the next 6-7months:

Will push for another 5-10kg(depends on the lift) on each of its there.

To that end am looking to do better recovery especially sleep wise. Don’t think I reaped the full benefits of my training because my recovery wasn’t on point.

Bit counterproductive to the above but am also looking to make the 82.5kg weight class for the meet without a weight cut

Weighed in 86.5kg this morning after having eaten a fuck ton pre test and then got sick so my weight is all over the place. But at least a good 4-5kg maybe then eat at a surplus into the meet.


Got my next AI coaching training block in.

Meant to be a 8 week cycle ending with a peak and test. Dafuq?

This last training cycle I just finished was 8 weeks followed by a peak and test also and tbh it didn’t go too well with small PRs.

Have looked at the new block’s programming and it’s very close to the previous (slight differences in volume). Do the same thing and expect different results? (Actually not unreasonable if I focus on recovery but still).

Given I’ve input my meet date as far away as fuck and how the last cycle went I’m not quite grasping the decision making process that the AI used to get here.

Have emailed Garrett Blevins seeing if there’s a way to lengthen the cycle.

Thoughts @chris_ottawa

Maybe the AI has trouble when you stalling? It’ll be in a review when I put one together


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Nice progress man. Bench PRs can be a funny thing, you put more weight on the bar and you get so focused on the bar weight that you stop focusing on staying tight and end up misgroving.

Deadlift 235 actually looked really close, a little more patience pulling tight at the bottom before letting your but lift up and I think you might have had that one, on a good day it was yours.

Do you squat high bar or low bar? Looks like high bar but hard to tell in the videos.