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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Rebuild

Thanks brother. It’s been a good year

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Now that’s my kinda birthday cake! Happy cake day.

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Where’s the picture of it cooked? Or was it too delicious you forgot to take pics? Lol

Yes lol

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A very happy birthday to you. I can’t believe our birthdays are only 1 day apart. Then again I should have known, cause all the best blokes are Leo’s.

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Happy birthday guinea! On a side note I need to learn to cook like you

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Not super fresh because I’ve been on placement all day but pretty keen to lift.

All benches taken because peak time so jumped in the squat rack so some lifting.

Wide ish Grip wasn’t feeling sexy so been gravitating towards a closer grip around abouts where I Overhead Press with. Feels more powerful at all points if a bit inconsistent at times but wider grip is inconsistent also.

Only problem is that after the program called for close grip bench and Im already close! Just went hand on where knurling starts

Weights moved good today probably undershot how hard I was meant to go a bit. Looks like I might be able to handle this program

Comp Binch Up to 100kg
Close Grip Up to 95kg
SkullCrushers Bar+25kg
JM Press Bar+10kg

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Hey Hamster happy belated birthday

Hope your back will be good within a short period of time.

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Long day today between placement, tutoring and the gym out at 7 and in at 9:30. Wouldn’t have gone to the gym if it was one of the big benching days but a bit of maintenance work isn’t too bad even when tired.

Was curious about how much calories are burned thinking because placement wasn’t really physical but my brain was working the whole time.

Chest Supported Row 3 Sets @ 3 plates
Shrugs 3 Sets @ 37.5kg
Pull Ups 3 Sets @ BW

Thats a hella lotta chest volume there piggy. damn.

Seeing good growth / strength gains now you are an alway skips legs day chest brah?

It looked kinda scary on paper but my performance hasn’t tanked yet so will keep on. Little bit thiccer coming off last training block and will get bigger this one too probs even if main goal is bench more

Was being vigilant on pressing performance this week coming off the first big week of volume of the program. No performance drop suggesting too much training to recover from but no big jump either. Work capacity is definitely up from last week though took much less rest this time around. Will give it another week and see how I respond and my recovery/performance goes.

Bench @ up to 90kg
Overhead Press @ up to 60kg
Flat DB @ 27.5kg
Incline DB @ 25-27.5kg
Weighted Dips BW+15kg
Skull Crushers +20kg


That’s a crazy amount of volume there, 23 sets of pressing plus 10 sets for triceps. That’s more than double what I do in a week.

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Pig’s turned into a gym bro now. Bench is life…still no update on the back


Hey mate what does up to mean, is that just you top set or are you saying that this week you increased the weight. ??

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I know lol. What other indicators of too much work is there to look out for? I feel pretty good, performance hasn’t tanked etc.

Top set. Since the program allows for auto regulating I might bump the weight on the last set or two

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Surgical removal

Lol. Seriously though, any luck yet?

Not really. TBH not really applying myself to the cause. Am happy enough to just cruise along right now because I’m busy IRL and other excuses etc.