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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis


Seems I’ve gotten sick. Terrible timing but hopefully it passes maybe not in time for the virtual Powerlifting meet. I’m keeping my hopes up having heard tales of people coming back from sickness and setting PRs

Felt a bit off this morning upon waking but it quickly got worse and I pulled the car over to blast a poor bush with the remains of the morning’s food. But if a fucking waste with all them calories in there.

Settled a bit since but I still feel like shit. Gonna drink water and get in what calories I can maybe watch a movie or two.


Sorry to hear that Hamster.
Get well soon.


Oh dear hope it’s not hamster flu !!


It’s going around. You guys are doomed.


Avoiding your log for a week


Yer I’m about to go camping for a week. 2 kids are sick at the moment. Last thing I need it the lurgy!!


Aight 8-9 hrs in symptoms switching up to headache and below the neck (nausea) easing a bit.Ginger seemed to do the trick either that or time.

Gonna cautiously start eating. Squeeze in as much as I can without hurling before bed. Can see how guys get fucked losing weight and strength after a week of this

Two donuts down - 500cal
Lipton Ice Tea

More to comr


Maybe got in like 1k cal today. Threw up about 1.5k lol

Gonna eat like crazy tomorrow


no wonder you hurled, only thing that could have made it worse was one of those vegemite sandwiches you savages eat. absolutely barbaric.


That was what I ate after hurling though


Day 2 of Flu (2)

Still feeling pretty shit. Headache and little bit of nausea still around. Also just general off-ness and sluggishness.

Slept alright and will get in more naps today.

I could eat solid foods but I’d have to be cautious when eating it so I’ve come in prepared today with lots of liquid calories that’ll go down easier.

5 Bottles of Protein Water - 150g protein
Lipton Ice Tea - Carbs
Whatever solid food I can fit in




Feeling much better this afternoon. 4 hrs intermittent napping this morning.

Looking for another few hours this afternoon

Some solid food for a snacc hopefully it doesn’t get vomited back up.


Feel better dude.


Get well soon Hamster


@BEAst_in_I @mortdk Thnx guys. It’s coming back quick


Hope the lurgy passes quickly mate.
What’s the blue protein drink taste like? How much did they rob you for it?

@simo74 you mentioned camping? Where you heading big fella?


Heading up to Khancoban in NSW. Drove up to Albury and turn right. Just on the edge of Mount Kosciuszko National Park


40 protein 6 bucks tastes like sour berry like watered down blue gatorade


Sounds awesome mate, have been thinking about heading off down to Beachport and the Coorong for some sand driving and camping