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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy

More thoughts. Been a good cycle dis one. Squats was set up to really push it and seems like it’s worked out well enough with some PRs. Might try for one more increase of 5kg next week.

Deadlift started a bit too light and doing triples so no PRs yet but definitely feeling strong. Bench similar.

Woah didn’t realize it would be that elevated. Definitely see the quads work there. How’d it feel for your knees though? Nice session dude!

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That’s a question I had too. Time will tell I guess

I’ve never had any knee issues from lifting ever in the past (had some knee pain running once but I’m never doing that again). It’s also only a little bit extra forward knee travel compared to my regular squats

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Bonus footage. The sloppier wrapped set and more pause deadlifting. I really wanna be efficient as possible so sloppiness is something I dislike. Gotta keep focused and working



Made the decision to push a bit yesterday on squat+deads because performance was still up there and the day afterwards (today) I’m still gonna be conservative and play it safe on ma pec even though the previous bench sesh went well.

Big systemic fatigue on today, weight felt heavy, but still got in work.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 7,6,7

Comp Bench Press 4x3 @ 105kg
Close Grip Bench 4 Sets @ 95kg
Light Bench 1 Set @ 80kg


You still lifting with such an ease Hamster, looking good.

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There’s a bit of slowing towards the end of some lifts but I’m always trying to hit clean efficient reps. Maybe not this block because we are near to the end of it now but in future I’ll push into higher percentages and hit more set/reps where things slow down to get a better feel and comfy with it.

I think one disadvantage of sub max training is it’s lacking that high RPE stuff where you need to strain a bit so that come max out day those lifts aren’t gonna catch me out

Tell me about it, I just failed miserably on squats yesterday. I still really can’t figure out what happend.

Is there vids?

Yes in a minute or 5

kk. I eagerly await

In my log now

If you’re trying to minimize strain on your pecs and still get some work in then Slingshot, board presses, and presses off pins well above the chest are a good idea. You can do any of those with a close grip too. You could also add a whole bunch of tricep work since you aren’t doing a ton of benching. Getting your triceps bigger and stronger is never a bad thing. Also overhead pressing shouldn’t bother your pecs.

Comp Grip is alright. Just wide Grip that caused issues.

I’ll finish off the block with comp and close grip then add some stuff in the volume block next. Looking back I’ve spent a block or two more in the pecs and less in the tricep and front delt heavy movements so it’ll be nice to have some old favourites back in: weighted dips, Incline DB and OHP

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Need DIY myself up a hip circle for warm ups. I’ll look around the house see if I can get something to work out

Nvm found some things


Haven’t eaten nearly enough today but will make it up with donuts tomorrow yay


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Meant to be deadlifts today but did not go to plan.

Wasn’t feeling particularly off at all going in but Deadlifts was a 10 on the fatigue ratings. Hit a rep at the working weight for the day and left. Absolute dogshit. Probably the worst session I’ve ever had (not completed lol). If I kept going my back would’ve been sore as and probably would’ve missed reps.

I can probably hazard a guess at why this session was so bad. While there’s plenty of little things that could’ve knocked my performance down a bit I think the likeliest scenario was training related: so training beyond what I could recover from over the past week or pushing it for too long without a deload.

I’m mostly just looking forward to splurging on donuts today lol. 12 for $12 sounds good to me.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 8,5,10

Sumo Deadlift 1x1 @ 195kg


Been looking at some sleep supps and realised melatonin is prescription only in Oz (Schedule 4). I guess most of it is coming for international retailers then.