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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy


That’s perfect for 1 meal.

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Me and the gym nemesis were looking for some meets today and it seems there’s not as many around as I thought. Lots of novice comps not so much proper comps. Looks like it’ll be either August or end of year but there’s not much around. @MarkKO any tips on finding a meet?

Steak + Rice 50p
Ice Coffee 25p
Nacho Fries 50p
Up and Go 15p

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1st of six meals with shakes in between

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I’d search the GPC and CAPO websites. APL might have something but I’m pretty sure they’re mostly in Queensland.

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Do you have a site that sells titan triumphs in australia?


Titan Australia would I think. Or at least they’d get one in for you if you asked.


Where i live idd have to pay like double of what they costs to get one. Which kinda sucks.




apparently it’s more supportive then the average singlet. almost like single ply, but it allowed to be used in raw. So was looking into it, but its way to exspensive to get to where i live… :frowning:


There’s not much. Looked at WRPF and they have one in August but dunno if it’s open to randoms


It should be unless it says otherwise. Generally any meet is open to all members of the sanctioning federation unless it says you need to set a qualifying total.


Probably not worth man

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Oh I thought you were being sarcastic about your campus gym lol. Nonetheless what I said still stands

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Deload continues. Just a bit of a play at the bodyweight park at uni. Gotta admit it’s a bit weird to be exercising out in public middle of nowhere lol

Next step is to do it shirtless with obnoxious grunting and post set most muscular guinea pig flexing

Pull Ups 4 Sets
Dips 4 Sets

Waiting out on new about when my meet is gonna be. If it’s sooner than I guess I’ll have to jump into a strength phase. If later in the year or early next year I dunno.


true. But if it was readily available why not?


Sausages 15p
Up & Go 15p
Tuna+ Rice 30p
Rice Paper Roll + Shrimp 20p
Steak 70p

Shite - 5 hrs

Didn’t eat very well today and haven’t slept well the past few so it shows. Had a strange rush of tiredness out of the blue late this afternoon and was able to have a nap. Ended up cramming all my food in at night barely

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Because then you’d be a traitor to our lord and saviour SBD


What sort of protien are you getting each day. You list above looked a little low ?


Got to love deload week

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