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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy

Trashy sleep. Think it was a bit hot. Don’t sleep well with the heat. 20+ no bueno

Mi Goreng + Steak 38P 24F 54C
Rice + Steak 66P 30F 75C
Up&Go 16P 3F 24C
Prawn Dumplings 8P 8F 40C
Shake 46P 2F 3C
Total 2063cal 174P 67F 191C

5.5 hrs - disrupted



I use “The Kitchen Sink” Oakley backpack. It’s plenty big for me and has tons of compartments. I could run the thing over with my truck again and again and the thing would be fine. It’s pricy but I found a 50% off sale a few years back.

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I enjoyed the truck example lol and I don’t really mind price (well maybe under 150) as long as it does the job and lasts forever


This me

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It’s okay piggy you made of cash

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The demand in the guinea pig community for veterinary grade anabolics is at an all time high. Business is good

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Not feeling to fresh going in today

Fatigue Levels SBD: 5,5,4

Today don’t think the weights were moving as well as last week’s wrapped work. Not getting the drive through the whole ROM I want. Oh well it’s good work nonetheless.

Might have something to do with getting on comp equipment. Does whippyness convey advantage in the squat? I thought it was the other way around where stability increased the squat? Sleeves back off work wasn’t bad though.

Pause Sumo Deadlift surprisingly good today even after all dem squats. So bumped the weight up a smidge. Still wanna work on getting the bar closer to me. See there’s a little space between my arms and my thighs I wanna Cut this down as much as I can

Wrapped Squat Top Single @ 175kg, Set @ 155kg
Sleeve Squat 4 Sets @ 145kg
Pause Sumo Deadlift 4x4 @ 150-155kg
Barbell Row 3 Sets @ 65kg
Leg Press 3 Sets @ 4.5 plates
Chest Supported Row 3 Sets


Went to sleep early but ended up waking early too so didn’t get the extra sleep I wanted

Mi Goreng + Steak 28P 24F 54C
Up&Go x2 32P 6F 48C
Ice Tea 10C
Noodle Soup 10P 15F 40C
Ice Coffee 10P 10F 30C
Carb/Electrolyte Powder 15C
Up&Go 16P 3F 24C
Rice + Steak 32P 15F 40C
Shake 46P 2F 3C

Total 2427cal 175P 75F 264C

Meh - 7.5 hrs but broken up because woke at 5am


Anticipating being pretty smashed from yesterday’s big workout but that’s why some ez bench is scheduled. Let’s see how fast I can get in and out.

SBD Fatigue Levels: 7,4,6

Surprisingly while I was smashed the whole of yesterday and first part of today from last sesh but bench was moving well better than last sesh once I got in the gym. Top single of 110kg followed by 2x4 @ 100kg with a few reps in the tank. Daresay I’m getting dem strength phase gains.

Pull aparts feeling good. Did some standing up and some lying down. Cuing Chest to band.

Fast sesh. Good sesh. Took about 30mins. Boom world record time lol

Comp Bench Press 2x4 @ 7RPE ~ 100kg
Wide Grip Bench 3 Sets @ 92.5kg
Light Bench 1 Set @ 75kg
Push Ups+Band Pull Aparts

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Feeling in the mood to buy shit so might look about for some Bluetooth earphones. Had a decent pair around about 100 bucks a few months ago but lost it. Good music = +gains considering the trash that’s played at my gyms so shopping spree it is

Gonna throw a bunch of new songs into my playlist too to freshen things up. Mostly them generic ones that you hear like System of a down and last resort.

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:sob::sob::sob: stood on my beats twice in a row… broke them.


Dude it looks like you ran it over with a lawn mower. Hope it wasn’t too expensive lol

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Had it for a while and I always drop them anyway (accident) or they fall off when lifting lol. A couple years old so not too soul destroying but they had real good quality sound :sweat:

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get some JBL tune500BT’s
Good, quality and not to exspensive

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Something cheap yeah but am looking for some in ear ones. Always found the big ones don’t look aesthetic imo

JBL tune 205 BT’s are in ear
Edit: i’ve got both, sounds good on both

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I see you’re squatting for singles and aren’t competing until August, I would advise not doing singles until you are closer to the meet. Doing heavy singles for too long is a good way to burn yourself out, I know from experience. 2-3 months is pretty much the maximum that most people can keep going like that. If I was you I would do something like 3x3 with a moderate weight and just gradually increase week to week, you can do 5’s if you are OK with that but last time I tried doing a set of 5 in wraps my feet went numb after the 4th rep, there are reasons why higher reps in wraps aren’t popular. Do work in wraps mostly as technique work (it should still get you stronger though) and push non-wrapped squats harder to get some gains.

I know you have been following my training log, the mistakes that I made are starting a bit too heavy and going straight from SSB squats to comp. squats in wraps. In theory it could have worked, but it didn’t. I squatted 500 on the SSB so I figured 600 wouldn’t be hard in wraps but it doesn’t necessarily work that way. One of Josh Bryant’s lifters named Adam Ferchen spent the offseason doing SSB squats and finished with 600 for a single, he has about a 750 squat in wraps so you would think I could probably manage 650 by that logic but it isn’t going to happen just yet.

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The Anker soundbuds are really nice, lightweight, perfect for gym use, sound quality is not as bad as you’d think. I was honestly a little surprised being a little bit of an audiophile. They last me around 4-5 hours on one charge. Too bad all black seems to not have been restocked

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I was going a single and a set of 4-6 @ 75% 1RM of sleeve squat (in wraps)and gradually increase both once a week because I am wary of getting too smashed by lots of wrapped squat work.

Would a 3x3 at similar loads be similar in the fatigue it would generate or is the single disproportionately taxing? I’m getting déjà vu a bit here soz if you’ve spoken about this somewhere before

I said various things over the course of time, there are different ways to do things for sure but spending 4-5 months doing heavy singles doesn’t sound like a good plan for 99% of people.

It depends how heavy the single is, and if it’s light enough to not cause any significant fatigue then why not do reps instead? Are you doing a single at the same weight as the set of 4-6?

Doing a ton of reps in wraps just sucks overall, and that’s a large part of why you don’t see many people sets of 10 in wraps. There are numerous ways to approach this and right now you don’t want to be going too heavy. So something like 3x3, 5x3 sets, 2 sets of 5-6 with a moderate weight that that keeps you a few reps from failure would make sense and will give you room to progress. Just don’t get too ambitious with the weekly increases in weight or you will stall too soon. So let’s say you are doing 5’s and they get too hard after a bit, then switch to 3’s. Then eventually you do a hard top set of 3 and a couple down sets, then doubles and singles. The numbers don’t have to increase linearly, you can always take a step backwards if necessary, but basically try to space it out so that you peak in August and not 2 weeks from now.

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