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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy

Excel or google sheets is your friend here. I have all my blocks laid out and just add the reps I achieved. It’s very easy to then look back over previous trainig blocks.
Some notes about how you felt or how accessories or exercises worked or didn’t is also useful.



Tried timing my meals better today kinda like an experiment to see what works. Fatty-ish brekky than liquid low fat higher sugar stuff closer to workout with some coffee. Felt a bit sluggish at the start of the workout so I don’t have it quite right yet.

SBD Fatigue Levels 5,6,6

Using the cue “upright” to kind minimise hips shooting up and such. Didn’t feel to easy squatting today but the wrapped sets @ 160kg moved well on camera.

Sleeves squats alright. Bit drained from wrapped squats. Was meant to do 5s but once I was on the 5th rep I thought fuck it and hit a few more. Rep PR but overshot intensity today and went a bit too hard and it drained me for the following sets. Either that or I’m misgrooving heaps but probably just quads being drained fast from lots of work.

Sumo commentary/vids to come laterz.

Tough sesh but solid. Happy with that. Probably gonna be smashed for bench tomorrow though lol


Wrapped Squat 2x5 @ 160kg
Sleeve Squat 3 Sets @ 150kg Rep PR x7
Pause Sumo Deadlift 4x3 @ 155kg
Sumo Row 3 Sets @ 60-70kg
Leg Press 3 Sets @ 5 plates
Chest Supported Row 3 Sets


Deadlifts went alright aside from bleeding all over the place from my lower and upper shins and thighs where my hook grip thumb runs over it.

Went hard on squats so pause deadlifts not too fresh. Bumped up the weights a smidge to 155kg and last set 160kg from last week and it moved well enough. Plenty of room to progress on these considering the top set @ 160 ties the heaviest I’ve gone on pause deadlifts.

Had a weightlifting pal tape up me thumbs. Didn’t do much lol. I feel pressure on the pad of the thumb but apparent weightlifting puts more pressure towards the base.

Lots of salmon today blew up my fat intake but that’s alright. Sleep again was lengthy but I keep waking up in the middle and I feel it’s taking away from the quality like it isn’t 8hrs if you wake up all the time you know.


Salmon90P 59F
Rice 9P 100C
Ice Tea 10C
Up&Go x2 32P 6F 48C
IntraCarb Powder 20C
Carbonara 3P 5F 20C
Shake 46P 4C 3F

Ok - 8hrs waking up multiple times


I find I do best when I save my fats for evening. I like a slow digesting carb in the morning. Oats are my go to. Have you ever tried Karbolyn for pre and post workout nutrition? Basically one scoop is 50 grams of fast digesting carbs with no sugar. Pretty ideal about 30-45 minutes pre workout and then again post workout. Give it a try if you want. Gives me good solid nerdy throughout without feeling super full like I would if I ate a big carb meal prior to lifting.

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There is some good information and thoughts flowing through the log currently.

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MMmmmm…salmon. No such thing as too much good quality salmon

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Makes sense. All that fat would bog me down. I got my gatoradey powder for intra during big sessions. A scoop is maybs 20g carbs. I’m gonna stick with light meals low fat around workouts for now. May try some carb powders later but seems a bit expensive for I dunno how much advantage tbh having a bit of a bloat helps me lift more just more lol

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I love the oily fishiness of it funnily enough that’s what lots of people dislike

Are you implying there’s not always good thoughts flowing…

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You need to eat more donuts and be the superheavyweightpig you were meant to be

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Have actually been meaning to drop by Krispy Kreme on the way home from uni but just never get around to it.


See, you are just inhibiting your own potential


I prefer salmon sashimi though. A lot of it. If ever its gonna be cooked, baked salmon is the way to go for me

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Never tried baked but have heard good things. Is the skin as crunchy

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Weights moving alright. Feeling solid in the hands with wrist wraps. Not near top performance I think but not too far. And it’s more gains and momentum.

SBD Fatigue Levels 7,5,6

Comp Bench Press 2x5 @ 100kg
Wide Grip Bench 2 Sets @ 92.5kg
Band Pull Aparts + Push Ups

Felt a little tweak in my pec on the second set of wide grip bench so called it there. Bit annoying but I don’t think it’s anything major.

Smoked salmon is the way to go. Nice thin strips smoked over a fire for a couple of days. Had this big fat Eskimo make it for me in Alaska. One of the best things I’ve ever eaten!

No, not crunchy. I just realized that not all baked salmon has cheese and cream like how it was served to us, so I don’t know the name of the recipe. Fail. Lol

Sounds good. I’m sure them Eskimos know their cold water fish

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Was just looking at the timeline to the meet. Looks like I got 17 weeks to go after the last 3 weeks of this strength block.

For the next block I can either squeeze in a volume block, than a few strength blocks, then a couple of weeks to peak or just go all strength blocks and then peak. I think the latter will be pushing adaptive resistance because of the time spent with the competition movements and time spent in strength phases but I dunno if a single shirt volume block would be worth it when I’m already on the strength train, finishing up a strength block. @chris_ottawa thoughts on volume or strength for the next block? Or instead of a full on volume block a hybrid-y block with the comp lifts towards the heavier end of hypertrophy training like 70-75% for 6-8s for the main lifts?

Anyways so 17 weeks:

?? Block - 5 Weeks
Strength - 5 Weeks
Strength - 4 Weeks
Peaking - 3 Weeks

At this point it would probably make more sense to do a volume block since you are so far out. Something like

But getting back into wraps for one mesocycle and them not using them the next doesn’t make much sense so you might as well just keep squatting in wraps. What you should do now depends on what you will do next, just keep that in mind.

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