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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy

That’s low on the sleep side. If I go sub 7 I can manage mentally but physically feel like shit. 7 is my min required.

5-htp is a great supplement to naturally improve your sleep quality.

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I like deficit deadlifts (sumo), some people get a lot out of block pulls. Maybe just pick one and see how your DL progresses.

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@chris_ottawa @losthog

So me weakness is off the floor so like deficits and low pauses.

Tried some deficits last few blocks for my volume phase and maybe it accumulated volume and built a base well which is showing up as gains now.

The current comp + pause combo seems to be working well. I think between pauses and comp sumo technique is being developed nicely. Got a bit of barbell rowing in as well.

I feel like the wrapped squats are building up my deadlift too from the extra work the glutes are getting. So I think my muscles and strength are also being stimulated well.

For the conventional slot its only a couple of sets a week.

Swapping it out I might try something that loads up my upper back a bit more to get it used to higher work and heavier load maybe block pulls, tempo deadlifts or something less specific like conventional block pulls or even farmers walks or something. A strong as fuck back can’t hurt.

I’ll almost certainly bring back conventional variations for my volume block probably RDLs but for this current strength block :woman_shrugging:

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Standing close stance Goodmornings or seated Goodmornings would also be good in that conventional spot. Do heavy reps of 5-8.

Honestly heavy good mornings are scary to me. When I have done them they’ve been pretty light like 1 plate ish and it hit my hammies pre good.

Interesting what difference having the weight on your back or in your hands would make even if the movement is similar on the big prime movers.

Might save that one for the volume block.

Weight moved pretty well yesterday for heavy deads but feeling it today. Woke up all stiff especially through my back but luckily I have the weekend to visit my gf relax and eat tasty things and recover.


For sleep, a spoonful of glycine powder and gaba in a glass of milk about an hour before bed has done the trick for me over past 6 weeks or so. I’m now sleeping at least 6.5 hours, up to 8.5, whereas before I would be lucky to get 6, usually less, and broken up. I fairly sceptical of supplement claims etc, but this shit seems to work

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@Pinkylifting @I_Luc

I’m looking at Bulk Nutrients website and they seem to have all these things as well as a sleep formula blend. They also have individual ingredients in bulk too.

Any one ingredient or two the best or is throwing everything in one gonna be good/worth the monies?

So many brands/products/dosages hard to choose


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Doesn’t seem like much product, I got a kg of glycine on eBay for 25 bucks, same with gaba,
For me it seems to work wonders, I’ve had a hectic week with all sorts of shit going on at work and I’ve slept quite well all through it, I still woke up the other night with my head racing, but got back to sleep easily after about 25 mins. A while back, that would’ve been it, I’d be up from then, 2am or whatever.

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Yeh that’s a bit cheaper than bulk nutrients. Probably hell Of a lot cheaper than the sleep supps you see in store

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Hey Hamster

You are so much stronger than me, but as far as DL variation, for a weak start of the pull, deficit is the shit.
In an article here on TN somebody wrote about a PL who always did deficits in training, and only pulled from the floor on the platform.
The deficit should be very small only an inch, if it gets to big, then you’d changes the leverages and wont get the full advantage carryover.

I know you don’t like it, but I would do some sets do failure in the 5 - 8 rep range.

As far as for sleep, ZMA does the trick for me. And staying away from the phone, computer and television (unless it’s an old one or a plasma).


I guess I’m looking for a magic bullet even though there is probably not one.

I did deficits for my last two blocks. Can’t say it was amazing but it was good work. Technique wise it was bit different to my comp lift so the transition back was a bit shit and long. I fear running the two together might mess with technique.

Mostly I’m just looking for something new maybe save deficits for the volume phase

And I’ll add another substance to the list. Looks I’ll be formulating my own sleep formula

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I’m interested in this. We just need some hydroponics now right?

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One of the best things for sleep is to try to get on the exact same schedule each day. Go to bed at the same time and wake at the same time. Your body will slowly adjust and know that it’s tome to sleep. Doesn’t work with everyone’s schedules but if your able it works really well

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Stuff like farmer’s walks would be best to do far from a meet since it’s pretty much the lowest possible specificity to squat or deadlift, but some people claim that those and stuff like yoke walks, sandbag carries, etc. help their lifts. Do it sooner rather than later, or not at all.

Just pick something and do it, basically.

For sleep, try CBD oil. I took it for a while last year because I was having some elbow tendinitis, it helped a bit with that but the biggest thing was that I slept better than ever. Also you don’t wake up feeling tired or anything, you are totally refreshed. I never took sleeping pills or anything of that sort but I hear that you feel dead in the morning, this is the complete opposite. It’s not like you take it and it knocks you out, you just feel a bit drowsy after an hour or so and it’s much easier to fall asleep. Apparently 30mg is the minimum effective dose.


Dont know what your down under dollars.are worth, so hard to speak to value, but that’s a good ingredient list. I have better results at 100mg of 5-htp though and normally take it standalone. For me it really is the money ingredient in any formula



Been eating like shite the past two days but through a combination of whey protein, protein water, protein bars and starvation outside of that I think I’ve hit around about calories and protein.

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Saw an ad for A7 being stocked in Australia by LoadedLifting. Bought a shirt lol. AfterPay everything

Had one briefly in the past which was a L but have it to a mate for his b-day. It fit a little snug anyways so this time went XL.

I find as I got older from my teens and started lifting I’ve gravitated away from super tight fit shirts. Just seems like trying too hard when I got some muscle and those shirts.

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I’m one of those people.