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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis



@I_Luc that’ll be $3 mates rates

Second Attempt” 180kg then jumped to 195kg for a 5kg PR. If everything was going super may have jumped to 200kg but 180kg didn’t move too good at least relative to last time I hit it testing.

This is in the past:

Today’s “second”:

Today’s PR:

Was a good decision to go 195kg over 200kg because the heavier weight wouldn’t been there today. Was a inefficient squat with technique breakdown though.

I’m thinking in future comp/totals I’ll stick with squats that are at that 95-97.5% ish so they are still sexy looking and more importantly efficient to save energy for deadlifts and the rest of the day. I think the energy it takes for that extra 5kg could cost me more weight over the rest of a comp.

Back tightness and general leg strength is something to continue working on in the coming months.

I won’t be testing in sleeves after this. Wraps will be the focus from now on so that’ll present good opportunities to practice getting tighter with heavier weights on my back and using wraps. Given im barely at 195kg with sleeves I’m gonna say Rn im about 205kg with wraps. There’s plenty of room to make gains there too as I get more skilled with wraps and get stronger.

GOAL another 20-25kg or more onto my wrapped squat over the next six months


Regrets but at least it’s better prep for when comp comes around


Ya bench was going pretty well months ago so thought I’d be hitting 3 plates by the time the comp rolled around but at this rate more like 130ish

At the time I think my weight was going up and at an all time high and technique was sexy as feeling good in every way. Hopefully something like that comes around as comp does. Perfect timing


How much heavy doubles or singles did you do leading into the max test ?? I l own for me that if I don’t spend a few weeks in the 90% range the heavier weights feel out of the grove


Great effort, depth was good and it moved well, 200 was in the bag I reckon mate.
If your using straps, just use them on your heavy days on your top sets.
Are you planning on competing in the future?


3 I think. It’s not that bad tbh it just comes on all of a sudden at like 95+ so hitting those weights at all often is a bit much I think. Maybe a heavier single once a week… Next peak I’ll look to do more though


Yeah I’ll talk about it when I finally get to my goals section but from here on it’s working towards doing my best at a meet where the squats are in knee wraps

Still thinking about how to implement wraps but maybe 1-2x per week

200kg may have been there but it’d be the ugliest slowest rep ever and probably the kind of quality of rep I wouldn’t want to hit under any circumstance lol. Id use up all my energy and snap my back


I’ve been looking at them videos a couple of times.
The two 180’s looks very similar. Your back looks a bit more wobbly on the first one.
Have you moved your feet in a bit?
You’re doing a great effort to control the weights on the 195, your but comes back a bit when coming out of the hole, you’re correcting this a bit to much coming a bit forward, correcting that and you’re good.
I would love to have just half of your technique man.



Will take a pause PR today given the training cycle wasn’t incredible with a bit of an injury scare. 115kg “second attempt” didn’t move really well so wasn’t sure if 120kg would be there but went for it anyways.

“Second Attempt” 115kg:

Pause PR 120kg:

Previous 120kg TnG PR at peak of benching powers

Tried 125 but died on chest no chance. Bench going forward is gonna be a slog. But what’s new bench has always been struggle city for me just need to get better.

First thing is getting back to sexy technique. I’ve been there before so I know it’s possible. Starts with the set up and back/shoulder position. Next is my grip and wrist position. Bulldog was working for me very well but I need to rediscover that stability and/or employ wrist wraps.

Other than that getting bigger power tits, back work and shoulder work + pre / re hab work is on the menu. Might experiment with grip width moving in closer too.

GOAL: 10-15kg onto my pause bench


That’s about right. I think I’ve made changes that get me a better back position for the most part. At max or near max weights the breakdown occurs as you described.

As I was squatting what it felt like was that if I maintained everything as the 180kg my quads wouldn’t have enough juice to get me to finish the lift so I just did whatever to complete the squat. It’s not exactly under my control though so knees/hips shift back. If there’s enough speed and positioning isn’t so bad I can’t recover I’ll make the lift albeit ugly

I don’t think I can get rid of it completely so like I discussed I might hit what I can hit clean in a meet and conserve energy. It’ll still be 95-97.5% 1RM but leave me more energy for the other lifts

You work on depth for now my friend and then we can talk. Pretty sure I’ve seen you hit depth before so is it confidence? In being able to get back up with near max weight so you cut it short? Or are you physically incapable?

If it’s not that maybe try playing with stance width. I don’t have the same issue so can hit depth any stance but I know some stances will get me too deep so for you maybe a tweak to your current stance will get you deeper.


Bench looked easy


Another 2.5kg ez lol

Edit dis how 125kg went



Not much to say. Need to get strongerer.

On thing I’ve learnt is how it feels to be near max. 225 looked to move alright but at the floor it was a struggle. So next time it feels like that I’ll know there’s not much more in the tank.


235kg Miss

Grip is a positive on a DL should be able to hold onto plenty. Back position is also improved 225 would be the heaviest I’ve gone with little rounding. Also deadlift face to rival Ben Pollack lol

I don’t know if there’s any secret techniques or tricks now. Maybe some small technique tweaks (maybe trying some new stuff like true wide stance), maybe belt but just gonna have to put in the work and recovery properly.


Missed attempt at Bench looks like you’ve just slipped out of your groove. With dead’s, you would have been toast by then I’m assuming.


I was gonna try and touch and go that bench but it touched and goed nowhere lol. Probably misgroove but also tightness.

The game now becomes about conserving energy for deadlifts get dat extra 10kgs


Made some of that look easy my man, good form.
Impressive fellow Manlet, though them workout shoes look a bit dodgy :joy:


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Nice pr’s mister guineapig. Excited to see what you’ll be lifting in wraps!

Does lifting barefoot really feel better? I sometimes lift with just socks/deadlift slippers, i doubt theres any diffrence between that and socks


Just curious, when was the last time you tested your 1rm’s?

I see you didn’t get any massive PRs but considering the whole situation I would say it went well, at least you know for sure you are making some progress.