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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy

Please tell me more GIF also donuts. Looks like it’s time to make up for the last few donutless weeks

Congratulations, you win a prize.

Which of those exercises do you prefer?

Try doing it for 3 months. FAARK !!

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But why would one do that to themselves?

Because one is either stupid or one only has an on/off switch and no volume control !!

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Pec still a bit funky. So didn’t push weight or volume today. Got better as I went through the lifting but already decided on backing off so meh. Still hit quality reps and quality work though. Cleaner pausing and pressing off the chest than last few weeks so I’ll take it.

I was bitching not too long ago about not being able to get all three lifts going well at the same time but if tomorrow’s squats move clean then might be just that.

Comp Bench 7x3 @ 100kg
Close Grip Bench 3 Sets @ 95kg
Light Bench 1 Set @ 80kg
Pull Ups 3 Sets @ BW+10kg
Side Delts 3 Sets
Facepull 3 Sets
Biceps 4 Sets

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I tick all the boxes lol

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Sandbag carries/loads and them farmers would be next.

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What is this, are Australians all crazy for donuts or something?

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This isn’t the first time you had some pec issues, is it?

Maybe try moving your grip in. If you are having pec issues now then you will probably have much worse problems once you start lifting heavier. Better to bench a bit less but still bench.

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I have. Comp grip in by a finger and gonna avoid wide Grip binch. Seems to just been like something minor. Like the times you stretch a muscle wrong and ur like oh that’s a bit off feeling now

I know long term though that I’ll need to level up my pecs to level up my bench. Looks like it’ll have to be without heavy grip at least

The quick answer is yes!
However in my case it has nothing to do with being an Aussie, I’m from the UK and have always had a thing for doughnuts!

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It might be better to focus more on your triceps than anything, if your pecs are prone to injury you don’t want them doing more of the work than they can handle when you are benching. Obviously you need strong pecs, but a pec-dominant bench does not sound like a good plan for you.

To be fair, most Aussies started in the UK

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Hmm. I can see where ur coming from. I thought the pecs was the most important muscle for moving big weight in the bench with the triceps in a supporting role? To be fair I’ve always had relatively big triceps and bench most in the moderate grip

Theoretically could a guy make his triceps super big and strong and bench in a tricep dominant fashion and not really be limited by his pecs. Is it more efficient to focus on pecs or triceps to build a bigger bench safety aside?


If your strong as hell in your triceps and front delts you can definitely overcome a weak chest. You should obviously still focus on building strength there as well. I feel like delts and lats which are for sure supporting muscles for bench are overlooked a lot.

… coming from the guy who rarely does anything under 10 reps.

Now I’m gonna have to give the max bench a shot on Friday!

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Dont hurt yourself old timer


If I can get a double at 3 plates I’ll be happy

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Normally you would want both, plus shoulders.

I don’t really follow Matt Wenning but I have heard him say several times that (according to him) your bench should be tricep-dominant. He has benched 600+ several times with a fairly close grip. Maybe he would have some useful advice for you. There are other guys like James Strickland and Jeremy Hoornstra (who has multiple all time records) that bench big weights with a close grip, it can be done. It’s certainly better than fucked up pecs.

It depends on technique partially, also there was some recent research (Nuckols was going on about this a while back) that found that triceps EMG increases substantially as the %1rm increases while pec EMG remains fairly constant. Basically triceps are more important the heavier you go and don’t get as much work as the pecs with lighter loads.



Definitely not my best/hottest performance on a squat day.

Been a busy day preceding the session, driving all over Melbourne but as it’s nearing the end of the block I’m not too concerned with fatigue building up. Might be due to not being used to using the monolift either (I’m unracking a bit narrow stance).

Wasn’t looking like a good workout but with the gf there I had to try and look cool.

SBD Fatigue Levels 7,6,7

One positive coming out of the higher RPE achieved was a better idea of how I’d fail a rep e.g. bar path deviations or just not strong enough at around mid way up.

And PR set of 5 @ 155kg in sleeves so that’s nice.

Deadlifts not feeling too hot but moved. getting near the heaviest pauses I’ve ever done with 165kg for a triple (I think a single @ 170kg was the heaviest). Really opened up the shins today and had to clean the bar of blood after.

Tried some heel elevated squats to feel them out @drwhang . Trying to stay upright and calves to hammies depth. Just the bar was the plan but not enough weight so bumped up to 50kg. Quad dominant movement for my volume block me thinks.

Not bad session. Hit my numbers and went better than fatigue Levels would’ve indicated


Wrapped Squat 2 Sets @ 165kg
Sleeve Squat 2 Sets @ 155kg
3ct Pause/Tempo Sumo Deadlift 4x3 @ 160kg
Barbell Row 3 Sets @ 60-70kg
Cable Pushdown 3 Sets
Close Stance Elevated Heel Squat 3 Sets