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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy


When you get a bit older the ‘keeping your joints warm’ makes quite a bit of difference, and it also adds a little support. It doesn’t let me move much, if any, more weight, but I definitely feel less beat up around the joints after lifting heavy.

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diggin the all black

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I find this is also super helpful when working construction.


Nice workout man!

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Awesome workout Hamster, you really are smashing it.
Despite ditching curls

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But do I wear a black shirt under it or other colours? I guess every colour goes with it

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@mortdk @losthog looking at it now it was a good sesh even if I wasn’t fully happy with it and felt pretty shit. Just gotta keep stringing together good hard work consistently


if you wanna go full ipf overlord go with a pink shirt.
Get a size small for comps/heavier sessions. Will feel gud

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Tuna + Rice 70p
Up & Go 15p
Yogurt 15p
Krispy Kreme x2
Steak + Rice 55p
Carrot Cake

Meh - 6 hrs


Yessssss. Now I just needa track down a pink shirt

But actually I was thinking either black or red shirt but I guess any colour would work well enough with black even pink

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When your GF says send pics of u in comp suit. Srs lol


how many inches those thighs/quads?
srs though, looks good.

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As far as ur concerned about 100inches. You’ll never defeat me. Dunno where the tape measures fucked off to lol. I’ve always thought I’ve been better at expressing gains as muscle than strength. I get somewhat thicc but just a little strong. I’ll probably not ever be competitive compared by weight lol. I’d rather look like I lift anyways than be pretty strong but skinny looking.



Upper body day today. Still gonna be minding the pec but less cautious now considering last workout went well enough.

Fatigue Level SBD: 5,8,5

Close Grip Bench Press 2 Sets @ 85kg
Wide Grip Bench 2 Sets @ 80kg
DB Bench Press 3 Sets @ 30kg
Overhead Press 4 Sets @ 50kg

Flyes 3 Sets
FacePull 4 Sets
Side Delts 8 Sets
Overhead Triceps 3 Sets

Bench felt like dog shit today. Backed off a bit got in some work and fucked off lol.

It’s either under recovering e.g. life stress overload and poor sleep or more likely over doing it on the workload the past week and a half. At least I got an estimated number for the top end of work per week that I can recover from.

The options always there to back off on work for the day if Fatigue Levels bump up to 8 or a couple of 7s but I don’t think that’s happened much at all the last few weeks. Not quite sure how to interpret that workload vs recovery wise but I hope I got it right with the above paragraph.

Meh session but looking forward to deadlift tomorrow in Melbourne City Doherty’s gym. Was good last week so hopefully another just like that tomoz


ugeee guineapig

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Looking strong for a wee bloke

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Looking solid Pigman! :pig:

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Next few weeks am going to be having a bit more life going on so will likely have a more chaotic training schedule. Plan is still the same; Doing lots of work.

Probably will cut down training to 4 days a week and see what can be done at quickly home or at the school park with like bars for BW stuff or like delt isolations, bicep/hammer curls, pull ups, light DB rows etc.

Salmon+Rice 45p
Yogurt 15p
Salmon+Rice 45p
Protein Shake 50p

Alright - 8 hrs


I grow sideways now. My dream is to be a square. Equally as tall as wide


Lol like an Australian Franco Columbu !!