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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis



Played with knee wraps today with three singles @ 160kg. Uncomfortable on the knees but helped moved the weight a bit better than bare knees. Was expecting more from the wraps but maybe just need to learn how to use them.

Squat Up to 3x1 @ 160kg
Leg Press 5 Sets
Leg Extension 3 Sets

TnG Bench 39 Total Reps @ 100kg

Touch and go benching for fun. Reps are pretty inconsistent touch and go often misgrooving and not as explosive off the chest. Guess that’s what happens when you spend most of the time pause benching.


Wrapped squats at 160kg. Tbh was expecting more out of the wraps. I feel like I could throw on the pair of SBD sleeves and get the same effect. Maybe in time with getting gud at using the wraps.


What mort said lol


In Melbourne today. A day early for Remembrance day but visited the Shrine of Remembrance.


Sunday afternoon BBQ


Garrett Blevins Skynet AI Powerlifting Coaching is in.

Took an initial questionnaire to end up with this:

4 days a week training with high frequency for all three power lifts. Assistance lifts too depending on your weakness but not much in the way of accessory work.

Before every training day you rate you fatigued you are on each lift and the day’s training is changed like more or less depending on how you feel.

Every 4 weeks you submit your training block info and the AI changes the next block of training depending on how this block went. Also you do another questionnaire to give the system more info like if your meet date changes or you want to change focus to powerbuilding or something

Looking forward to seeing how this goes but may be a while until we reap the benefits.



At a glance the program looks pretty easy this week. Too easy overall maybe?

Have been handling more in the past / recently so should be throwing in lots of 1s to 3s like low fatigue numbers into the system.

Probably gonna blow through this time wise also


Yo long time bud! Your bench has gotten wayyyy stronger since I last checked. Deadlifts look 0 rpe as usual.


You could try and do the program as written, for the first run.
I have a hard time doing it myself, so I can understand you.


It’s all the steroids brah


I’m gonna do just that. If there’s a lot of low fatigue ratings the program will adjust to give more work anyways next cycle


What kind of program were you running previously?


After Sheiko a while ago I was winging it mostly. More recently still playing it by ear did a long high volume hypertrophy block probably overtrained lol at times.

Bench bumped a bit with higher frequency and more work with two plates

Now I’m trying out some AI Coaching. Hopefully recover better than before because better to do work and recover than do more and not go anywhere. The high volume background will probably do me good anyways.


I’m excited to see how this AI programming goes



First day of Garrett Blevins Skynet AI Coaching Program.

Fatigue levels set at SQ:6, BN:1 and DL:3 out of 10. Lower back is a bit sore and rep squats are always shite hence the ratings.

Pretty cruisy at first glance aside from rep squats lol. Might post on the Facebook page if I can split the squats into more sets of less reps but total moved is the same.

Sumo Deadlift 9x2 @ 72.5% (167.5kg)
Comp Bench 6x5 @ 65% (82.5kg)
Comp Squat 2x8 @ RPE 7 (120kg)


Moving back to Melbourne soon so gonna say goodbye to McQuinns Gym in Bendigo. Their motto is “Where we care” and everyone at the gym really does from the owner Danny who knows every member by name to the members themselves who support each other.

Sad to leave but looking to sign up at Doherty’s Brunswick in Melbourne where there is comp equipment including a monolift, calibrated plates and all the bars you could want. Comp specific equipment for another small advantage vs my gym nemesis

Dis gym:



How the heck have I missed this lot all this time?
Solid lifting mate.


I thought it was hormones in KFC!


Tomato potato


Thnx man and welcome. I’ve seen you around but aside being a fellow Aussie I don’t know much about you