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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy


Quick sesh on the way out of Melbourne today after a nice weekend with the gf. Not gonna do much just some squats.

SBD Fatigue Levels: 7,5,7

Back Squat 4x4 @ 130kg
SSB Squat 3 Sets @ 100kg
Bulgarian Split Squats 5 Sets

Didn’t have most of my lifting gear with me so pretty much raw dogging it lol

New SSB in the gym so thought I’d hit that and maybe save front squats for later because I can do that at any gym.

Split squats going well holding two DBs one either side easier to balance. Gotta focus on staying upright


QuestBar 20p
Grilled Chicken + Roti 50p
Hawaiian Pizza 20p
Pho / Noodle Soup 30p
Quest Bar 20p

Good - 8 hrs

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Jealous, only have gas station dunkins around my parts


Dunno how many gym sessions I’ll be able to put together next week but I’ll take the unintended deload.

Will probably not have as much time as before the in next few following weeks but it may be a good thing as after some reflection on the past few weeks backing off on the volume will be a good idea.

Gonna try to do a bit at home. Only got like adjustable DBs to like 20kg but that’s plenty for curls and delt isolation stuff.

Low volume volume gains lol it’ll work out

Salmon 50p
Salmon + Rice 50p
Noodle Soup 30p
Protein Shake 25p

Poor - 6 hrs but woke up multiple times


Can do heaps with 20kg dumbells. Add in push ups, single leg work, arms, shoulders. Add in a pull up bar and you can get a very good session it.


Yeah I guess. I imagine if someone had adjustables up to 40 or 50 that’d be doing real well in what they could train and how long they can keep overloading

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Do some Bulgarian split squats, lunges and high step ups holding the 20’s and you will know about it. Slow DB press, OH Press etc will work well.

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Whenever I’m in a situation where I have to deal with light weights or body weight only I do 10 second reps. 5 seconds up, 5 seconds down. Amazing the burn you can get when a set of 10 takes a minute fourty


At Uni there’s a cute little body weight / bar park so I can do pull ups and dips off that if I can survive the weird looks I’d get from other students

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Deload today trying out the University gym. Was pretty well equipped. Enough for a quick upper body session for sure.

Did a bit of everything today from head to toe.

Tried some comp grip bench and it feels really good and not much of a re learning curve.

Squat on the other hand felt like complete shit even with one plate and technique and set up was all over the place like I’d forgotten how to squat. Has happened before and my squat came back so not too fussed.


Reminds me of my campus gym.


Chicken Kebabs 25p
Ice Coffee 25p
Chicken Kebabs 35p
Noodle Soup / Pho 35p
Smoothie 30p

Poor - 6.5 hrs


But I didn’t show pics of the gym? It’s probably similar enough though.

It’s decent honestly as far as commercial gyms go almost a dozen barbells and half a dozen racks. I’ll take that any day even if it doesn’t have specialty bars or calibrated plates.


Look at this monstrosity. 500g. Bit too much for one day lol so I’ll split it in half


Looking pumped Pig. Some nice muscle mass in that shot… Legs looking great. Solid stuff. Playing catch up here on the logs, lot of reading to be had lol


It’s nice to have you back. You have us a bit of a scare there. How are you feeling today?


And the flip

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I’m good man. everyday is getting easier. I’m on the mend. Heading out this Sunday with a few friends so that should be good. A new chapter lol


bro, you lifting in a dungeon? lol

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Whatever your into bro I won’t judge

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