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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy

What are the difference in the fatigue levels.

Not quite sure what it is ur asking lol but

1 is like super low fatigue, soreness and performance is really high with a lot of motivation to hit the movement

5 is average

10 is the opposite of 1

Or did you mean like how do I use it practically?

You have three numbers is that a fatigue number for each lift?

Yeah. Each individual lift rated 1-10

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Fatigue Levels SBD: 4,6,5

Bench feeling heavy in the hands today. That’s a while to get used to heavier weights from what I remember last time I was working this heavy consistently. Probably bit sloppy on the form too bar path all over the place

Beltless squat assistance stuff starting off light is interesting. Tightness from the bigger weights handled with wraps carrying over. Tried pin squats but not quite sure on them or what they meant to do tbh. Maybe needs to be heavier?

Can I just do a bunch of no wraps squatting? Maybe some pauses in there.

Comp Bench Press 4x3 @ 100kg
Wide Grip Bench 3 Sets @ 90kg
Pause Squat 2x5 @ 100kg
Pin Press 2 Sets @ 100kg
Biceps 4 Sets


I like the look of your pin squat.

Question? Why dont you use knee sleeves in training? Since you’re gonna be competing in wraps anyways

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Left em in the car. Too lazy to walk to the parking lot lol


Lmao, yer fk that extra cardio !!


LazyPig lol


You’ve got a smooth and nice technique Hamster.
Everything looks just smooth and easy.

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It’s going well for first week back on noodle bar deadlifts and wrapped squats. Bench feeling a bit sloppy though. Seems I can only get 2/3 lifts to click at any one time.

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Rearranging my schedule around class a bit I’m gonna look to be at Doherty’s Brunswick at least 2x per week to get use on the monolift and comp style bars. Two sessions at the uni gym will complete my training week

Steak + Roti 48P 40F 5C
Carbonara + Seafood 10P 10F 60C
Protein Shake 55P 12F 15P
Chips 3P 16F 25C
Yogurt 13P 16C
Up&Go 16P 3F 24C

Ok - 7.5 hrs


How much weight are you resting on the pins?

100% I guess? It deloads onto the pins and I keep tension still so it’s hard to tell exactly

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Woke up this morning apparently someone has been through and cleaned out my car.

May have forgot to lock up the day before last. Fortunately damage wasn’t that bad all in all considering my gym bag was left in the boot.

What was stolen was a couple of CDs I never listen to, an old GPS I never use and a bunch of coins in my middle compartment. Maybe some other shit that I don’t even remember I had. Dunno how much the GPS was worth… nothing to me and wouldn’t “buy” it for free so I’m just gonna set the damage at 50 bucks.

As far as I can tell nothing was taken from the boot so all my gym gear is still there (which is probably the most valuable shit in the car).

LiftingPig continues without having to buy new shit but I think I’ll be CautiousPig when it comes to my vehicle


You forgot to mention “glad I still have the car” :sweat_smile::joy::joy::joy:

that might be a higher level of crime I think maybe the cunt didn’t wanna go there. I’m not overly fussed but let’s just say if I could I would drop a 50kg on his head



Dohertys Brunswick is hot as fuck today so gonna be a lot of sweating going on. Got some squat and deadlift today but nothing too crazy.

Bit stressed from getting robbed and shit but turns out some more stuff was missing from the car I just forgot what I had in there in the first place. Almost managed to stub my flip flopped toe on some concrete as I went in the gym and it was bleeding all up in my shoe. Infection gains it is I guess lol.

SBD Fatigue: 4,4,6

Sleeve Squat 3x5 @ 140kg
Pause Sumo Deadlift 3x3 @ 150kg
Front Squat 4 Sets @ 90kg

Feeling aight moving aight. Some sloppy reps but not a bad starting point to build off of. Iron Tanks sleeves are definitely tighter than my SBDs lol. Bit of wasted money on the SBDs then.

Struggling to get a decent front rack today dunno why. Clavicles bruising gains.

Was meant to do some Bulgarian Split squats but the toe wasn’t having it so did leg Press. At least this machine feels quite a bit like a squats movement deep and hard in the bottom (lol) range of motion and easier once through the sticking point.

Chest Supported Row 3 Sets
Leg Press 3 Sets @ Up to 4 plates


It’s was damn hot in the shed tonight. I rekon I lost a couple of litres of sweat!!