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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis


Happy new year Hamster I hope you’ll beat your Nemesis


Happy new year bro!!


Happy new year to you. I still have 16 hours to go here in the US.


Spoiler alert the world ends


@duketheslaya @mortdk happy New Years to you guys too. I’ll be along for the ride as you two go for your goals. Let’s get it




Happy new year piggy. Try and lay off the maccas it will make you fatter than me


That pic though lol



First workout of the year and last of this training cycle before maxing out.

Light work today so nothing much to mention there. Everything moving nice.

Next couple of days before the mock meet I’ll be up in Shepparton spending time with my gf. Eating lots and sleeping lots. Hopefully not being too physically active

Gonna try to get some small PRs or match current PRs and put together a PR total

I’m looking at SBD 195-200/ 120-125/ 230-240kg

Thinking attempts:

Squat: 170, 185, 195-200kg
Bench: 110, 115-120, 120-125
Deadlift: Dunno what jumps to make lol


New protein water. Was in the supplement store next to Doherty’s City Gym and better than Bodiez in every way like value taste. If this was sold in powder form I’d be all over it


Would probably start DL like 210/225/235 depends how confident you are of hitting it


Sounds good. Then jump to 2fiddy




Yeah next meet youd do 225 240 255
You competing at all this year or only out to fucking anihalate gym nemisis? #lilbitchboi #aintgotnuthinonhamster


HIIT vs LISS affect on resistance training performance


Probably gonna do something.

We was interested in doing a physique show next sometime after Powerlifting but it doesn’t seem that appealing right now. Tbh he wouldn’t stand a chance in physique even if he did another cycle. *Guinea pig flexing most muscular

If I do another meet it might be towards the end of theyear because I like long training cycles before testing


3 days out.

When in Melbourne…


Fack aff you… I just started my diet :joy:


Become a powerlifter then you can eat whatever you want


One day a week, normally a Saturday I’d do a anything goes diet and I make the most of it. Gives me something to look forward to. I’d prefer my junk food in the form of chippies, Chinese, kebab sorta stuff. Not really a sweet tooth.