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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy

Just need stay to sane in the mean time and make sure I focus on the process of recovery and doing that right. I’m hoping to find some ways to work around things but until the injury settles a bit more can’t really test the waters

Rest up

Yes boss

That’s Sir not boss, young man.

Yes sir boss man

Back problems suck. Hopefully its just a short term one off strain, give it a couple days to assess.

Back strains are the one time I’ll use anti inflammatories and recommend them highly. Back inflammation can easily be a downward spiral where inflammation causes pain, which causes abnormal movement patterns and / or excessive tightness which causes more inflammation. Getting the area relaxed is the best thing in my long experience of back pain.

Also do not stretch it. Stretching your back for bad back is the worst thing to do, no matter how temporarily good it feels. Seriously.

If your back allows it, stretching your abs and doing some trigger point work on your hamstrings and, in particular, glutes can go a long way to helping your back recover. A lot of passive work goes in your abs, lower back and hamstrings as they all fight over control of your pelvis and maintaining your posture through your hips, so relaxing all of the antagonists is a big help.


Thanks Pinky. Will add the things to the plan. It’ll be the time and waiting that’s the toughest thing for me.

The disrespect… You’re fired! :joy:

Nah I already quit. Cunt

As a wise boy once said

Ain’t gonna kill you. You’ve put in months of work and most of the way there. Bit of time off ain’t gonna change a thing. Still on track if a bit of a detour.

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Sorry to hear about the back piggy.
Hopefully it gets better soon.

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Arnold voice “I’ll be back”

Damn sorry to hear about the back bro. You mentioned you didn’t think it was your erector, is it your si joint? That seems to be a trouble spot for me as of late

Probably not the usual strain but beyond that I’m not sure brother. Could be a number of structures but I’ve not really looked into it at this point




In the gym again. Usually a lower body day scheduled today but obviously not going to go insane.

Started with some core stability rehab stuff while getting some advice from this big islander looking powerlifter. Getting gradually better day to day so that’s a good sign. Gonna start some rehab.

Diaphragmatic Breathing 5x
Breathing Into Belt 5x
Planks + Side Planks x3
Bird Dogs x3
McGill Curl Ups x3
BW Squat

Pull Ups 2x12 @ BW
Rows 2 Sets


Sleep still a bitch. I can go to sleep early or not but still end up waking up at least once at 5-6ish. At least got a decent amount of sleep even with the waking last night.

Injury or nah I still wanna eat properly so basa fillets today. Cheap and low fat so will be getting them again. Pairs well with a steak methinks making plenty of room in the fat macros for the rich sexy cuts of beef. Will eat to maintain for a while

Ice Coffee 9P 8F 25C
Up and Go 32P 6F 48C
Basa 80P 4F
Spaghetti 15P 3F 75C
Meat Sauce 10P 5F 5C
Lasagne 15P 25F 50C
Milk 7P 6F 8C
Total 2030cal 168P 57F 211C

Meh ~ 7hrs + 1hr


Took a lot of willpower, because the big islander looking bloke was encouraging me, not to put at least a plate on and move it today. Tbh I think it wouldn’t be that bad but I want the best outcomes so I’m gonna resist for now. Gotta be disciplined

Gonna need to still train lower body somehow and stimulate some gains when I’m ready and while I’m easing back into squats and deads. Will do a little research.


Goblet squats would be the next progressive movement from bodyweight stuff then maybe split squats. I tested my back tweak with squats just moving by feel. I ended up doing my top set work without issue or retweak. Just bring it back slow. If it is a muscle belly thing then the bloodflow through the muscle will aid and speed up the recovery. If it is structural then it will only aggravate the issue

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Add hip flexors (psoas in particular) and quadratus lumborum to this list. Whenever I had some back issues those were the two main culprits.

Listen to this.

As far as training right now, I see you doing some of McGill’s exercises, he says to do whatever you can do without pain and keep volume low. If you can squat light weights without pain then do it, if you have to reduce ROM then do that. If it hurts then don’t do it. The one time I really fucked up my back I bought on of McGills book (Ultimate Back Fitness & Performance) and started off squatting and deadlifting about 55-60%x5x5, gradually adding weight and eventually doing an AMRAP set for the last set. The main thing is to not aggravate the injury, which means bracing hard and minimizing spinal flexion - outside the gym as well. If you can’t bend over to tie you shoes without rounding your back then lift your foot up onto something, stuff like that.


I’m pretty confident about getting back to squats. Maybe some movements with a more vertical torso to start off with like you said but my regular squat isn’t too bent over so that should be an alright transition.

I’m more thinking about deadlifts. Heavy hip hinges would be the last thing to come back in. Maybe some light hip hinges or something. One thing that caught my eye is wide/sumo stance box squats, keeping an upright torso but training the lower body up close to sumo