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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy



I don’t count macros just estimate protein and eat whatever else within reason. I’m hanging around about 85ish consistently these days at this intake.

Am happy for now maintaining might lose a few kilos to make weight depending on when my meet is


I dunno if I actually do lol but it’s good for the gains in all kinds of ways a big one is like it makes you hungry to be in the gym lifting heavier so by the time the week is up we are raring to go


Lots of guys in here more experienced than me but given the amount you train and you bodyweight I would think that is a little low. Have you considered counting macros and even weighing your food for a while and seeing if it brings noticeable difference ?


I have been considering that actually. More if I go the weight loss route.

If this point is where my weight kinda stabilises naturally then if I was to go lose weight id keep calories as high as possible. That kind of stuff usually lends itself better to counting because there’s less of a margin for error.

It’s not too much of an extra bother tbh.

I don’t always eat food that can be counted ez like foreign stuff I can’t even read the label for but overall I think the process would be better with counting.

Worst bit for me is filling in the rest of the specific macros come end of day.

I’ll have a quick look at it and get back to y’all with macros


Those pull ups looking really easy. Nice! I’m getting jealous lol

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I started lifting with bodyweight stuff like those jacked calisthenics dudes (but I later learned they are all juicy) and it’s kinda always been there even if I’ve gained a few kilos on my lower body or spend some time away from pull ups

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Teach me, master. Lol


Might look into going to the Arnold Australia in Melbourne over the next few days if I got time. There’s not as much going on as expos over in the US but ProRaw XI powerlifting comp is going on as well as a couple of Powerlifting themed booths and your cluster fuck of supplement companies

Just counted what I ate today to see if I still got the macro counting skills and to get an approximation for how much I eat a day.

Looks like I hit fat easy on account of the richer meats I eat so usually need to finish the day off with some carbs and protein. Would rather not slog through chicken breast to make it.

Chicken + Roti
Protein Shake
Rice + Pork Stew
Fruit + Egg
Rice Paper Roll

P: 164
F: 67
C: 197
Total Calories: 2010

Meh - 7.5 hrs waking frequently

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:man_shrugging: shrugs.

Do couple of sets of strict pull ups 6-15 reps, don’t grind anything once you slow down ur done for the set, twice a week. Add weight between ur legs if you can hit 12+ consistently. And eat loads.


I don’t know why people only want to track nutrition while cutting… with gaining size or aging strength nutrition plays an equal part. It’s just as important if not more when aiming at strength gains. The most important facet is to hit your macro goals daily. When you have a lot of variance in your diet your body might get just what it needs to gain strength, and then the very next day you could take a step backwards as your body might need to go canibol.


Lot of guys be eating that way I think. If you eat enough protein, a serve of complex carb and veg with each meal and the weight on the scale is moving how you want it is there substantial extra benefit with tracking?

I’ll keep tracking myself for a while. It seems to keep me to better account and doesn’t take much time and effort.


I’ll be there on Friday and Saturday. Mostly watching that strongman and some powerlifting. Going Friday with a mate and Saturday with my little boy. If I see a swole guineapig I’ll say hi


Lol. Can’t even do 5 reps BW properly. I’m weakest when the arms are stretched out the most. Best I’ve done were 5 half reps BW lol. More lat pull downs for now I guess

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Do a bunch of cluster sets than at 3 reps.



More deload action with some deadlift focus today.

Feels like a while since I was last at Doherty’s Campbellfield. Apparently there is a deadlift bar hiding in the cupboard of the gym but unfortunately only the chosen ones can use it lol. I’ll ask the person who owns it if I see em around

Sumo Deadlift
Barbell Row

Played around with some squats today. Stance width and toe angle as well as grip width on the menu: Slightly narrower grip and slight wider stance with toe angle same is what I’m getting.


Hmm…thats a good idea. Thanks!

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Macro counting flowing easily enough. Definitely some dishes harder to count but I’m good at estimating I think.

Gonna go higher everything on training days.

Prawn Dumplings 12p 12f 60c
Salmon + Rice 75p 45f 85c
Protein Shake 55p 10f 15c
Corn x2 5p 2f 35c
Fanta 30c
Rice Paper Wraps 25p 25c 5f
Total: 2235 Calories 172p 74f 245c

Ok - 7.5 hrs solid


Training wise that’s it for the deload.

Am excited to be getting into wraps and hitting heavier weights and low reps. Dunno when the meet is gonna be TBC but it could soon so gonna get into that strength training.

Bench and squat 2x per week and deadlift 1x with a variation on another day is what it’ll look like


You can also hang a resistance band or two over the chin up bar and put your feet in them. Will give you the same motion for muscle memory, but take some of your weight.

Negatives are also great. Jump your chin up and let yourself down as slow as possible once you’ve fatigued. You can do chins pretty much everyday without recovery issues.

My trainer pointed out that I was inter developed in my lats and as “homework” had me doing 6 sets till failure 5-7 days a week for the last three months. No overtraining issues and oh how they’ve grown. Also went from a first set of 12 to a first set of 20. Last set started at 3 and now is usually 6


Off to the Arnold Australia today. Might end up overeating but that’s a day out in melbourne for ya.

My body has woken up naturally like 7ish the past few days. Seems a bit early to me considering I set my alarm for later to get lots of sleep. For example last night gets me 6 hrs but I was aiming to get up at 8am so more like 7.5 hrs. maybe my biological clock is changing up.