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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis


The easiest way is to make a circle with your arm.

Like this guy talks about. Tight everything to isolate your shoulder. If it’s difficult or tight or painful, make a smaller circle.

If you do it near the wall, with the wall to guide you, you get awesome feedback. Close to wall = bigger arm circle, greater mobility. Far from wall, less mobility and easier. Standing = easier. Kneeling = harder. Where ever the motion is tight or difficult, you can feel what’s “off” and holding you back. Like a tight pec, bicep or front delt. Or your shoulder shrugging up or rounding forward.

Then you just put your hand against the wall, stay in that spot and feel out what’s going on. Stretch what’s tight, squeeze what’s not working. If that doesn’t work, you’ll know what’s messed up and what to really, really focus on.


About squat depth, the angle the camera is at makes it impossible to judge accurately. It looks like it’s more or less there, but can’t say for sure. If depth is a major concern then record right from the side. Diagonally from the front of back can work to but from the side is better. Right now you’re not peaking for a meet, but when you are you want to be sure your squats will pass.

About your pec/shoulder issue, do some myofascial release work on the muscles in that area. You can use a lacrosse ball or other hard ball (cricket?), as well a massage stick or some sort or other blunt object if you can’t find anything better. The other day something was cramped up in my leg at work, I sat on some milk crates in the corner and dug into my leg with the handle of a sharpening steel - problem solved. I get some tightness and sore spots in my pecs and shoulders from time to time, doing this sort of stuff allows me to keep training without getting injured.


Will report back thnx


kk. I’ve not taken many side angles mostly because other angles look sexier on video but like for the deadlift the side view has lots more utility


Wasn’t expecting these till next year but I guess the delivery gods wanted me to have presents on Christmas Eve.


Christmas Eve foods:

Fettucine Carbonara 15p

Leftover Porterhouse Steak 20p

Glass of Milk 5p

Viet Noodle Soup Pho 20p

Bodiez Protein Water 30p

Ajisen Ramen Full Course Meal 40p


Merry Christmas mr pig, hope it’s a great one


You too and a happy new year

Let’s go on virtual donut adventures together next year


I want in


Welcome brother


For Christmas I wanna go to the gym to feel out bench and find I’m not injured *sad face


Christmas workout at Doherty’s Brunswick (24/7/365 staffed). Peak starts this week with testing end of next week. Will submit vids to @losthog’s thing afterwards

Sumo Deadlift

Last heavy deadlifts I think before test. Didn’t move particularly fast but I’m better at maintaining back position now I think so will take that positive. Will see how that goes with max weights next week.

Dunno what happened but maybe was premature in calling an injury. Seems like I skipped a day of bench unnecessarily

Might be a little something something there I’m not sure so I’m tossing up finishing the peak and going conservatively or not benching at all.

Regardless rehab or I guess it’d be pre hab if there’s not actually an injury will continue as planned.

Feeling pretty fried today but put in the work and will trust the process. Side angle camera action today for depth check and also saw a lot of the bar being too far forward.


Top work Pig man,deadloft looked to move alright even if it felt slow, didn’t look it. Few more it’s in the tank for sure.
Great effort getting a session in on Xmas Day, I certainly thought about it this morning


I had all my X-mad events over the last couple of days. Nothing on the 25th lol. Just chilling and gym is the best kind of letting loose


Nice work hamster


Today’s foods:

Strawberry Clouds
Electrolytes + Lemon Lime Bitters
Porterhouse Steak 80p
Vietnamese Noodle Soup Pho 20p
Smidge of Carrot Cake
Scrambled Eggs 25p


Merry Christmas hamster…


Hot day today so waited it out until things got cooler.


More peaking training with three singles today. Sloppy as but pain/irritation free.

These are all technically equal pause PRs but compared to a few months ago when I hit that they moved worse. Best looking set I think was also the worst lighting because they didn’t turn on the lights yet.

To be fair I’m 4-5kg lighter so come the test next week I’ll be happy with 120kg with a solid pause. Maybe 125 touch and go lol.

Not much progress it seems so a bit disappointing.

Pause Squat

7 Sets @ 140kg way too hard like RPE 9 so hit 2 sets of that then dropped the weight to 130kg.


Not as fast as the old one, and a bit more slowdown at the sticking point.


Yeah that’s about right. Not hoping for too much next week but I’ll take maintaining gains at a lower bodyweight