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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy

If you’re prone to those sorts of issues then maybe wide grip bench isn’t such a great idea. There are lots of ways to build your pecs with less risk of tearing them.

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So wraps wise are we talking higher reps / volume or some low reps/volume to continue upskilling the wrapped squat?

So I’m thinking if next block we are talking about is 6-8s then the one after will be 4-6s/5s and I’ll aim to beat the current block I’m on depending on how well this one goes. Then a block of 3s. Then peak

Fishy diet for rest day. Macros for tilapia pretty good. Will try to have more of this in the diet. Sleep wise once again went to bed early but woke early again at 5:30.

Tuna 72P 21F
Rice 6P 60C
Up Go 16P 3F 24C
Fish + Rice 25P 5F 30C
Doritos 2P 7F 16C
Kit Kat 3P 12F 26C
Assorted Meat + Rice 15P 5F 25C
Shake 30P 1F 2C
Total: 1894cal 169P 54F 183C

Ok - 8hrs total (6hrs + 2hrs)


Have you tried trout sushi or sashimi. Salmon used to be my hands-down favorite until I had trout, but now they’re neck-and-neck tied.

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Seems like 5’s are pretty much as high as you see anyone going in wraps, under normal circumstances. You could do 2-3 sets of 5 and then the rest in sleeves, in the next block just increase the intensity a bit so it becomes a couple hard sets of 5 and so on.

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I’m already close to a hard set of 5 I think this strength block. Couple more weeks pushing the weight will see me doing harder 5s.

So if I’m in wraps for the upcoming volume block I’ll drop intensity down from the end of the current strength block to a intensity appropriate for a volume phase for accumulate some work

That would work.

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@OTHSteve I don’t think I have. Interesting. I’ll keep that in mind next time I go to a good japanese restaurant. My favorite sashimi are Salmon, Hamachi (Yellowtail), Uni (yes, bare and raw!), scallops, and some good quality tuna

Deadlift bar was taken today so did squats first then deadlifts. Had to wait a while afterwards so fucked with my momentum a bit.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 5,4,5

Deadlifts went alright today. I took the option of going a bit harder with 185kg being the planned weight. Moved well enough but technique wise I couldn’t quite focus on my cues (keep knees out mostly). My other cue is to pull the bar into me at the start I guess engaging the lats and shit.

Sumo deadlifts feeling pretty strong RPE pretty ez , probably as strong or near as strong as it’s ever felt. If I can execute my cues well I’m achieving better positioning than ever before. Beltless still feeling better like i can get in better positions. Getting more used to hook grip than ever before too. See below for sumo porn

Conventional not so much lol. Just feels heavy and hard. Probably gonna take out Conventional for the last few weeks of this strength block. Not sure what to swap it out with though.

Regardless. Good sumo things are coming. Stay tuned.


Sumo Deadlift 7x3 @ 185-190kg
Conventional Deadlift 2 Sets @ 170kg
Barbell Row 3 Sets @ 70kg
Tempo/Pause Squat 4x4 @ 115kg
Front Squat 2 Sets @ 95kg


Deadlifts looking real smooth there. Movement looks clean and super efficient. Nice progress and that will lay the foundation for a real big jump in weight in the near future.

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I’d like some of ur crazy strength to go with it lol. Where do I buy that?

You’re already making the downpayments, I’d expect delivery any time soon.

Seriously though, my deadlift gains have always come in jumps, flat for ages, then with volume and consistent and constant work on technique until things start looking like they do for you now, then boom, over a few weeks of pushing it and testing you’ll see PB’s week after week. You’re sticking with and trusting the process, its inevitable.

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But what supplements do I take?

If srs, then vit d, ZMA, iodone, creatine, selenium ace and lots and lots of omega 3.

If sly juice quip then lel thanks.

I’m not sure if I’m serious or not lol.

I would love to get some more sleep gains. I’ve bumped at sleep at least an hour-1.5 hrs a night the past month and a bit so that’s good but I want more and probably better quality. I’ve been waking up at 5am randomly so it kinda defeats the purpose of going to bed early.

Fuck me woke up at 5am again so ended up getting about two chunks of sleep (4.5hrs + 2hrs). I dunno why and it’s pretty annoying. At least I feel pretty fresh this morning anyways. Diet was bang on today which is good

330 Tilapia 70P 15F
450 Rice 12P 125C
70 Meat Loaf 9P 9F 8C
Up & Go 32P 6F 48C
Ice Coffee 18P 8F 51C
Ice Tea 20C
Scrambled Eggs 36P 30F
Total 2372cal 177P 73F 252C


Meh ~ 6.5 hrs total (woke up at 5am and went back to bed)


I admire your discipline in nutrition, but my seefood diet feels no shame

Not sure if typo but sounds like fun diet

Definitely NOT a typo :laughing:

Deficit sumo? For conventional. Maybe RDLs?

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