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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy

Dozen Donuts for 12 bucks was a success and didn’t blow up my calories too much.

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Rice 14P 140C
Chicken 44P 24F
Tuna 50P 12F
Up and Go 32P 6F 48C
Coca Cola 20C
Krispy Kreme x4 12P 44F 88C
Total 2566 cal 152P 86F 296C


Meh ~ 7hrs

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I’ve had sessions like that. Don’t sweat it man. Your rest a bit, have some donuts and be back at it in no time!

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Wait… did you give up after 4 donuts? A shitty lifting session followed by a donut fail is unacceptable.

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Definitely lying about number of donuts he ate

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yeah we all get this once in a while

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Maybe. This sesh was real bad. Make have tweaked my back too. Was painful this morning on certain movements. It ain’t a spinal erector because I know what they be like

I guess the deload is coming early then. Maybe one or two more heavy bench sessions

Might’ve been two dozen can’t remember exactly

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Back is still pretty messed up. It’s not spinal erector soreness because I know what that’s like. Pumped a few ibuprofen it’s helping a bit so there’s some inflammatory component to what’s up. Staying sane by distracting myself with other shit and focusing on the bench press workout coming up. Other than that I’m just gonna have to wait it out a bit, evaluate where I’m at then go from there.

Edit: It’s improving day to day not sure if it’s more time or the NSAIDs but it’s something


Sorry man… back trouble is the worst. Take your time healing up. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been “good enough to lift” and then been set back for another couple of weeks because I aggravated the original problem

That’s the hard bit lol. Good news is it’s getting better day to day not sure if it’s more the time or the drugs but I’ll be patient. If it takes a while I’ll just focus on upper body more

Do you have a history of back issues? A few visits to a good chiro could be beneficial as well. Sometimes your muscles are seized up trying to improve an out of alignment issue.

Couple of erector strains/bad soreness here and there but not really any back issues. My posture is probably fucked though but I’ve haven’t really been proactive in addressing it. I’ll have to double check my private health insurance policy see if I can get some physio or something if needed

I forget that your in Australia… is physio/chiro not typically covered by insurance. Here in the states some insurance plans do, and some don’t. Chiros are now finding a work around by contracting with an MD which allows them to bill chiro sessions as medical PT basically.

Depends on the policy. In Oz it’s a long story but pretty much a lot of people “have” private health insurance but only because there’s increasing financial penalties for not having it past a certain income or age. So people by the cheapest policy according to premium so coverage is often lacking

Hope it’s nothing serious. Go easy on the NSAIDS

For future reference… but hopefully you won’t need it

…BrokebackPig :laughing:

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BulkNutrients stuff on way. I don’t realise how convenient protein powder is until I run out. Bought a bit for the gf too and a sleep formula see if that helps any.

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Good to be in the gym again. Last overloading upper body sesh with a sloppy top triple at 105kg and then deload. Neither fresh nor tired today.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 6,5,6

Back isn’t bothered by benching which is nice. A little bit better today then the day before so going in the right direction. I’ve chilled on the NSAIDs for now. Been looking at doing core stabilisation stuff like McGills big three etc. daily. Just gotta give it time I guess. As soon as I can move pain free I’ll be going through the motions too.

Comp Bench 7x3 @ 100kg
Close Grip Bench 4x6 @ 90kg
Facepull 3 Sets
Biceps 4 Sets


Take care of that back buddy

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