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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy


That’s the dude who’s mates Arnold and that’s about as much as I know. Old man references lol I don’t get


You have a great way of making me feel old. Franco was indeed one of Arnold’s friends and also a 2 times Mr Olympia,
Power lifter and Strongman. I mentioned him because he was vertically challenged and almost as wide as he was tall. Very strong little man also.

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#goals #shortspo

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Watching some How To Front Squat vids. Just shitty feeling volume right now (might actually be in rep PR territory but can’t be arsed checking it) but I’m looking forward to the coming cycles when I go heavier, throw on the belt sleeves (maybe even wraps) and hit all kinds of PRs (mostly cuz I haven’t trained the front squat for a while but still)

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It looks like you might be doing a bit more volume than necessary for certain things, like the other day where you did a ton of back work after squatting. It would be better to spread that out over the week, you could do 1-2 upper back/lat exercises each workout for 3-6 sets total rather than kill yourself one day and leave nothing for the next workout.

On Mike Israetel’s facebook page there was something a couple days ago about some recent research on hypertrophy, apparently hypertrophy peaks at 8-10 sets per bodypart per workout and doing more than that is either going to waste energy or reduce gains. Now keep in mind that the sort of sets they are talking about are pushed within 4 reps of failure and something like close grip bench would count as half a set for triceps and half a set for pecs (Israetel said this previously) so it’s an imprecise science.

Bad workouts do happen, but you should at least be matching performance from the previous week most of the time. And of course you are supposed to get stronger too. If you’re doing a ton of volume and you aren’t sure if you are making progress then you are probably doing too much.

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I’ll spread out the back work more but as for the rest if it already an upper lower split so can’t really spread it out but I’ll look back and see how much work was being done within each workout and tweak it. I think i exceed 8-10 sets often enough

I think historically I’ve been pretty bad with listening to my body and stubbornly pushing on. I thought the fatigue levels would keep me in the right zone this time around because they rarely exceed 8 which is probably the point where I back off a bit. But maybe I tend to under rate that.

Do you think it’d be useful to aim to have fatigue ratings at lower levels to be in the right place?

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Find your sweet spot man. Back off and see how it goes.

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Got time to blow this morning waiting for the Gf to get into the city for some R&R so gonna smash a long Deadlift sesh and probably do some of next workouts stuff as well since I dunno what my schedule will be like and if I’ll have time to get it in.


Deficit Sumo Deadlift 3 Sets @ 160kg
Deficit Conventional Deadlift 3 Sets @ 140kg

Not the easiest sesh ever but a good level of work without being overkill. Side note 15 pull ups @ BW RPE 6 is nice before throwing some extra weight between my legs. Haven’t hit higher reps like this since I was a newer lighter lifter.

I think come next block the volume gonna be a bit less, with the comp lifts coming back in, than the current cycle and then a big volume drop for strength blocks allowing maximum recovery.

I’ve looked at a lot of volume and Maximum Recoverable Volume numbers on the internet from the likes of JTS and Renaissance Periodization it seems I fall in the average or below average range for volume tolerance. Less is more.

Pull-ups 3 Sets @ BW + 5kg
Weighted Back Raises 4 Sets @ 30kg
Chest Supported Row 3 Sets
Shrugs 3 Sets @ 60-100kg

Tough sesh lot of good work. This one was a bit of a big sesh because next session is either gonna be cut short or skipped entirely.

Comp suit is nice. Feels like slightly less compressive compression garements which I wear all the time so I’m used to and comfy with the feeling. Was worried it’d be super loose or thin or something and throw me off but it’s alright even if it shows off my bulge a lot lol



Well look at this absolute unit

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Absolute Unit Manlet

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Alright - 7.5 hrs


Do you even shred brah !!

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For your squat day I would do more squatting or add some kind of quad work for a couple sets and do maybe half the amount of upper back stuff. It seems like you aren’t doing the same thing in each workout so it’s hard to really give you specific recommendations. But when it comes to counting sets and doing cluster sets or other submax work, one of those sets doesn’t really count as a full set since it shouldn’t be close to failure at all. RPE 6-7 or higher counts as a set, if I was doing 5x5x70% I would count that as equivalent to 2-3 hard sets. It’s a bit confusing, but basically you just need to figure out how much work you can handle as well as how much each lift needs to make progress. In my case, I need a decent amount of bench volume to get anywhere but for deadlift it seems like I get more out of doing less.

Remember that MRV depends on stress from training as well as other stuff (work, day today bullshit, etc.) and how well you eat and sleep will affect your recovery. So if you say, “well, this isn’t too much work but I barely slept all week and didn’t eat well and worked 14 hour shifts” then guess what, your MRV is lower than you think it is because your recovery is shit. In most cases it’s better to err on the side of caution and not do too much if you aren’t sure you can handle it. I got caught up in doing tons of volume in the past and progress was slow, plus I was tired most of the time. It’s not worth it if you can achieve the same thing with less work.

Since you aren’t close to a meet and your main objective here is hypertrophy it doesn’t hurt to accumulate some fatigue but like I said before, you should be making progress from week to week. Aside from the odd bad day once in a while you don’t want a drop in progress until you are a couple days out from the deload, and even then it would be better to have no drop in progress. Intentional overreaching does help to build work capacity but any other supposed benefits seem to mostly be theoretical and I have never gotten anything out of it. Mike Tuchscherer said the exact same thing before, I asked Josh Bryant and he said he would never intentionally make someone overreach but it does happen from time to time. So just look at performance in the gym to see if you are doing an appropriate amount of work.

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Where do I find this mythical doughnut


Only at participating stores

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Fucked up that you have a Krispy Kreme on Spider Danger Island, but in freedom land I have to walk for 3 moons to find a Krispy Kreme

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To be fair there’s only like half a dozen in my state and most of them are in the CBD.

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Every 7/11 sells krispy cream and 7/11’s are everywhere in Melbourne

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