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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy



Had a minor tweak to my right pec when DB Benching last upper body sesh last week but that was a while ago. Will see how warm ups go but will back off if anything seems off.

Pretty tired today but it’s an easy sesh on paper so should balance out. Plan is to be beat from the high workload last week but poor sleep recently is a confounding factor.

Bit wary of the pec and went light on DBs which is wut got me last sesh even though there ended up being no issues this time around.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 7,7,6

Close Grip Bench 3 Sets @ 85kg
Wide Grip Bench Press 3 Sets @ 80kg
DB Bench Press 5 Sets @ 25kg
Dips 3 Sets @ BW
Flyes 3 Sets

Triceps Extension 3 Sets
Side Delts 6 Sets @ 5-7kg

Not my greatest sesh ever and bit of a slog but I’m looking forward to getting my sexi gym gear soon.


Steak 40p
Yogurt 10p
Trail Mix 5p
Kit Kat x 2
Steak 40p
Apricot x Many
Yogurt 10p
Assorted Meats + Tofu 20p
Chicken Kebabs x2 25p

Poor ~ 4hrs
30min nap during the day


When you train with the gym nemesis and he see you making them good gains and wants to sabotage you

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Not enough steak


Apparently lol

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Ooops. Lol. Yeah, will give it a go sometime. Definitely in the squat rack lol


Giant cans of Foster’s beer. And don’t let the dingo get your baby.


No one down here actually drinks Fosters !! Lol


Got my SBD things today. SBD Sleeves and SBD Comp Suit in Black/Black.

Sleeves are a bit big. Probably shoulda gone for a M even if it’s be hard to get over my massive calves.

Comp suit is sexy as fuck in all black and feels nice and comfy too.


Looks great. I have the yellow jackets and the bounce is sexy lol

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This is a total noob question but what’s the purpose of sleeves? Compression to lift more weight?


Mostly fuck all lol

Meant to keep your knees warm and promote blood flow so less pain and niggles

If it’s tight enough or undersized enough on you then it could add a few kilos but not much.

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Big lower body and back session on a hot sweaty day this afternoon.

Gonna try out the new sexi gear. Looking forward especially to flashing my bulge at other gym folks in my comp suit lol.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 6,6,5

Comp Squat 5x4 @ 135kg
SSB Squat 3 Sets @ 105kg
Romanian Deadlift 6 Sets @ 100kg

Knee sleeves are nice. Tbh they kinda seem looser than my Iron Tanks pair. They help a bit I think even if it’s just in my head. Maybe the knee proprioception? Like sensing your knee position.

Bumped up weight on Romanian Deads a bit for kicks. It’s good work. Definitely something I’ve neglected as I mostly just slam down deads when lowering. Once again not sure where most of the work is being done. My oats are working hard to keep the weight close and my lower back is supporting it all but my glutes and hammies don’t really feel worked? Maybe the exercise really needs to be loaded up? Also I dunno which lifting tempo would be best for it

Barbell Row 4 Sets @ 60kg
DB Row 4 Sets @ 25kg
Shrugs 3 Sets @ 100kg
Pull Ups 3 Sets @ BW

Pretty low energy today so skipped Biceps and Rear Delts.



Whaaaaaaat bro are you sick !! :joy:



I normally focus on keeping tension in the glutes and hammie’s by pushing my hips back on the way down.

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Good work, would you switch back to your old pair for meets??

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I bigger than you.

*guinea pig most muscular pose


I’ve yet to actually put them on and compare but if there’s a difference then It’ll be minimal and I might use whatever for training. My first comp is gonna be in wraps so doesn’t matter really lol


Give me your gains

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Wtf is wrong wichu