GuineaPig’s Training Log - Hunt 300 Deadlift

A fellow powerlifter, hey dude

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I’m getting there. I don’t think it counts until I done the first meet but I’m having good fun training

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Gimme more…. MORE

GP keep killing it, an can not wait to see your meet results

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Thanks big dog! I’m excited too for this one and the next and the next.

How have you been in life and lifting?

Was rewatching PR vid for the 100th as I do lol and noticed dis:


:hushed: :open_mouth: :hushed: :open_mouth:

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This was brilliant :smiley: :smiley:

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@heretolog @Koestrizer we got eeeeeeeem.

Well technically the camerawoman got him but still lol

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Thought I’d share a funny tale from the gym today (I wasn’t there but saw it on Insta stories).

So the boiz were giving some moral support to a guy, shouting at and spotting, when he was doing Tricep extensions. When he racked his DBs they picked em up and gave it back to him to do more reps because it was meant to be an RPE 10 / failure.

Would be funny to do the same with other lifts. Like handing bench back out. “Your done when I say ur done”


Didn’t have an amazing Christmas Day sesh. Bummed not to PR. Hopefully can spread some Christmas lols tho:

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays guys.


Saw the squat video then was gonna say something about having girls spot you instead, maybe you could lift more weights…

Then I see the rowing video…

I don’t know what to say anymore.

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Brutha picking up chicks was easy all along


My shoulder and low back ended up flaring up the week of Christmas/New Years. Haven’t been able to bench at all and squat/deads are affected. Both should clear tho (eventually lol) because they are more niggles and not actual injuries where something is fooked. Ended the block kinda prematurely when there was decent momentum unfortunately.

Next block will be the lead in to the actual comp. Excited to put it together. I’m pretty much capable of the numbers I want right now so just a bit more push and we’ll be there.


Wow, Piggy really is picking up women.

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You doubted me 🥲

Signed up for the meet Feb 19/20th.

My back is still a lil fucky so dunno how much I’ll be able to progress into the meet but should be a good time.

Still shooting for 700kg total but with the niggles I’m less confident. At the very least I’ll take a bench PR because it’s been too long


That’s awesome! Good luck dude

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What are you shooting for in each lift?

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Hard to say at this point. We’ll have a better gauge as we peak into it but probs in the range of:

Squat: 240-260kg
Bench: 140-150kg
Deadlift: 275-300kg

I’ll just take what’s there on the day and have a good time no worries