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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis


Actually 1 so far but I get what you mean. I think the lay out of the workouts during the week was what got me.

See I was on a trip with the girlfriend the past week and a bit. I still got the workouts in but I took too many days off so 4 days a week pushed a bit into next week so at the end of things had 4 consecutive workouts to catch up.

The program doesn’t actually give you which days to lift on but I’m pretty sure it’s not meant to be 4 on 3 off. I’ll be trying to stick with Mon, Tue, Thu, Fri to avoid this in future


Excuses, excuses.

No, that’s understandable, you aren’t doing this for a living and you aren’t close to the meet either. That’s one good thing about how Mike Tuchscherer writes programs these days, things are organized in terms of priority so if you have to cut a workout short or skip one all together you can still get the most important stuff done. Maybe I’m OCD when it comes to lifting weights but it would take an actual emergency for me to skip a workout.


Squats moving hella slow today but can’t bitch out cos of the hot weather again. Rest of the work was pretty easy though.

Did the low end amount of work to finish up this week’s workout catching up with all the things. Hopefully will receive new block within the next few days and continue to make AI gains. Curious how it’s going to look though because I put the test date as the first week or jan so should be a peak.

Squat 4x3 @ 145kg
Pause Squat 3x3 @ 120kg
Comp Bench 4x4 @ 90kg
TnG Bench 3x7 @ 80kg

Pause Deadlift 4x4 @ 150kg
Conventional Deadlift 3x7 @ 8 ~130

Not a deadlift bar but smooth in the middle so tried hook gripping the smooth for kicks ala sumo sensei @Vincepac1500 . It’s interesting. Less shredding thumbs more squeezing and sliding on thumbs and more tolerable for reps. Wonder if anything changes at heavier weights

Had some back accessory work left over might pop into the gym tomoz for that


New training block is in.

Quote: “This coming block you should have a meet or test as you are running through your 4 week cycle.

For squat SkyNet has determined your are using the correct amount of volume. You should be in the sweet spot for maximal gains.

For bench SkyNet has decided to increase your volume for this next block. This should allow you to progress at a faster rate while maintianing your current fitness level.

For deadlift SkyNet has decided to increase your volume for this next block. This should allow you to progress at a faster rate while maintianing your current fitness level.”

Tbh I think I underreported fatigue at times but we’ll see how this new block goes. Pretty similar except for the above changes, peaking in week 3 and 4 and test end of week 4.

Not too confident about hitting big PRs having only run this for two blocks but I think over time the program AI will zero in and become more effective for me. After this test though me and the program will have a nice long prep so it can do it’s thing



A deadlift bar should be a bit thinner for ya just make sure to chalk the whole thumb. Front, back and sides. Let me know how it works out.


Didn’t think about it at the time of the workout but now I think about it hooking the smooth would speed up my set up and I’d spend less time in the bottom. Because like I would worry less about getting the “just right” hook grip that gets zero thumb skin shreddage.


Yea that’s the biggest thing. I pulled hook grip conventional on the knurling up to like 405 and my thumbs started getting beat up. Never had that problem with smooth and I’ve only dropped one pull ever (785 block pull over a year ago) but put that behind me cause it never happened again.


I have a Rogue deadlift bar and they used the same bar at the last meet I did, if you hook grip on the knurling it would probably tear your thumb open. I have my thumb and index finger on the smooth, the rest on the knurling.


Nice work. Its super boring, but the attention to detail shows. Look how vertical those shins are!
Your calves are also looking Fantastic.


Is that the rogue Ohio DL bar? I’ve pulled on one of those a few times but I put down the feel of the knurling to it being relatively new


20x20 calf raises RPE 11 before and after every workout


Dunno why exactly but feeling pretty keen for coming training. Must be the weather cooling down.

Tomorrow afternoon Squat, Bench and Deadlift.


Diet might be another story though. Haven’t weighed myself for a few days so we’ll see where that’s at. No rush and won’t push too hard on the weight loss over the next few weeks. Start of next year will hit the diet hard to coincide with the volume block (I think that’s what the AI will give me?)


That’s the one.



New block new workout post format. Much easier to take a pic this way instead of writing it out. Dunno why I wasn’t before

Deadlifts moving well today. Not satisfied with how flat my back is especially on the belted sets but I kinda figured that out by the end but didn’t film any. I made sure to “neutral” my back position while doing the “long arms” cue before lowering my hips and that did the trick.

@Vincepac1500 ’s hook gripping the smooth going well. Let’s me set up faster overall and feeling pretty secure. Thumbs last about the same number of total reps vs hooking the knurling. Different kind of discomfort. More crush then shred but more effective hook overall I think. Thnx sumo sensei.

@FlatsFarmer said something before about technique work and such being boring but honestly I enjoy it. One of the few things I actually show attention to detail towards. Actually maybe I think about it too much at times and should put more into doing the work and getting stronger

More vids/views to follow

For benchy bench im trying to pay attention to keep my wrist stacked over my elbow at the chest. Been a massive problem forever being inconsistent in this way but it’s only occurred to me recently. It’s pretty much 100% of how I miss benches right off the chest either that or it is inefficient enough to sap all my energy and I can’t finish the lift so fixing it will net me all kinds of gains.

Back didn’t really feel tight today on bench. Maybe the new cues need time to gel with the old. On the right track though.

Lol Some dumb cunt 1/8 pressing three plates on incline. Am I a bad person for glancing over often to see if he fucks his shit up?

Squat reps shitty as usual but put in the work regardless lol. Technique not quite on point/inconsistent.

Good relatively quick sesh good work good technique gains. Home to some reverse sear bone in rib eye. Nice



Knew this was gonna sting when I hopped in the shower. Worth it for the power of hook grip


$5 steak. 2/3 Macros for the day. 10/10 meal. Nice


How can u eat rice plain?


You get used to it if you eat it enough


It goes with other stuff. Slice of steak and spoonful of rice. Alone it’d be pretty boring but I never eat it alone