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GuineaPig’s Training Log - Back Injury Rehab & Upper Body Hypertrophy


Lmfao you got me there. Dat poverty student life. Feels bad

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Just caught up with your log guineapig. What are the PRs at now? My total’s up to 476kg - broken down it’s a 121kg bench, 150kg sqwat and 205kg deadlift. Up 66kg in 2 months. Hoping to hit 500kg next month and 600kg some point this year. Would be mad. I know you’re after a 600kg total right?


Gym looks the goods, not crowded either, and not full of asshats on treadmills.


That’s how I like my gyms = empty of people lol


That’s sick progress dude. Keep at it

I’m at 195/120/225


Is powerlifting fairly mainstream in Australia? It seems like there are a lot of well-equipped gyms that cater to powerlifters over there. In Canada there are few gyms like that.


Nah not really that big. Theres enough gyms but when I hear about the US there seems to be a lifting gym on every corner in some states

In my state Victoria (haven’t lifted Australia wide) the gyms I’ve gone to have been pretty lifter friendly and I make a point of only going to “good” gyms these days when I can. Most places have a squat rack at least.

My gym tour obviously only stops by sexy gyms that I happen to come across. Maybe 5% of gyms would be truly good gyms in my state maybe 1% being truly sexy.

Doherty’s Dandenong would be in that top tier. Off the top of my head maybe a dozen others in my state most of them being small private gyms

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@chris_ottawa I think give population density there are lots of very good gyms in Australia, obviously more so in the big cities. Doherty’s as @guineapig mentioned is top of the pile here in Melbourne for bodybuilding/serious lifters. But there are also a number of other powerlifting gyms like PTC Frankston and Souty Melbourne and also Powerlifting and Strongman focused like Iron revolution in Keilor. There are also more CrossFit box’s popping up every month.
There has been a big swing here to gyms that are performances based, which generally means more free weights and racks and less cardio equipment. I think the choice here is pretty good and nothing in the city is that far away.

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I am feeling you, but it’s better to have more gyms with barbells in and less with elliptical cardio machines which ever way you look at it.


What did ellipticals ever do to you


Split my tights :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


But it would be better for us if the asshats would be occupying treadmills than them occupying the squat racks. Lol

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Let me guess,doing Curls or some other stupid shit in the rack.

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Yep. Gladly, no one does that in our gym. Worst I saw was some dude who wrapped a towel on the bar as a make-shift padding then did squats that moved just 3 to 4 inches down, and moaned on all his “ascent”. To make things worse, dude kept adding weight on the bar, asked for a spotter, and moaned louder. FML.


Whatever ur into bro lol

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Mornington Peninsula today including the Hot Springs. Relaxing but keen to be back on the lifting grind.


Should have gone to PTC Frankston on your way back.

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Nice numbers guineapig.

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That is so beautiful!!!

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