GuineaPig’s Training Log - Hunt 300 Deadlift

Here’s most of today’s stuff. Will start recording landscape from now on

4x4 130kg

Quads were really sore almost like an injury so squats were very awkward. On the video it wasn’t looking too bad but felt like a couldn’t control the descent speed or positioning. hopefully I’m fresh for my next workout.

4x4-5 90kg

Was no fun as usual. I never feel tight enough and am inconsistent with my form e.g. some days tighter than others. Put in the work nevertheless.

Sumo 1x5 170kg Rep PR, 180kg single for formcheck
Conventional 3x5 150kg

Only lift that went well for the day. 170kg felt light so went for a new rep PR. Usually I prefer cheating to conventional but they build each other so put in the work.

Tried a pause deadlift during warm up and it felt good. May start incoporate them.

While I’m here may as well get a form check and or ideas on strengths or weakpoints

Pizza for for post workout meal

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