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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy

Gonna try out the uni gym tomorrow. Dunno if you can film in there or not. It has enough barbells and racks at least. Will train at Brunswick for the monolift, DL bar and calibrated plates

I love steak…

Next cheat meal then dude

The pullups, the food, the sleep. Too many things to be jealous of here. Lol

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Day one of strength focused training. Some lighter knee wrap squat today and benching. Hoping to get back in the groove of the comp lifts quick.

Feeling fresh on squats so I guess the deload did it’s job. Back in wraps today with one top set of 4-6 @ low RPE.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 4,4,3

Wrapped Squat Set @ 150kg
Comp Bench 3 Sets @ 90kg
Close Grip Bench 3 Sets @ 85kg
Facepull 3 Sets
Side Delts 3 Sets

Wraps feeling alright. Definitely better than when I first tried em for a few weeks not too long ago but it’ll take a while to get used to and good with them. Top single @ 170kg / 375 lbs and one set @ low RPE @ 150kg / 330 moves alright

I kinda feel I’m letter the wraps do the work so being kinda like passive. I think with time I’ll learn to drive aggressively through the whole ROm with the help of the wraps and unlock my ultimate form. Gonna gradually up intensity but focus on perfecting technique

Gotta get my forearm strength and endurance back up to wrap good. I think today’s wrapping job would be light-medium tightness

Bench feeling dead average today FWIW


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Weight dropping a bit too fast so bumping calories a smidge up. Apparently when I start counting I start starving. Can also see I usually blow out fat. Dunno if that’s really a bad thing or not

Found some chickpeas in the cupboard and thought why not I’m a healthy dude and threw it in together with a bunch of stuff.

Spam/Chickpeas/Egg 22P 28F 33C
Protein Water 15P
Tuna + Rice 41P 10F 70C
Up&Go 16p 3f 24c
Nectarine 12c
Krispy Kreme x 2 6p 26f 46c
Vietnamese Pancake 5p 10f 50c
Protein Shake 55p 10f 15p

Total 2430cal 160p 87f 250c

Ok - 7 hrs

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Knee wraps are very interesting.

My quads are my weak point in wrapless squats, failing in the bottom half of the lift, so having a tight set of wraps on makes it almost like a whole new movement with the sticking point at about half way up if I can keep in the groove with good technique. That’s a big if but I’ll be working on that with every rep in the coming strength blocks. Plenty of room to up the intensity and improve technically

I think I’ll also have some sleeves squatting and/or front squats in to still to keep the quads worked as well pause or pin squats to reinforce technique closer to the meet.

Technique wise I’m happy with the first sesh back in wraps but very much I’d like to focus in on some things:

  • Depth isn’t/wasn’t an issue today if a bit inconsistent. I can sink it unlike @chris_ottawa lol but it’s up to me to be patient into the bottom and load up the wraps well (might actually get more rebound out of it this way) because with heavy weights and the pressure of the wraps I can see how it’d be easy to go back up early

  • Positioning should be my main focus because if I stay in an efficient groove then big numbers will follow. Tbh it was a little all over the place today having come off a few blocks of wrapless squats. I’m gonna cue more uprightness throughout and watch that my hips don’t shoot up or something like that.

  • Descent speed is something that isn’t where I’d like. For now I’m going down slowly to load the wraps properly and maintain position but over time I’m looking to descend a bit faster to maximise benefits from the wraps

  • No monolift at the uni gym so for now will keep walking out squats. Dunno when I’ll have an opportunity to be around the mono for now but that’s ok.


Deadlifts on the menu tomorrow. Hoping to try out some new cues back on the deadlift bar

You don’t really want to be going way below parallel, that’s not going to help you. Of course you still need to hit depth, but if you aren’t wrapping very tight then wrap tighter (it will take a while to get used to it because it’s not comfortable at all) and maybe widen your stance.

Out of curiosity, does depth in wraps follow the same criteria for depth raw? Cause I see a lot of videos of squats in warps that are pretty high if compared to raw, yet count as good lift

It’s supposed to be the same standard no matter what, top of the thigh at the hip lower than the top of the knee. It looks like USPA is stricter on depth without wraps, although I hear they are a bit inconsistent overall. Some feds like RPS and SPF don’t really judge depth at all, and a lot of people use wraps there. The IPF and affiliates are strict, raw or equipped, and used to red light a lot of good squats but from what I have seen it looks like they stopped doing that in recent times. They just started doing a bunch of other dumb shit to compensate.

I think they should set up side view cameras so that if there is any doubt they can just check the replay. That’s the only way to sort this out.

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Need Andrey Malanichev and crew to come down and wrap my knees.

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Then your legs won’t bend at all.

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I imagine one would have to have 500 odd and or be a big guy to get those wraps down to depth

If you see the way some of those bigger, stronger guys like Malanichev wrap their knees, even with 500 it would be hard to get halfway down. It must hurt like hell too. I remember reading or watching something with JP Price (SHW with a 1000-ish squat) talking about how he gets 10 revolutions out of a 2.5m pair of the red Slingshots. His legs are obviously way bigger than mine and I can’t get more than 8 revolutions out of those, and it hurts like hell and is hard to hit depth. Just think about that.

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Depth in wraps. Hopefully this is about right. Could go a smidge deeper but decently deeper would require some changes in technique or wrapping


That looks more than depth to me. But I know nothing !!!

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Back at Doherty’s Brunswick to use a deadlift bar + calibrated plates for the first time in a while.

Courtesy of Aaron Simm (Australian powerlifter) trying out the cues of keep knees out and maintain that position and loading the back to build tension at the start. Tbh i think I’ve had it wrong the whole time since I started pulling sumo that I need to actively keep the locked knees out the whole time (obviously as we near lockout they’ll snap back in)

Top single at 180kg moved alright but can see I needa gets hips closer to the bar at the start position and pull more slack

Not feeling like it’s moving too well tbh but it’s a starting point. Thumbs aren’t liking to hook grip reps either but they’ll toughen up soon. Threw in a bit of mixed grip too maybe I’ll retain the capability just as a back up.

Trying out the figure 8 straps off Iron Tanks that I got at the Arnold Australia. They do a great job for me because unlike most figure 8 straps these ones run smaller so it doesn’t decrease my ROM by a few inches.

Conventional feeling pretty shitty on a deadlift bar. Might swap this out to stiff bar in the coming weeks

Not really happy with first sesh back on comp lift but plenty of time to build back into it.

SBD Fatigue Levels: 4,5,5

Sumo 3 Sets @ 160kg-170kg
Conventional 4x3 @ 150kg-160kg
DB Row 3 Sets @ 32.5kg
Chest Supported Row 3 Sets


Gonna keep up with this caloric intake and see how the weight responds.

Rice 5P 55C
Steak 50p 45F
Up & Go 32P 6F 48C
Intra Powder 10C
Chicken + Rice 58P 30F 84C
Shake 20P
Total: 2135cal 165P 81F 187C

Meh? - 9 hrs but woke up at 6:30 then back to sleep though


Sumo spam. Technique got gradually better as the session went on as I got used to these conditions again. Used a belt a bit bit makes it awkwarder so far