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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy


Nice front squats.

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Strong session keep it up

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Was half a stick leftover from yesterday. Dunno how much meat was on it but barely any

Steak came out nice. It looked real pretty on the outside but I think the marbling you’d get on this and say a similar cut from Australian wagyu wont be that far apart visually but will be worlds apart in flavour and texture. Have been meaning to go looking for some but haven’t got around to it.

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Will do. Simple as going hard (ish lol) consistently


Just call me weightliftpig

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Upper body day at Doherty’s City Gym with the gym nemesis. Unfortunately he was sick so didn’t go too hard.

For myself not feeling super fresh but got in the work. All the sets looked intimidating on paper but didn’t turn out too bad. Not easy by any means but I think intensity is in a good place here. Hard work and a lot of it.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 6,5,6

Close Grip Bench 4 Sets @ 90kg
Wide Grip Bench Press 4 Sets @ 85kg
DB Bench Press 3 Sets @ 32.5kg
Dips 3 Sets @ BW
Flyes 3 Sets

Triceps Extension 3 Sets
Overhead Triceps Extension 3 Sets
Side Delts 3 Sets

Finished off and hit up Sushi Hub for some train action. Didn’t actually eat too much there, only 17 bucks worth, but filled up my belly well enough for some reason.


Ice Coffee 25p
Sushi 15p
Protein Water 40p
Spaghetti Carbonara
Protein Shake 30p
Steak 45p

@Rizla81 my protein info was maybe fucked. Apparently 30-40g per meal spread out is bestest. So maybe my monster steaks aren’t a good idea and would be better Split in two. Refer to dis


That’s what I’ve been led to believe from most sources. 30-40g each meal. Anything more than that per serving is only a waste and will just get crapped out without being beneficial to the body. Then there’s the odd one or two articals saying otherwise. Maybe better splitting them big steaks up into 2 meals. That actually sounds better anyway, means you get 2 dinners from one steak. Win win lol

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That’s one nice looking protein drink, any good?

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Tell that to someone like brian shaw…


I’ve only had Bodiez Protein Water and this one multiple flavours. They all taste meh at best. Not even close to Gatorade or something

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High- protein diets may promise weight loss, but it may only be short term. Excess protein is usually stored as fat while the surplus of amino acids is excreted. This can lead to weight gain over time, especially if you consume too many calories while trying to increase your protein intake.

So if you don’t mind getting fat in the process then you will gain weight. Brian shaw doesn’t care about being fat. It’s pure mass and strength for him. There’s studies showing too much can strain the kidneys over time.


To be fair if he split up his days good into 40g actually because he is fucking massive say 60g he’d be always eating with now break lol. Not really practical even if there’s a benefit to it


Exactly. My point was brians plenty big and strong


I think the “rest of the protein goes to waste” is probably a bit of an exaggeration. If there’s a benefit to be had it’ll be small so yeh



I dont believe in studies. Unless the studies come from High accomplished bodybuilders or athletes etc then its just some guys in a lab.

I’ve read that too. If you drink lots of water apparently it counteracts it or something?


That’s probably a better example. But there’s not many men around like Thor. What is he 6ft 9in or something.

I don’t really agree with this but anyway, yeah get that protein down your throat lol I’m sure there’s worse things to worry about than over eating on the protein.

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From what I’ve read, only 30-40g of the protein you eat goes directly to building muscle, but as long as you keep your total calories good, the rest will be used for energy anyway, and it’s a more thermogenic energy source than either fat or carbs, so you burn a higher % of it converting it, so it’s a win/win to get more of your calories from protein. Besides, what you eat in a meal spends several hours being absorbed in your small intestine anyway, so it’s not like it’s all either immediately deposited in your muscles or going directly to your fat stores anyway.

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I just find a general rule of thumb is experience trumps all. I’d rather listen to what Arnold or eddie hall has to say than some dude making a study that doesnt even lift. Theres so much bullshit misinformation out there.

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Certainly man if you want advice about lifting or dieting, growing etc, but when it comes to long term health it’s a different story. I agree with you on the conflicting information out there and lit if bullshit on the net.