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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy

I did reps at 155kg and single at 175kg last workout. 75% and 90% 1RM respectively

I’ll drop the singles. I don’t mind reps in wraps well at least up to 5-6. I’ll have a think about the rep scheme. I’m leaning towards 5s for now and do 3s in a month or two like you said as the weight gradually gets heavier



Relatively chill sesh today with some deadlifts and squat assistance stuff today. Technique work continuing on sumo still sorting out my cues.

SBD Fatigue Levels: 6,4,5

Weights feeling lighter than last week so that’s nice. Not too challenging so gonna continue bumping the weight up. Top triple @ 180kg followed by one set rep work @ 180kg with straps.

My cues in working with are to get the knees out and keep them in that position as long as possible and getting the bar closer by engaging lats and pulling my arms to my thighs.

Still working on cues for initiating the lift and when/where to breathe. Also using that damn belt

So Deadlift was moving but I’ll give this session a 6/10 rating. Dunno just wasn’t that challenging but still the weight wasn’t moving as sexy as I’d like. Wasn’t really focused and concentrating on the cues today

Of all things Front Squat was feeling good with a solid non clavical bruising rack position even with the cheese grating onto of the power bar. Only had one set prescribed today but it went well so hit another.

Last time I did these I couldn’t even find a rack position. 92.5kg for a couple is a rep PR I think believe it or not. I think I hit 100kg for almost as many reps once upon a time but that was in sleeves.

Haven’t never gone after front squats long or hard enough to really know if it’s good gains for me but we’ll stick with it a few weeks and see. Gonna have to always focus on being upright and not letting the hips shoot back as that’s my tendency to get the full benefits of front squats.

Sumo Deadlift 5x3 @ 175-180kg
Conventional Deadlift 1 Set @ 165kg
Pause Squat 4x4 @ 110kg
Front Squats 2 Set @ 92.5kg
Pull Ups 3 Sets @ BW+10kg
Barbell Row 3 Sets @ 62.5kg-70kg
Leg Press 3 Sets @ 5 plates




Won’t say I didn’t hit my wallet too hard but went out shopping with the gf this morning.

Picked up some JBL Bluetooth earphones for 40 bucks on sale from JB HiFi and Caribee military style back pack from Aussie Disposals for 120.

Bit steep for the back pack gotta admit but I’m just tired as fuck of cheap shit that explodes after a couple of months. I’m gonna be using this for everything with its massive 50L capacity and it has a three year warranty on it if it goes kaput


Enjoy the backpack. Mine gets so much use. Only downside to the larger capacity is that I tend to accidentally leave things in it and find them weeks later. Oh… I’ve been looking for those pants


I doubt I’ll use the full capacity short of a holiday or something but still with the PALS webbing I wanna attach extra pouches for kicks

Weekend with the girlfriend so no MacroPig or SleepPig tracking. Was nice to have a break for a bit though and don’t mind the food


I’ve never seen any post of the Hamster not liking any kind of food.

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Fair lol

I’m actually a pretty harsh food critic but I think there’s two things: I always truly appreciate food from meh to the most incredible dish and I usually stick to what I like so these days things I don’t like won’t show up in my day to day eating at all



Benching good even if the pauses arent even there or a bit sketchy lol. Couple of sets at 102.5kg then a couple at 100kg with legit pauses. Bench feeling better than last week especially them long pauses with 100kg. Still a bit sloppy for my liking but getting there. Can feel momentum building on bench though. Let’s get it

SBD Fatigue: 5,4,5

Comp Bench 6x3 @ 102.5kg
Close Grip Bench 3 Sets @ 92.5kg
Light Bench @ 77.5kg
Side Delts 3 Sets
Facepull 3 Sets
Biceps 5 Sets


Nice session man

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Not unlike yourself I’ve taken a bit of a step back from smashing myself all day everyday and letting myself recover more. I feel fresher on average going off my numbers. I guess at the same time my sleep and diet has improved a smidge.

Now the tough bit is knowing when and how much to push it by.


I’m looking for three weeks of work then deload, 3/1 repeat.

Sounds good. If you are going hard or tend to recover poorer e.g. being older or taller big guy moving big weights I understand it’s a good idea to deload sooner rather than later. Anything from every 3-6 weeks than deload.

Haven’t really figured out deloads for myself tbh but I’ll try out 5 weeks than DL myself this block

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Accidentally deleted write up while cutting/pasting but in summary:

1967cal 164P 47F 222C

Good ~ 8.5 hrs woke up a few times

Craving high fat shit especially scrolling through the steak section of Insta


Bench looking quite good Hamster.
If you were to keep going how many reps would you manage? at a questimate :slight_smile:

Asking because it always looks like it’s like a rpe 5 or something when you put up videos - it looks so easy and light for you.

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Maybe 4-5 more if I skimp on the pauses. For now just bumping up the weight a smidge gradually and working on rep quality. Bench is moving but I dunno if rep PRs will be set in the process because I don’t like doing high rep bench

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I figure start out low on volume and quicker deloads. Next cycle push a little (add a few sets or an accessory or add a week or two without adding exercises) then deload. Keep adding and pushing until you find the exhaustion point. Then pull back to a previous level where you were recovering. This is fluid of course with life stress, sleep, diet, etc.

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How do you or are you planning to track? Logging stuff here is alright but it’s a bother to scroll back through even just a week or two.

Paper and pencil is the best way my man.

A composition notebook and pen.

I leave the first few pages to track weight, body fat and measurements (3-5), and then a few pages to track max lifts (2-3) then I list my workouts.

Diet and general info on the left pages and workouts on the right pages