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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Road to 3 Plate Bench + 600kg Total to Defeat Gym Nemesis


@BEAst_in_I @mortdk Thnx guys. It’s coming back quick


Hope the lurgy passes quickly mate.
What’s the blue protein drink taste like? How much did they rob you for it?

@simo74 you mentioned camping? Where you heading big fella?


Heading up to Khancoban in NSW. Drove up to Albury and turn right. Just on the edge of Mount Kosciuszko National Park


40 protein 6 bucks tastes like sour berry like watered down blue gatorade


Sounds awesome mate, have been thinking about heading off down to Beachport and the Coorong for some sand driving and camping


Day 2 of Flu

Feeling good. Still “off” but last meal is gonna be solid foods. Might make Sunday at this rate but likely will play it safe for Monday or Tuesdi

Testing Maxes Post Flu

Nothing worse than man flu. Speedy recovery bud. Get the food down you


Yes sir

*slurpy guinea pig noises



I’m no doctor, but it sounds to me like you probably don’t have the flu. If you are puking then it’s likely something else. I live in Canada, so I’m well experienced with the flu. Normally you get sick for close to a week, you get a fever and your whole body is sore like you did some crazy full-body workout, plus there is usually some respiratory problems, lots of coughing and stuff. Maybe you just ate some bad food (too many donuts?) or something like that, just eat if you can without puking and stay hydrated. Gatorade is good, there is other stuff like Pedialyte but that’s basically the same thing for several times the price. Eating a bit more salt than usual might help too.


Stomach flu then? The names are a bit confusing


There actually is no such thing as stomach flu, when people say they have that it’s usually gastroenteritis or some kind of food poisoning. I got gastroenteritis a little over 2 years ago, it was terrible. I just finished a hypertrophy phase and all my gains went right down the toilet. It took about a week to get over it, at my kids’ daycare all the kids and parents got it except for one of my kids, he has some next level immune system or something. Once I was rehydrated and well fed I weighed myself and I had lost something like 6 or 8 pounds, it took me a while to get back to normal.

The funny thing is that I trained through the whole thing, only because I lift at home I was able to do that. I had to run to the bathroom between sets quite a few times and each workout was worse than the last, but I figured it was better than not lifting at all. Just be glad you didn’t catch anything like that.


Dude how often were you changing out your pants lol


Nothing like that happened but a few times I had to rack the bar and run to the bathroom. Good times.


Animals. God I wish Australia was still just a giant prison.


Feeling pretty good today.

Nausea nil
Headache minimal
TMI but Pooping Solid lol



Smashed a pizza tonight. On track for testing Monday. Maybe tomorrow if I feel real good



Max out day on Sunday as originally scheduled before getting sick. Was planning Monday but couldn’t wait lol. May not have been the smartest decision though.

Calm sesh not much hype or energy for that matter. Coming back from sickness may have timed it all wrong and even on the day didn’t do a lot right I think

Squat 195kg / 430 lb 5 kg PR

Didn’t feel as tight as usual today and 180 moved worse than last max out sesh a while ago so jumped to 195kg instead of 200kg (which is the number I really wanted at the end of this cycle) but still a 5kg PR if we count the last 190kg attempt a while ago where the spotter touched it a smidge.

Like last time loss of tightness happening. Weight felt heavy on the back. Something to work on in future. Maybe as I go into wrapped squatting focus I’ll be able to load up the bar more and get used to heavier weights

Bench 120kg / 264 lb 5kg PR

115kg moved slow so jumped up a bit to 120kg looking to get a decent pause on it for a 5kg pause PR. Barely got it after the hit of ammonia nearly melted my face off and I managed one of the better unracks of the whole cycle.

Then went for a touch and go PR cos I had no more pause power left lol went shite died on the chest lol and had the safeties a smidge too low to escape. Embarrassing lol

Bench hasn’t gone well this cycle. Feels heavy in the hands because I can’t sort out the bull dog grip and slow and inefficient off the chest various reasons. Feels like a step backwards honestly.

Deadlift 225kg / 495 lb

Bit beat from the day going into deadlifts but that’s always how it’s gonna be I guess. Using vince’s extra cheaty gripping the smooth and no issues holding onto the bar for now.

Technically all PRs because I pulled with straps and bumpers before but I won’t rest on those laurels. Worse case PR total lol let’s get it.

Didn’t end up going as well as I’d hoped. 225kg felt heavy should gone 230 but jumped to 235kg because I wanted that number and didn’t break the floor (maybe a mm). Don’t think I did anything particularly wrong just wasn’t strong enough.

Bit of form break down but that was probably just trying to compensate and get the bar off the ground. Wasnt gonna make the lift if I rounded like crazy and finished it anyways.

Can’t call 225kg / 500lb a PR because I have 240kg in my head but goes to show bumpers + straps isn’t comparable to calibrated plates. Who would’ve thought lol. At least I have a number to work with now.

Total 540kg

Improved from 515kg via 190/110/215kg (if I count the 190kg squat that the spotter touched a bit) which was under slightly different conditions but I’ll take this as progress at least.

Kinda disappoint in today overall but will move forward with purpose. Now that this test is done I will talk about what’s coming in the new year and what I’m looking to improve on.

One positive is that it gave me an opportunity to better gauge how much I have left in the tank on near max lifts and thus make better attempt selections in future. For me squat and deadlift seem to get dicey real quick and bench is all dice because 90% already awkward and slow.

So stay tuned more to come: New Years Goals and Lift by Lift analysis also some thoughts of Garrett Blevins AI Coaching Service


A PR is a pr Hamster.
Very good indeed, and as you said coming right of some sickness.
I think if you nail that peak you’ve got something special in there, maybe even something to beat the Nemesis :slight_smile: