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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy


Are there brown snakes or taipans out there?

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Awesome Pic Hamster

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Out there they fly so they can go catch sea birds


What kind of stuff do you have to watch out for in your area?


Nothin. Everything watches out for me


You can see the taipans and funnel web spiders scrambling away when the guinea pig is on the move. 10/10 intimidation factor.

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That’s the pig I’ve come to love and desire to be

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Been a struggle to get in food today. Its all tasty shit but I dunno it’s a chore to put it down. Back to lifting post Mornington trip and admittedly was enjoying the off days but watching a few lifting vids this afternoon getting me back in the right mindset for the first Squat day of this block.

Doherty’s Campbellfield today because was on the way home. Like this gym. Got most equipment aside from specialist powerlifting stuff and nice atmosphere.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 4,5,4

Squat 4x5 @ 125kg
SSB Squat 5x7 @ 90kg
Bulgarian Split Squats 3 Sets @ 15kg
Leg Press 4 Sets
Back Extension 4 Sets
Chest Supported Row 5 Sets

Using cluster-y style training just makes everything better and faster. Trying out the cue of forefoot pressure or force forwards through the toes on all quad movements feels good

SSBs easier than expected. Probably because of the less severe camber angle of this specific bar. Just got more volume to compensate (its a volume block after all) and focused on maintaining torso position

Split squats good today. A bit harder than last time because of a lot of squatting before hand. Left hand side a bit weaker and need to activate the left glute more to keep the knee for collapsing in across my body

Got the belt squat working for me but it was already the end of the leg part of the workout so didn’t load it up.

Probably going to see more of this gym in future because I’ll be passing through often (also because of the belt squat lol)



This is me most days. The eating is hard no matter how tasty the grub.

Good solid lifting there bud.
Looked too easy for you.

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I just hit around about enough protein usually. It’s not too hard one big steak maybe split in two meals, a third meal with meat, miscellaneous snacking and if needed a scoop of whey gets me there.

Today was just a bit of a cluster fuck. Had ice coffee to start off and that blunts my appetite and then spent time driving so by the time lunch rolled around I wasn’t hungry and had nothing in me.

Lifting was pretty good today. This is meant to be my easy day anyway and will hit legs harder towards the end of the week. Just getting in volume so don’t need to have a lot of hard Sets or reps. You just wait. Not too soon it’ll get hard and heavy

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Does a belt squat make the gains?


im jealous… I want a belt squat the potential quad gains

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MMM i love belt squat!!!

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Finished the day’s food off with some salmon. Should’ve just about hit protein. Now to sleep and rest. Tomoz upper body day

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Quads and glutes sore as fuck from yesterday. Those 45 degree back Extensions are gold and also Bulgarian Split squats.

With the belt squat machine I’ll have even more quad gains. Was hoping it would fade towards the end of the day. Anyways no worries about soreness though because upper body today.

Fatigue Levels SBD: 7,4,7

Close Grip Bench 2 Sets @ 80kg
OHP 5 Sets @ 50kg
Dips 3 Sets @ BW
Shoulders 6 Sets + Dropset @ 7kg
Triceps 4 Sets
Biceps 3 Sets

Haven’t trained triceps in forever feeling very foreign

Pretty cruise day today with upper body work. Overhead pressing ain’t feeling anywhere near as good as in the past. It’s ok though because that’s not where my priority is as long as my bench is going good.

Speaking off tried out setting up by pulling myself through and then coming back. Both styles feel pretty similar. What do y’all think? ROM the same or slightly better arch with pulling through?


Haha! My absolute favorite muscle to train. Must be all the dips I did as a gymnast. Looks like your putting the work in. Great job dude

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I’ve neglected them because I thought they were already a dominant muscle group that was out of balance with my physique more specifically my rear and side delts looking smaller with a massive chunk of muscle adjacent

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From your favorite. Lol

Placing the hands on the pillars to the sides (not sure what they’re technically called) like marissa here does has worked really well for me

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That’s too much cheating for me man


You mean too much arch? lucky you, then