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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy

Summers done already ffs.

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I love the heat, don’t you dare wish it away.


If I found a lamp I’d use all three wishes to make the heat go away


If I found one, I’d wish for guns, pecs and quaaaaads !!

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Chicken 13P 5F 40C
Fruit Juice 13C
Chicken Kebab + Rice 70P 95C 20F
Yogurt 13P 16C
Intra Carb/Electrolytes 20C
Pork Belly Wrap 5P 10F 20C
Shake 55P 12F 15C

Ok - 7.5 hrs


Bit more was stolen than I initial thought mostly because I didn’t remember what was actually in the car but they got my going out wallet and jacket too. Reported to the police. Rang up the fuel stations the unauthorised transactions went through with my card and got them cunts on CCTV driving about in a car with no license plate. Dunno if that’s really much to go off but we’ll see. I ain’t to mad tbh and I’m a bit surprised at myself for that


sorry to hear that, hopefully they didn’t sink you for a lot on the gas bar

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The bank should reimburse you for the dodgy transactions. Little fuckers, this shit happens all to often, and nothing happens!

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@bigpappafrance @I_Luc

Was quite a big of money because they went around pay passing where you touch the card. Got onto the bank pretty quick and told them they was all unauthorised transactions. Usually after a bit you get your money back it’s like when someone uses your card online after somehow getting the details. The transactions were still pending so it’ll be alright.

Given the opportunity I’d beat them both half to death but you know I don’t need all dem negative feels in my life.


Spread dem legs transformation 2019-2019



Uni gym today for some quick benching. Feeling better than last bench sesh today but kinda tired overall from sleep and little food.

Bench technique still not clicking right unfortunately. Dunno what’s up. Just gonna work at it until it clicks. Sooner or later. On a positive note wrist wraps felt good today and blew through it in an hour which is fast for me. Another positive top of 17 degrees today windy. Perfect weather

SBD Fatigue Levels 4,4,5

Comp Bench 6x3 @ 100kg
Close Grip Bench 3 Sets @ 85-90kg
Comp Bench 1 Set @ 70kg
Chest Supported Row 3 Sets
Side Delts 3 Sets
Facepull 3 Sets

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Kinda gym gear related but my gym bag from Iron Tanks recently sprung a few holes. For something with claims that it would last years of abuse lasted about 3 months and didn’t even load it with my gym gear or anywhere near maximum capacity. Just some clothes.

Anyways Iron Tanks said return it and we’ll refund you so that’s ok. But now I’m looking for a new bag mostly for uni and also so gym stuff so I can gym at uni too. I want something super duper mega heavy duty with back pack straps so I can carry loads forever without fucking up my back/posture. Also big as fuck so that I get weird looks for going around with such a big bag.

Maybe a hiking or travel pack or something like that. Maybe the functionality and heavy duty of a military style pack but with multiple compartments.

When I get some free time I’ll shop around


Looks like it’s going down late August. TBC still but gives me a decent amount of time to prepare


This should cover the durable part

The back pack straps are non negotiable I’m afraid. Have you ever seen dem big sports bags like the tennis ones that can be worn like a backpack. Maybe something like that obviously don’t need room for tennis rackets and probably even more durable

Grab a canvas duffle bag, should last ages! I had one I’d load with shit and strap to the roof rack while camping, took all sorts of abuse.
Bags are hit and miss hey, I’ve had some rip quickly, but have had a Nike back pack that I’ve had for 15 years, gets loaded for work everyday, and I’ve loaded it full of shit when going away.


I’ve got a bag like this… Except it’s not canvas, it’s a pvc duffle.
I got it from bcf, only I wouldn’t really call it sporty though.

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@I_Luc @painter27

As long as they can survive me abusing the shit out of them then I’ll look into it. I got a big as shopping centre near me that has almost everything from Nike to Outdoors stuff. Shopping trip time