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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy


Gorgeous rib eye cap steak for an early dinner tonight. Massive cut having coming off an 800g ribeye and weighed out at about 300g for 70g if protein


Fuck that’s a good looking bit of meat.

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The best bite of the best cut but like two dozen of them bites lol



Knees weak quads spaghetti lol. Soreness still around from last lower body session. Not what I’m after by any means but gonna go in and do work.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 7,5,5

Conventional 4x6 @ 140kg
Ab/Adduction 3 Sets
Hamstrings 4 Sets

Pull Ups 4 Sets @ BW
Chest Supported Row 3 Sets

Rear Delts 6 Sets
Biceps 6 Sets

Some dude was hogging all the bumpers so just did Conventional off the floor at RPE ez. Movement feels a bit weird tbh vs deficits that I’ve been doing the past few weeks but it’s just more work.

Probably better to back off today a bit anyways instead of smash myself today. Did a bit more accessory stuff to make up for it.

Was less sore as I started working so that’s nice. Why couldn’t it fade like this earlier lol

Quick workout today. Kind of bitched out tonight but one poor sesh isn’t gonna be too big a blip in the big scheme of things.



Ribeye Steak 70p
Trail Mix
Cantaloupe Slices
Cheese Slices
Kit Kat
Chicken Roasting Portions 35p
Chicken Kebabs 50p


Wouldn’t have been a proper pig diet without the ribeye


It’s calorie dense so easy to get in protein for me. I’m not good with a lot of volume of food. Also it’s tasty. Well mostly it’s tasty lol

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70g for one steak is quite the serving lol. Some people claim the body can’t absorb more than 30g protein at a time. Others insist the body utilizes all the protein you take in. I’m in the second bracket, just to make sure ha

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I had it in two serves actually but sometimes I’ll smash 250-400g of steak in a sitting.

I think the recommendations (not the bro science ones) are at dividing your protein up equally over at least 4 meals usually works out between 30-50g for most folks anyway.

The spreading out is the important part I think so that the body always has the raw materials to do shit with instead of going extended periods without.

This isn’t the biggest difference maker in the end anyways. If a one percent difference is enough for you then spread that shit out in medium doses but I’m having a hard enough time hitting daily protein and not overeating everything else so like total calories so I have bigger things to worry about


I’ve always stuck to the 1-1.5g per pound of bodyweight during a diet. When I’m shooting for gains I just eat whatever man. Some meals probably consist of 70g or more. I would always just make sure I ate a good protein source with every meal. One thing I do notice is stomach problems with too much protein. The farts are insane

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Bruh lol. It’s bad enough already just ask the gf

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Not sure what you guys think of Jeff Nippard, but at least he backs up his claims with scientific papers. He doesn’t seem to take them out of context either, so he’s good in my books. Got nothing against him




That’s some nice-looking marbling. I was thinking to myself, “what the heck is a Scotch fillet? That looks an awful lot like a ribeye”. So, I had to look it up, and sure enough.


Yeah pre much. Having different names all over the world is confusing. I’m not sure why it’s the case.



Warming up this week again so busted out the tank top. Btw I’m not really a fan of my physique in tank tops hence why I rarely wear them unless it’s hot as fuck. I got some thicc arms so I usually look best in a t shirt. I don’t have them bulging delts for tank top action.

Quads still a bit sore. Lower back felt a bit off going in but once I started moving everything felt good took a bit of volume off squats just in case.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 6,4,6

Doherty’s Campbellfield for some lower body and back gains.

Squat 3x5 @ 125kg
Front Squat 3 Sets @ 75kg
Belt Squat 4 Sets 45lb / side
Hamstring Curl 4 Sets

Pull Ups 4 Sets @ BW
Rear Delts 6 Sets
Biceps 6 Sets

Front squats feeling much more comfy now for that matter reps too. Just gotta keep up the volume and work

Belt squat with some weight for the first time today. Feels weird tbh not having the back loaded up. My legs are just like “how much weight is this?” Lol.

It’s a strange kind of movement. Maybe a straight down cable version would mimic a squat better but this one you gotta sit back a smidge kind of like a pendulum squat. Looking back at the footage some reps looking pretty high. Went deeper in rest of the Sets.

Gonna need to load up these movements now that I’ve settled on a few and they are feeling good: SSB, Front Squat, Bulgarian Split Squats and Belt Squat.

Had a bit of inconvenient soreness last week that messed things up but hopefully it was a first time doing something soreness and is better managed this week



Prawn Dumplings 5p
Chicken Kebab 5p
Ribeye Steak 80p
Ice Coffee 15p
Protein Shake 50p
Kit Kat (lol)
Trail Mix


Belt squats are an interesting animal hey. I quite like them on the landmine as I can still back into them a bit. My quads usually burn like hell from them though, I like to pause right at 90 degrees or so, that really fucks my legs.


I’m not really into the weight being on a swinging lever / sitting back into it. I think I’d prefer a cable going straight down and keeping the quads loaded. I think some machines are built that way. I think I land mine would be exacerbating what I don’t like about the movement.

Legs weren’t burning today like split squats but I think I’ve not loaded heavy enough yet. Was just feeling out the movement

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How is a chicken kebab only 5p? one piece of chicken, and the rest veggies? Oh, and how was that steak?