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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis


RIP FlipFlop Brah. You will be missed


Maintaining a lift while loosing weight is nothing to tear up a pair of flip flops about. Gheesh


*angry guinea pig noises


I can fix many things but a broken thong you are on your own !!


Have access to a high grade heat source like an oxy or a high temp heat gun?

I’ve remelted my havi’s so many times it’s ridik


Nah maybe some supa glu


Yeah use that thors power glue shit


Lol that was a fun watch. The lifting at least. Everything else…Cringey as though


Late night sesh after a day out with the family visiting a lotus farm. Was raining which made it even prettier with the droplets hitting the water. Thought I’d be tired but not really.

Feeling pretty fresh today probably because high carb + sodium + water day yesterday.

Peaking continues today with 3 singles @ 90% / 170kg. Moved alright. I’m using the cue “upright” to minimise butt shooting up or chest falling out of the hole. Bit too sloppy on the unrack and walkout for my liking.

I’m cautious optimistic off today’s work. Squat has moved and felt the best of my powerlifts this week. Might be a small PR there for me after all. 195kg-200kg I reckon. This training cycle has been alright ish for squats so I’d be happy to come out with a sleeved PR.

Next year is gonna be focused on wraps so might not go for a sleeves PR for a while. Also sleeves add weight I don’t care what anyone says lol

One thing I’ve noticed again is I get a bit of rotation from somewhere on the squat. Dunno why. Uneven limbs, flexibility imbalances etc? Won’t look to fix it until this cycle ends in two weeks though.

Cheeky rep PR @ 180kg on chill Conventionals to finish a decent sesh. Probably gonna train tomorrow too.



Also probably gonna max on the Texas Power Bar when applicable because as sexy as the Eleiko Power Bar is it’s bent as fuck from people doing dumb shit with it


Teriyaki Salmon Incoming


Forgot to take after pics lol. Wolfed it down easy 80g protein. Turned out well but lessons learnt for next time


Give me salmon!


No is mine fuck off


I’ll 1080 No scope you



Quick one today in and out. Quickest session I’ve had in a long time

Next session is a light day and then another day after that with pause squats but looking at the workloads is asking for multiple sets of squatting variations @ RPE 10 so that’s pretty fucking stupid I think a few days before a test. Anyways will see about that workout… might just skip it


When your coach is an Excel spreadsheet so you can’t tell them to fuck off with this bullshit a few days from testing max


Obligatory New Years goals post:

Get strongerer while getting sexier body and technique
Blow money on gym related shit
Eat more steak and other tasties

But actually srs I’d like to do more to recover better outside the gym. Sleep, hydration etc. and of course defeat my gym nemesis


very nice


Starting off the new year right lol. McFavourites Box Gains

But actually gonna max on Saturday so gonna load up on calories over the next 4 days bump up the weight a kilo or two and give me the best chance of setting PRs and a PR training total too.