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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy


Whatever floats your boat my brother (and no lol)


Dont know what this debauchery is but I would think you need at least x 3 :joy::joy::joy:


We’ve three between @Rizla81, you and myself.


Maybe doing some mobility work would help with that. I have poor hip mobility myself and I do some stuff for it on all non-lower body days. I stopped doing tactical frogs because that didn’t seem to be what I need at all but you use a fairly wide stance so perhaps it would be of some use. Also paused goblet squats for a 15-30 sec. hold, you could just hold something slightly heavy instead of a weight if you do this at home, the point is to provide a counterbalance to your bodyweight.

If your technique doesn’t feel right it could just be in your head, but if you are tight and stiff it will throw you off for sure. On the other hand, some people just do better with more frequency for whatever reason so that could be you.

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Something light and easy to maintain mobility I think. Maybe barely anything like a warm up or some mobility drills.

It’s only been a week / the first time but I like being fresh for deadlifts like this going hard once a week and light another time and I can hit everything else pretty hard too. I could smash myself twice a week but I’ll try prioritising recovery for a bit and see how it goes.

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Just remember that you are in a hypertrophy phase right now so technique is not quite as critical, so long as it’s isn’t complete shit or an injury risk. If you really don’t feel good pulling once a week then switch to 2x when you get closer to the meet.


When you pull sumo, what are your cues? Do you squeeze with your legs first, then pull, or trying to rip it off the ground any way possible?
Hahaha with the Gaytime, I reckon so many sales have been lost over the years due to the name.


Probably more that’s it’s expensive as fuck. 8 bucks for a 4 pack I only get it when it’s on sale

For sumo I don’t really have much in the way of solid consistent cues right now. I’m planning to sort this out proper when the deadlift bar comes back in a few weeks. Including doing some experimenting

Will focus on cues involving:

  • Getting my hips open and knees out and keeping em there

  • Pulling slack and generating max tension before initiating. Especially in order to take max advantage of the dl bar

  • Patience off the floor and maintaining flat-ish back position. My natural style was a slight back round so may be worth some experimentation

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List of things to eat when I go to Aussie land:

  1. Veggiemite
  2. Golden Gaytime
  3. Roo steak

Am I missing anything?


Tru Australians blend it all into a shake


Strong DL session!!!

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Don’t forget a bit of Croc, Tim Tams and some Emu, and spend some time in one of our country pubs in the middle of nowhere👍

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South Melbourne dim sims



Back at Dohertys Brunswick tonight for some lower body gains.

Gonna be splitting up time between here and Campbellfield during volume phase. In the strength phase I’ll be at Brunswick using the monolift and safety straps that my mate let me borrow.

Performance a bit dropped still from the deadlift sesh but not overly so all as planned.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 6,5,6

Back Squat 4x5 @ 120kg
Front Squat 4 Sets @ 80kg

Front squats a bit sloppy today so gotta concentrate more on not letting load shift to hips. It’s starying to tact my upper back pretty good. Maybe these things start up at the higher intensities

Snuck in a towel around the bar to protect my clavicles. The bar is sitting in the right place but tends to move about during a set so clavicles end up bruised anyways.

Back Raises 3 Sets @ 20kg
Bulgarian Split Squat 3 Sets @ 20kg
Hamstring Curls 4 Sets
Ab/Adduction Machine 3 Sets
Curls 6 Sets
Rear Delts 6 Sets


Ice Coffee 15p
Chicken Kebabs + Rice 45p
Hoki + Tofu 10p
BBQ Prawns 50p
Yogurt 15p
Up&Go 15p

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I have never dare tried front squats yet. Just the starting position of the bar in the strict OHP makes me light headed sometiemes. I imagine it would be worse in the front squat. Is it just a matter of getting used to?


It’s not ever comfy by any means lol but it does get better with repeat exposure.

Lightheadedness is not unheard of but maybe with much heavier weights and higher reps. If you’re getting it then that’s a bit strange. Maybe remember to breath lol. Try front squats at least


Finally got around to getting my comp singlet. Inspired by my SBD brother @joerywesselingg I too will don the generic over priced brand that’s SBD lol. AfterPay makes it feel much better on the bank account though.


Now to get a pair of extravagant socks, and a headband and you’re IPF approved.